David flung the sliding door open with an exaggerated sigh. "Hummel, carpool only works if the other swimmers actually come down and GET IN THE CAR! Honestly, you-" He froze at the realization that Kurt was on the couch in front of him and very much not alone. In fact he had his lap full of a familiar brunette who seemed to be wearing nothing more than boxers.

"For God's sake, David, learn to knock," Kurt huffed, sitting up and dislodging his companion. "David, this is Blaine. Blaine, this is-"

"Oh, hey, yeah! I didn't... only usernames, so... good to officially meet you. We should try it again sometime when I'm wearing pants."

David blinked slowly. "Wait, Blaine?" His mouth fell open as he looked back to Kurt, face flushed and hair mussed looking none-too-pleased at having company. "As in... as in BLAINE?"

The absolute horror in David's voice was apparently enough to please Kurt because he smiled at last. "I guess that answers my question. You didn't know."

"No, I had no..." Though he'd calmed only a moment before, David's face lit up with sudden glee. "I am the greatest matchmaker in the WORLD."

Blaine chuckled and leaned in to brush a kiss against Kurt's cheek, "That you are."