Speech - "NTTL is great."

Thoughts - 'Wow! NTTL is great.'

Demon speech - "NTTL is great."

Demon thoughts - 'NTTL is great.'

Rated - MA+ for swearing and lemons.

Beta Reader – Ginger Conspiracies (Thank You)

Warning - Graphic detailed lemons, violence, swearing (Don't expect good names for moves and attacks, I am not good with them).

Summary: - Minato's ship crashed on Areinio Island, his homeland. When he was 8 he got lost in the sea, and he was driven away to Fiore and now when he was running away with his pregnant wife, he again crashed into his home Island, his home which he was searching from last 17 years.

Out of no where the black dragon Acnologia shows up, and destroy the whole village. How would this confrontation effect the future. Can they survive this disaster? Stay tuned to know the result of the monstrous clash of three titans, and find out which side prevails at the end. Both Minato and Kushina are God Slayers.

A/N: - This is re-write of the previous version with much better grammar, and sentence structure. This one isn't slow paced like the last one, and we will jump straight into a tower of heaven saga, and Naruto will meet Erza and other important characters. But this doesn't mean that his parents will survive. Chance is 50-50. This one is much darker than last one, so expect lots of blood and gore out limbs.

Written by NarutoTheTrueLegend, edited by Ginger Conspiracies.