"Reminisce now, but you just wait," came a voice from the bushes.

"Rini, what's wrong with you," asked Helios.

"Nothing, nothing's wrong, actually everything is just perfect. Perfect."

"Rini are you ok?"

It was too late; she sucked his energy out and left him lifeless. He wasn't really dead, but all his energy had been taken from him. She came toward us.

"Uranus Star Power!"

"Neptune Star Power!"

"I am Sailor Uranus!"

"Sailor Neptune!"

"Uranus World Shaking!"

"Neptune Deep Submerge!"

"Wait," I said, stopping Amara from her next attack, "If we destroy her, we destroy Rini!"

"Rini are you still in there?"

A voice, frail, broke through the evil, "Amara, Michele, help me!"

"Amara, what if it's a trap?"

"We'll just have to take the risk."

"But Amara." I couldn't argue; I just couldn't. I couldn't bear harm coming to Rini.

"Pluto Garnet Orb!"

We both turned, "Sailor Pluto!"

"Yes Soldiers. We must move quickly, for I know how to save Small Lady."

We spent two days traveling through dimensions. It took so much out of me. I realized just how out of shape I was, from being out of work. Family life is great, but what if you aren't able to do what you have to and what you love? I had never thought of things that way before. Suddenly, two henchmen that Helania had created to stop us, stopped us.

"Pluto Deadly Scream!"

"Uranus Sword Blaster!"

"Neptune Violin Tide!"

They were still standing.

"She makes them strong, doesn't she," muttered Amara.







We combined our attacks and took out on of the aggravating witches. It was just too much, but I tried harder to bear it.

"Pluto garnet"

"Neptune Violin"



Amara was amazed that I tried to combine with Pluto also. I wanted to prove that I was just as good as either of them! The only thing I proved was how stupid I was.

"Michele, Michele are you ok?"

I heard, but the voice sounded a million miles away. I tried to answer back, but my mouth wouldn't move.

"Her pulse is slowing," said Amara, voice swarming with concern.

"This is why Belle needs to go into training immediately after her seventh birthday," explained Pluto, "Michele just isn't strong enough anymore."

"She was never cut out to be a Sailor Soldier."

"Most of the Sailors already have daughters that are carrying the burden. That way they can relax and be queens, not fight evil. Amara, we're not kids anymore."

Amara hung her head.

"I'm sorry," Trista sounded as though she was scolding herself, "I forget that you don't have a daughter. I'm so sorry."

"It's all right, I love my Bryan, well, both my Bryans."

"I know you do, but without a daughter..."

"I know."

"If you remember correctly, Hotaru is my partner, but in this life, she is my daughter. I don't have a daughter to be Sailor Pluto either, but I won't need one. Sailor Pluto will basically cease to exist. I am nothing more than the time guardian to anyone but you, Michele, and Hotaru."

"I know that too Trista. I'm sorry that you were never granted the pleasure of leading a normal life. Michele and I were blessed; at least we led normal lives, for a while."

Trista nodded solemnly. She was happy for us, but couldn't help but think about him, the one that got away.


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