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Flashback Starts

At 31th of October, X765, Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze, the former member of notorious Dark guild Akatsuki died while protecting her family, and killed the might dragon Acnologia, the final monster of the dark mage Zaref's book of Apocalypse.

After few months

"Aw, what happened to my little Ultear-chan?" A lady with purplish black hair questioned sweetly to her adorable infant daughter.

Little girl was a carbon copy of her mother with the same eyes and hairs even their complexions were same milky white.

"ahuahhauuheha…" giggled little angel when she saw her mothers smiling face near her and Ur felt her chest swell up with pride but their moment was broken by the constant banging on the door.

'I am going to kick 'whoever on the door' ass! I don't care whether it may be… No one interfere between me and my daughter,' Ur Milkovich thought darkly, and opened the gate with a menacing scowl on her face, but her previous anger went out of the window when she saw the face of the man she loved.

"Hello Ur-chan, how are you?" said the mysterious blonde man before falling on the floor, a baby boy securely cradled in his strong arms.

"Minato!" shouted Ur, and quickly leaped towards the orange bundle. She barely caught the freezing baby Naruto while Minato fell on frozen ground, seemingly unconscious.

Flashback Ends

Tower of Heaven: - Erza?

Coco Town near Akane Resort

10th of November, x775 at 11pm

A young boy with sunshine blonde hair was hiding behind a tree, his eyes sleepy, but who could blame him? He was hiding there for almost 9 hours now! He was deep fried under the scorching sun, humidity wasn't helping either and now this chilly night of beach.

He was almost regretting his decision of taking a mission this dangerous, well at least for his skin which was burned off by the blistering sun rays. He was pretty sure that all the kidnappings going all over Fiore were somehow related to this area and he would be damned if he let all of his efforts up till now go to waste.

'Man where are they? I am pretty sure that this is supposed to be the place of transaction, that old guy said so. Hmm… Did he trick me? Now that is preposterous! My performance was adequate to fool someone like him. Come on guys, I spent the last month searching whole Fiore for this shit! Come out already!' cried the young boy when he saw no sign of his targets.

The young mage was in distress, it wasn't supposed to be like this. He was destined to save pretty girls and become their hero, but here he was struggling with beach sand instead of being surrounded by pretty girls. Yea he was young, so what? He likes girls and they like him.

He eyed the request paper umpteenth time, it was easy enough. He was supposed to rescue five children kidnapped by some bandits, easy, right? But no – his luck was golden as ever. Simple mission of saving few unfortunate souls proved much more difficult than what he initially thought, and it turned out to be an S class mission.

Normally he would have just collected the information and handed over to his parents, but alas, they weren't even on this continent, so he decided to continue on his own as Lyon wasn't ready for something this dangerous and there is no else who could accomplish an S class mission.

When he found out that bandits sold the kids, he quickly interrogated them for any leads or names, but it turned out that the people he was dealing were not idiots. They were carefully covered up their trails, and bandits had no idea about the person or organization they sold off all those kids too. So, Naruto was left with very little information about some cult that was buying young kids from all over the continent. He had no idea about their true purpose, scarifies, soldiers, slaves or anything equally horrifying but he knew one thing that he could not leave them alone even if it meant jeopardizing his own life.

'Maybe I will find a pretty girl there,' he thought blissfully, but he was quickly brought out of his trance when he heard some voices coming from a distance. He quickly focused his magical power to hear the conversation of older guys. 'I love my sound magic.' He smirked when he heard everything the unaware guards were blabbering.

"Man you should have seen her face when I rammed my dick in her mother's mouth, it was hilarious! I am going to fuck her again when we reach the tower," spoke one of the guards while other one laughed at his partner's joke.

Naruto almost jumped out of his hiding after hearing their disgusting conversation but he somehow held himself back and listened further when guards began to speak something about a tower.

"Yeah man it is hilarious, I am lucky for getting recruited for this job but I bet the men in the towers had more fun than us, right Rick?" Another guard questioned with a chuckle of his own.

The guard known as Rick nodded in affirmative. "Yea they have all those young virgin chicks, I bet they all are pedophile teeheehee…" he said with a chuckle as they both shared a laugh.

'What tower they are babbling about?' Naruto's eyes suddenly went wide when his Rader magic suddenly picked up something like a boat or ship approaching near the shoreline.

There were a few men on it and they were wearing metal armors. At their current speed they would arrive in less than 10 minutes, and that was Naruto's cue as his body sprung into action. He jumped out from his hiding and dashed towards the ignorant guards.

There were 10 guards surrounding the groups of 30 people, most of them were children around his age. They all were tied inside a cage and all of them were bleeding profoundly. Naruto's blood boiled when he saw the state the children were in. How could someone enjoy this immorality was beyond him?

He quickly took out his golden flute; it was beautifully crafted by his master. He thanked the foolish ignorant guards as he began to play the flute, it was almost excruciating for him to not punish these bastards right there, it really was, but he needed to uncover the whole tower thing and save all other innocent children as well.

Guards, along with all prisoners began to sway on their feet when Naruto's spell began to show its effect. Naruto would have preferred if only guards were hypnotized but his control wasn't good enough to control his sound magic to such extend. He suddenly appeared in the middle of the hallucinated people.

"Endless Dream" he said calmly while eyeing guards, they all were under his spell. It was his good luck that all of them were normal people with no talent for magic. Seeing the no use of keeping all of them alive, he spun around and blasted the chains bounding the prisoners and threw 9 Shuriken, one toward each guard which impaled inside their foreheads, instantly killing them on the spot. He was merciful for giving them such easy and painless deaths as in his eyes they were lower than scum and deserved to be tortured till they begged for death.

He shook his head and repeated the same hymn he always do, "A tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye and evil for evil."

He calmly walked up to the prisoners and observed their condition. It was bad but they could still run to Akane Resort. After deliberating for a second he decided to give them commands while remaining guard kept staring at space, still dazed by Naruto's powerful spell.

"As soon as I whistle all of you will run towards east till you reach a big building. After getting there you people will call rune knights and tell them everything you heard about the tower and kidnappings going all around Fiore," Naruto commanded the spell bounded prisoners, and whistled.

All of them nodded and began to run toward the east where Akane Resort, the most popular location in whole Fiore was located. Naruto sighed and stretched his neck, the spell was still too powerful for his current level and it drained almost quarter of his total reserves.

He slowly walked up to the dazed guard, he was drooling, and Naruto almost snorted in disgust. This mission was much more troublesome than he first assumed it would be.

Naruto stopped in front of guards and brought out his flute again which magically appeared in his hands. He began to play again when he felt boat approaching shore, but he paid no heed to it and kept pouring magic power through his flute till it began to glow lightly.

"Complete Hypnosis" he drawled with an evil smirk, and took out a kunai and stabbed the guard in the gut while said guard screamed in pain but still didn't move from his previous position as he was still under his spell, thus obliged to follow his every command. He was too evil to be spared, and Naruto was apathetic towards such vile being as he was less than human in his eyes.

"Shut up!" Naruto ordered, and instantaneously dying guard complied when Naruto began to speak again.

"You will beat me like a rag doll and then take me to shore where you will tell other guards that a mage ambushed you, freed the prisoners, killed the other guards and only you survived," Naruto whispered in his ear with a menacing grin, and guard slowly nodded while Naruto continued, "You will jump in the sea when you hear me whistle next time and finish off your pathetic life."

The guard kept bleeding while Naruto again scanned his vicinity for any potential element he might have missed. After a few seconds he sensed the presence of other people around the shore, and quickly commenced his plan as the half dead guard began to beat the hell out of him.

'Darn! I should have told him to exclude my face,' he cursed himself when Rick started to rain heavy blows all over his petite structure. After beating Naruto for few more seconds' half dead guard suddenly ceased his assault and pulled him up in his arms, and began to dash toward the seashore.

At Beach

A boat arrived on the edge of beach with few people in it. All of them were wearing standard steel armors, their faces were covered by a creepy looking mask with strange marking and all of them were equipped with a long spear like weapon.

"You Jackass! Steer carefully, I don't want to lose my dinner," complained the captain of the crew as other complied. "Don't worry boss, here we are," another guard said in hopes of impressing his superior.

As soon as they arrived at beach captain jumped off from the boat and kissed the earth while other guards snickered at their superior. "I don't give a rat's ass about those slaves, let's just get over with this," captain uttered in irritation for being assigned to bring new slave in the tower.

"What the Hell!" screamed captain when he saw a bloody Rick dashing towards them? "What the hell happened to you? Where are other slaves?" questioned the captain in befuddled tone when he saw the bleeding guard falling in front of him.

"W-We were ambushed by a m-mage, he killed all of our men and freed all the slaves except this one. I-I myself h-hardly escaped. We must hurry, he may come after us," explained Rick while trying to catch some breath as he handed over an unconscious Naruto to his superior.

"Hold on! Hey, you set the sail! We are leaving now!" ordered captain as he himself quickly rushed towards the boat with Naruto in his arms while Rick followed him. They quickly set the sail and departed for their destination while Naruto fluttered one of his eyes to see everything going according to his plan.

'Morons, they didn't even check the area but what else can we expect from such cowards? I just hope that all of the guards in the tower are as weak as them or I might get in trouble,' thought Naruto as he decided to take a nap as there was nothing else to do. He already knew the direction they were heading and Rick died from blood loss without any of his commands.

He nodded in satisfaction though his plans were slightly alerted when he was thrown on hard wood and his headache came back with full force. He suppressed his magic power, not wanting to take any chance that could jeopardize his mission. He tried to concentrate on calming voice of flowing winds and raging sea while guards bicker among themselves about the mysterious mage who killed their brethren.

After 8 hours

"Wake you bastard! This isn't your granny's home. Get up or I will beat you to a bloody pulp!" Barked one of the guards when they approached near the tower of heaven, the R-system.

Naruto yawned while stretching his arms. He was beat dead after spending most of his time on information gathering. He enjoyed his slumber and was grateful that sweaty bastards for shutting their mugs after the halfway.

"Stop yawning you piece of shit!" one of the guards ordered while kicking him in the stomach. Naruto played the part of a scared 10 year old and doubled over in pain while in reality he felt nothing.

"What is going on? Where am I? Who are you people? Where are you taking me? Where is my mommy? What is that hideous looking thing? Uwan! I want my mommy!" Naruto blabbered out in a single breath, and began to wail like a 2 year old. Guards tried to comprehend his question while Naruto kept sniffing in fear.

"Hahaha… I don't know what happened to your sweet assed mommy, maybe my friend had fun with her, but I do know what is going to happen to you. You are the only slave we managed to acquire so you are going to do extra work to make up for our loss, okay?" Guards began to chuckle as they saw Naruto desperately searching for any escape route.

"Forget it kid, there isn't any escape from this tower. You will build this tower till you breathe, and then you will offer your life to great mage master Zaref. Be proud kid, you are going to be a part of something so big. Hehehehe…" Guard explained with a chuckle while Naruto's eyes widened when he heard the name of dark mage Zaref.

'What the heck are these morons trying to build here? Zaref? He is the one who created Deliora and Acnologia also had some ties with him. What is this tower? Should I play along and let them take me there or beat them up and bring back up?' Naruto pondered while guards began to snicker at Naruto's ominous salience as they thought that poor kid was too terrified to even utter a single syllabus.

"What happened kid? Cat got your tongue?" questioned another guard in an attempt to rile up the kid for easing his boredom.

Naruto contemplatively took all the possibilities into consideration as he knew a sneak attack would be better than a full frontal assault as there could be a leak in authorities which would jeopardize the lives of many people. He would also like to investigate these people's schemes as he was quite confident that he could easily intrude the place. He had learnt the art of infiltration from his mother after all.

Naruto nodded to himself and decided to get captured by foolish bastards. He would enjoy wiping off the stupid grins from their ugly mugs. Guards again chuckled when the little kid finally snapped out of his stupefied state of mind, and began to hop around while guards proceeded to beat him up.

"Listen kid, you are a slave here and we are your god. You will do everything we ask you to do otherwise we will feed you to our dogs. Take a look of your new home or hell! Hehehe…" exclaimed the big guard while holding Naruto up in the air with his hairs.

Naruto quickly snatched one more look of the tower he was going to be slave in, and he had to say that it was one of the creepiest and tallest building he ever saw in his life, but it wasn't finished yet. He smirked as he acted according to his role and began to tremble and wail for his mother as they approached the gigantic structure the R-system was.

"Welcome to R-system brat, hope you enjoy your stay," spoke an elderly guard while eyeing him with a smirk on his face.

'I hope so or you will die painfully,' thought Naruto darkly as he saw the captain of guards approaching him. He took Naruto with him and went straight to his superior cabin to report the recent events. He dragged Naruto along with him as a potential witness of whole assault. Naruto kept struggling against guard to play his distressed kid part perfectly which earned him a few more kicks and punches as he was dragged through corridors of large structures.

Naruto eyed the whole place, searching for any potential danger, but found nothing except large pink alien like creature with no eyes. He was sure that they were command dogs and they only obey voice commands.

Naruto grinned when he saw the sheer numbers of dog in whole tower. He just had to assist all the slaves to plan a full blown rebellion at the right time. These watchdogs would do most of the work. His sound magic would easily hypnotize them and they would wholeheartedly eat their own partners. Now the only work left was to secure slaves and calculate the total strength of the cult before launching a full frontal assault.

Naruto's musing was cut short when captain dragged him inside the main body of the tower where hundreds of children were engaged in harsh labor. He sneered in disgust when he saw the guards bulling little kids doing their hideous work.

A certain group of children caught his attention. They all were trying to defend a fat guy with orange hair, but the person who caught his eyes was an old man with hip length white hairs. He was also trying to defend the chubby kid along with a blue haired guy and redheaded girl.

Naruto saw guards kicking an old man in guts before leaving them, though he forgot to breathe when his eyes landed on the beautiful girl with short red hairs. She was fussing over the old guy along with several other children. She was breathtaking, her short red hairs were framing her cute face perfectly, and Naruto felt his heart aching when he saw pearl like tears in her gorgeous violet gems.

"Why the heck are you sitting there and doing nothing?" screamed captain Kano, and marched towards the little group while dragging Naruto along with him. Naruto braced himself for another boosting concert but he wasn't sure that he would be able to hold himself back if the bastard dared to attack innocent kids in front of him.

'That old man looks exactly like the man in dad's journal, but wasn't he suppose to be some hot shot mage? So, why the heck he is getting beaten by these clowns? Am I confusing him with someone else? I need to get under this, hmm,' Naruto pensively thought as he began to whimper in non-existence pain.

"What are you doing to that child!? Release him immediately, he is hurt!" Rob shouted angrily when he saw a big guard dragging a little blonde headed kid on hard ground.

"How dare you order me around? I am your kami you old garbage!" Kano shouted before aiming a kick towards Rob's midsection, but Naruto quickly jumped between them and took the full brunt of powerful kick. He grimaced in pain as the kick was actually quite powerful compared to other guard but he didn't want an old man to get hurt over his drama. Everyone stopped doing their work when they all saw an apparently new slave boy throwing his body to protect the old man, even captain seemed stunned.

"Kid, are you alright?" Rob asked worriedly as he began to check him thoroughly for any injury. Rob gasped when he saw his bleeding lips, bruised cheeks and swollen eyes.

"You monster.. -" Rob began, but swiftly cut off by Naruto who quickly changed the subject.

"You just wait big brute, that awesome mage will come here and kick your ass!" Naruto exclaimed loudly while Kano remembered his true goal and quickly tried to snatch Naruto away from Rob.

Rob slapped his hand away when he saw Kano approaching for little blonde kid. "Stay away from him! He is injured," Rob said in a pleading voice. Kano snorted, and tried to kick the old man again but this time a blue headed kid blocked his kick. He was startled by the strength of blue headed kid as he couldn't free his leg.

"Why you little shit!" Kano shouted before delivering a swift punch at the midsection of cheeky kid, but once again the blue haired kid dodged his kick and in a few seconds he was surrounded by many other prisoners.

Naruto was also amazed by the strength and unity among slaves, and it seemed that blue headed kid was some kind of leader to them. Naruto was impressed that someone so young could arouse such feeling of unity among them. 'This blue-headed kid will be extremely helpful during the revolt,' Naruto thought dubiously.

"What is going on here?" Hollered an ugly voice, and then an equally ugly fat man came along with his men and dogs while Naruto concluded that this joke was the head of this tower.

"Nothing general Garry, I was just trying to teach these pests a lesson," Kano said while saluting his superior.

"That is okay, but where are new slaves? I am waiting for them to arrive for last 20 minutes." Kano looked away, and pointed his finger at Naruto who was devising his next move.

"He is the only one general. Others were rescued by some unknown mage and he knows something about that mage but these people aren't handing him over to me," Kano articulated as other slaves mood also brighten at the mention of a mage.

"Hmm… bring him with you. We need to sort out this problem or soon council will be on our asses," Garry whispered in a grave voice as Kano tried to take away Naruto.

"No! This kid needs medical attention not more torture," Rob hissed while blue headed kid also tried to help, but they were quickly suppressed by other guards and Naruto saliently went away with them as he still need to figure out few more mysteries.

"No! Leave him alone!" shouted redheaded girl, and tackled a guard and embraced Naruto tightly. He was bewildered by the boldness of the brave girl, and blushed at close proximity.

"It's okay. I am coming with you people, just don't hurt anyone," Naruto said when he saw the guards preparing their Lacrima charged weapons.

Red headed girl spun around and gazed deeply in his sapphire pools. Her eyes were full of pain, sadness and concern. Naruto smiled, she was a gentle and brave soul despite all the corruption. "Don't worry I will be back in no time," Naruto assured her with a small smile. Hesitantly, she smiled back as she parted way for him. "Be careful," she whispered in a worried voice.

Naruto nodded, and spoke, "My name is Naruto, and I promise that I will be careful and I never break my promise, Miss?"

"Erza – Erza Scarlet," she said timidly, and her other friend looked at her strangely while Simon glared at new boy and Jellal.

"It's a promise Erza-chan!" Naruto shouted enthusiastically, and left with the guards, leaving behind a very flustered Erza and her jealous boy-friends.

Yo guys so, this was the 4th chapter. I know not much, but I need to turn the wheels accordingly. I hope you don't mind Erza X Naruto because I am adding Erza to my potential pairing list.

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