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There was no doubt in anyone's mind that Feliks Lukasiewicz was the best at his game. In just four short years, he had proven himself to be the most skilled spy that the country of Poland had ever seen. It did not matter how dangerous the mission was, or how hard the information was to get, Feliks used his cunning and wit to always come out on top, and his young age only managed to highlight his achievements even further.

That's right: Feliks was the most decorated spy in Poland, possibly the world, and he was only nineteen years old. Of course, age didn't matter to his colleagues and he had already been recognized as worthy of their respect; but it would be his age that decided his next mission.

Starting in September, Feliks Lukasiewicz would start high school in America.

He would be attending the World Academy of Hetalia, a boarding school for the important and rich people of countries all over the world. Yes, in just two months, Feliks would become your "ordinary" high school student.

But not just any student.

A female student.

Now, he could handle just about anything his boss threw at him. Start to attend high school undercover? No problem. Wear a stuffy uniform and go to class with kids who would probably be spoiled to the core due to their parents' wealth and status? Piece of cake. But wear a skirt and pose as a teenage girl to get close to the Lithuanian Prince who would also be attending the academy? LOL — nope.

And this was exactly why Feliks found himself in front of his superior, Mr. Julius Antonius.

"How could you stick me with such an undignified mission?!" Feliks cried in exasperation.

"Now, Feliks, perhaps you do not understand exactly how important your participation in this assignment is. The Lithuanian Prince is under great suspicion of being part of the Russian mafia. If the organization doesn't find out what he is hiding, then many lives will be at stake."

"How so? I thought the Russian mafia only dealt in drugs."

"They used to, yes, but now they're under new management. I'm sure you've heard of the man? Ivan Braginski?"

At the mention of the name, Feliks stiffened. Then he inquired, almost as if in a panic, "H-how can that be?! He's in jail! I should know, I'm the one who put him in there!"

"Well, now he's broken out."

"BROKEN OUT?! Why was I not informed of this?!"

"Well, you're informed now. Besides, he just escaped the day before yesterday, and in that time we've found a way to get close to Braginski. And hopefully we'll be able to apprehend him once again. But we need your help on this agent."

Julius looked at Feliks with a pleading look, as if begging him to cooperate.

Feliks opened his mouth to say something, but then closed it, choosing instead to nod in agreement.

"Nice to see that you agree. Now, because Braginski has gotten the mafia under his control, they've started to partake in human trafficking. This is why they are more of a threat than before. We need you to be able to get close to Braginski, understand?"

"Yes, I understand, sir. But what does this have to do with the Lithuanian prince?"

"After analyzing our options, we've decided that using the prince is your best bet. He seems to be the weakest link. The closer you are to the prince, the closer you get to capturing Braginski. But don't underestimate him, he must be part of the mafia for a reason."

"Understood. But with all due respect sir, why do I have to dress like a girl?!"

An amused expression found its way onto Mr. Antonius's face as he said, "Well, it's obvious isn't it? It's easier to trust a regular school girl than a boy. Think of all the ways you can get close to him. You can pretend you have a crush on him, hell, you can even try to seduce him. You just need to make sure that he trusts you."

An array of emotions flashed on Feliks' face, ranging from mortification to incredulousness, until it regained its usual stoic expression.

"Fine," he said dejectedly.

"Come on, don't sound like that! You'll get to be a hero!" Julius said encouragingly.

"I'd like it better if I didn't have to be a hero in a dress," he grumbled.

At that moment, another agent entered the office. He had shiny, shoulder length blonde hair, and was dressed in perhaps the flashiest clothes a spy had ever worn. He also seemed to radiate the smell of roses and winked flirtatiously at Feliks.

Then Julius said, "Whoever said a spy's life was easy? Now that you're done with your briefing, Mr. Bonnefoy here will take you away for your training. You must perfect the art of being a school girl by next week. Agent Jones will also be helping you with your speech patterns. Understood? Good. Dismissed."

Feliks nodded briskly and quickly followed Agent Bonnefoy out of the office. After a few minutes of walking in awkward silence, Feliks finally decided to ask the question that was plaguing his mind.

"So, Mr. Bonnefoy is it? Why and where exactly are you taking me?"

"Oh mon cher—or should I say ma cherie (1)?" The blond chuckled at his own bad joke. "You may call me Francis. We're going to the dress department of the building, in order to put together your disguise, oui?"

Feliks noticed Francis's French accent the moment he opened his mouth.

"So, in other words, you're going to play dress up with me? Like some Barbie doll?" Feliks said sarcastically.

"Oui (2), actually," Francis said with a grin.

Not expecting that answer, Feliks just inwardly sighed.

What have I just gotten myself into? He thought, I can just see me now, dancing around in a pink frilly tutu going, "Look at me! I'm a pretty, pretty princess!"

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1.) When speaking French, when one is saying "my dear" you have to be mindful of the person's gender. When you're talking to a male, you say mon cher because "mon" is the masculine form of "my" and "cher" is also masculine. When talking to a girl, you say "ma" because it's feminine and "cherie" because it is also feminine. So the joke is basically France calling Feliks a girl, referring to his "predicament." I'm taking French this year, so that's why this joke made sense to me XD.

2.) Oui, means "yes" in French. Pretty sure you guys already knew that, but just in case.

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