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Opening the door with great force and slamming it shut once he was in, Seto grumbled, carrying a big zip lock bag in his hands and irritatingly slamming it on Dr. Matsu's desk. He glared at the older woman sitting down on her dark ergonomic chair. Dr. Matsu was calmly clearing her desk right before her troublesome couple would walk in and was scared out of her seat when the slam of a hand on her door handle broke the silence.

Seto, whom was panting and upset, sat down on the chair he had claimed sessions before.

"You…" He accused, pointing a finger in her direction. "I can't believe you saw my wife last week." He finished. He squirmed in his seat a little, looking a little uncomfortable.

"Mr. Kaiba, you and I both know I require a notice at least twenty-four hours in advance if you do not wish for me to have a session without your wife present." Dr. Matsu countered, crossing her arms in front of her chest.

"Yes, which is why I had her send you an e-mail." Seto immediately knew what was wrong with his statement and stared at his counselor. "She never sent you the e-mail, did she?" He resisted the urge to rub his temples.

"No, I didn't receive a thing." She examined the clear bag in front of her. It looked like a bunch of car keys. This was going to be interesting…

"If you're wondering, you're going to have a session with only me today. I had to make sure Anzu stayed at home." He explained as he squirmed again and this time pulled out a pair of light pink keys shaped like a heart at the top. He opened the small storage bag and placed the key in there.

"What is…?" Dr. Matsu pointed.

"All the car keys. Even the spares. And that pink one? It's the key to the handcuffs she's currently sporting. I handcuffed her to our bedpost right after our love session today." He shrugged.

Dr. Matsu stared at him in shock, mouth slightly ajar.

"Don't worry; I made sure she was wearing at least underwear before I cuffed her." He added, hoping to shed some light.

"I don't think I can condone-"

"Then don't, but I'm here to clear anything my wife might have told you last time." He snickered. Dr. Matsu concluded that Seto Kaiba was indeed a very powerful figure; his eyes, nose, arms, and entire figure were intimidating – even the way he held his head high radiated power and money.

"Alright then, to be fair, would you like for me to ask you the same questions I asked her?"

Seto opened his mouth to say something smart in return, but quickly closed it. "She didn't come in here accusing me of anything?" He raised a brow.

"No." clicked her pen open and wrote the date on her notepad.

"Then yes, ask me the same questions you asked her."

Dr. Matsu had a feeling she now had a good taste of what Anzu had to deal with on a daily basis, but thought nothing of it simply because Seto might have been compelled to act differently around his wife than with his unwanted marriage counselor. All in all, Dr. Matsu didn't like his pushy attitude, but said nothing.

"I asked her how it was you two admitted your feelings for each other." Dr. Matsu courtly began.

"She stopped me on my way to my limousine after school one day. She asked me if I loved her and I told her the truth. I did – I still do. So, I kissed her, in front of her friends." He smirked. His answer was so short and so to the point it was a little awkward coming from the man whom had shamelessly shared sexual details in previous sessions.

"Next, I asked her how you two fell in love." She scribbled a few notes.

"She was the only person willing to deal with my problems besides my brother. She grew on me and I had to ask her to be mine. It happened on my brother's birthday years ago." He looked bored as he examined his fingernails.

"Then I asked her about the proposal." Dr. Matsu raised a brow just as soon as he did to her.

"Why?" Seto was a little confused and upset, but hid it well.

"I wanted to know if she had mixed feeling about any of this."

Seto looked offended, but not because of her. He looked offended because he never thought about the possibility of his wife never wanting to be with him. Surely, Anzu had no regrets about being with him…

"Does she?" He questioned.

"I am not at liberty to discuss this without her presence, Mr. Kaiba." Dr. Matsu gave him a sad smile.

"Of course you're not…" His mind was still stuck on the possibility, but he understood the need for privacy regulations. "…Can…Can I ask one thing though?" Dr. Matsu noticed his tone and attitude weren't as harsh as a few moments ago.

Dr. Matsu bit her lip. She would not break regulation standards, even for this particular man, but it all depended on his question.

"As long as I can answer it, yes."

"Did she cry? Did…did my wife cry?" He made a fist on his lap, bunching the fabric of his nice gray slacks.

Dr. Matsu sighed and fidgeted with the pen in her hand. "She did."

"She cried?" He looked worried; an expression Dr. Matsu had never seen on his face – not even in the media.

"Not because of regrets." Dr. Matsu knew she was stepping on a thin line between her patients and the laws she had to abide by.

"Then what?" He now placed his hands on the armrests and squeezed them.

"I asked her how the proposal went. Could you answer this for me?" She kept her tone light, knowing he would fall for the bait.

"I threw her a graduation party at my mansion. I also proposed to her that day, in front of her friends and a good portion of the school." He rushed through the question.

Check mate. Hotaru thought.

"See, you never fail to mention her friends... Mr. Kaiba, how important do you think your friends are to her?"

"Not as important as me." He narrowed his eyebrows, wondering what she was trying to get at.

Dr. Matsu made a few notes on her page as she looked at her patient.

"They are very important to her. Especially-"

"Yugi, I know that. But Yugi can't have her anymore. He lost his chance and he had a much bigger one than I did. Anzu grew up with the man, he had all of their childhood and teen years to ask her out. It's not my fault I took a chance with her."

"I'm talking about Anzu, Mr. Kaiba."

"What about her?" Every time his rival was brought up, Seto changed the direction of the conversation about his bitter feelings about the man.

"Are her friends important to her?"

"Yes, they are." By now, he was definitely grumpy.

"Why do you think that is?"

"Because they've always been there for her and they respect her. They love her."

"And is this a problem?"

"Not as long as Yugi keeps his hands off of her."

"You cannot control Yugi's feelings."

"No, but he can and he will as long as I'm around."

"Besides that one time after you two married, has he ever made any intentions?"

"Not that I'm aware of."

"Then trust your wife. Anzu isn't the type of girl to let herself be touched by someone else other than you and you know that. She may flaunt herself, but we've made it clear that do you too and to me, it's something superficial. Have you ever let anyone else into your life like you have her?" Dr. Matsu immediately bit her lip right after her slight outburst. She was giving the man advice as if he were a friend, not like a doctor should to their patient. She knew later tonight she was going to punish herself for that.

Seto looked at the intricate design on the carpet and answered with a low voice, "No."

"Why do you think you treat her differently when her friends are in the picture?"

"Because," His voice rose when he looked at her. "They need to know she's my wife. They've never liked me, but all of them need to understand that I didn't steal her from them. We fell in love." He crossed his arms, genuinely bothered.

Dr. Matsu smiled at him. "How much does she mean to you?"

"How…" He looked at her like she was an alien with multiple heads. "How much does she mean to me?! Are you kidding? What kind of question-She's my world!" Dr. Matsu's smile now turned into a grin. "She's done so much for my brother and I that I couldn't begin to fathom how to repay her. Ever since I let her into my life she's been nothing but good to me. The good that I thought I never deserved until she showed me I was worth it."

There was a pause as he regained his composure.

"There was this one time… a year after we married…"

It was dark and cold in the Kaiba Mansion. It was also late and so quiet that any noise would have echoed against the walls and down the halls of the old place. This peace lasted for a few hours before a door slam and heavy footsteps broke the silence in the middle of the night. Hearing this, Seto woke up and sighed, in turn waking up his sleeping wife. Sitting at the edge of his bed, he yawned loudly.

"What's the matter?" Anzu reached over and let her fingers run down his bare back.

"You'll see…" He answered right before the swift sound of their bedroom door was heard.

"Seto…" A crying Mokuba ran into the room and quickly latched himself to his person of preference at a time like this.

Hugging his younger brother whom was pressing all his weight onto him, Seto moved them to a more comfortable position with him resting his back on the headboard of the bed. Mokuba sobbed heart wrenching cries onto his brother's shoulder as he squeezed the air out of him. With a surprised but extremely worried face, Anzu tried to make out her husband's expression in the darkness.

Seto's eyes were closed and he seemed to be in pain. Beginning to rub his younger brother's back, he peeked open an eye to look at her. Raising his free hand, he placed a finger to his lips to silence his curious wife. This was something that had to pass, and he wanted to make sure she knew that. And understanding, Anzu couldn't help but feel helpless.

Picking up on her distress, Seto motioned for her hand, which she gave him. Placing her hand on Mokuba's head, she got his hint and began to soothe the boy by softly running her fingers through his long black hair. After a few minutes, Mokuba's crying had softened and he was now quietly sniffling. When the young boy sat up, he rubbed his stuffed nose on the back of his hand and looked at the wet spot on his brother's chest.

"I'm sorry, Seto." He poked the wet and slimy spot on his brother's chest.

"It's alright. How are you feeling?" Seto didn't mind the fact that he had been cried on. He never minded, no matter how many times it had happened in the past.

"I'm still upset." His gaze went from the bed sheets all the way up to Anzu's worried face. "I'm sorry, Anzu."

Seto watched his wife's expression turn into a smile. She moved closer to the young boy and took both his hands into hers and gave his knuckles a kiss. "You know I'm always here for you, Mokuba." She kept the smile on her face. "I will always be here if you ever need to talk about anything."

Mokuba gave her a weak smile, but a smile none the less.

"Thank you." He said sniffling. He turned to Seto and wiped his chest with the sleeve of his pajama shirt. "I'll go back to bed now." And before Seto could stop him, he was out of the room.

"What's the matter?" Anzu asked once her husband stood up.

"He's too afraid to sleep in his room and he's too shy to stay here." He sighed and began to slowly make his way to his brother.

Anzu now stood up and stopped him from exiting the room, both hands on his shoulders. "Why was he crying?" Seto looked at her and thought about giving her a white lie, but decided against it.

"Mokuba… He…" Seto leaned against the wall, next to the open bedroom door and sighed. Giving his wife his attention, he continued. "He feels guilty over what happened to me when we were kids."

"Guilty?" Anzu tilted her head to the side in question.

"You know we were adopted by Gozaburo. And this was my fault. It was all my fault because I was so sure that we would have a better future if we were adopted by him. I was partially wrong… We were both abused by him… Mainly me… And Mokuba feels guilty about this.

He feels bad for me, you could say. I was pushed so hard and cried so often this took a toll on him, oddly enough. I didn't know this until he started having nightmares about our childhood after adoption a few years ago. I knew you had to find out sooner or later about this and I'm sorry I didn't tell you until now…"

"It's alright…but is he okay now?" She bit the tip of her thumb's nail and looked over down the hall.

"No. He is used to sleeping with me after one of these incidents but now that you're here..." He wrinkled his nose in frustration.

"I don't mind if he spends the night with us."

"He's too shy to ever tell you."

Anzu frowned, crossed her arms, and made her way down the dimly lit hall. Seto promptly followed her and right before she reached Mokuba's door, she stopped him by extending her hand pushing his stomach back.

"What are you doing?" He whispered to her as if she were insane.

"You're just going to let him cry it out?" She replied in a vicious whisper.

"It's the only thing I can do." He looked flustered.

"It's not the only thing I can do." She pushed him back a few feet and gave him a warning stare. Slowly opening the door, she announced her presence. "Mokuba?"

The small whimpers of his crying were heard from the outside but quickly stopped when Anzu shut the door.

"I'm sorry I woke you, Anzu." Seto heard his brother say.

"You know that's alright." Her voice had a smile to it. It was silent for a bit before she spoke again. "Do you want to come sleep with us?"

Mokuba gasped. "No. It's okay."

"Why not?" Their voices were becoming too muffled for Seto to understand.

"I don't want to bother you or my brother."

"Mokuba, you know your brother doesn't mind, and you should know I don't mind either. We love you. You can always come to us, no matter what we're doing." Her voice was soft.

Seto smiled outside.

At this point, their voices became too muffled for him to hear, so he tried to silently press his ear onto the door. It didn't work, so he leaned against the wall and waited, wondering what Anzu was doing. After a few seconds, Mokuba's crying was heard again; it was as loud as when it began in their bedroom. Seto panicked inside and thought about going in. He placed his hand on the handle, but did not turn it. He waited a little longer and soon enough, heard his little brother laugh.

Surprised, Seto withdrew his hand and just stood in front of the door, dumbfounded. Hearing his brother laugh some more, he relaxed. What was Anzu doing?

After a few more minutes, the door opened to reveal his wife with a wet spot on her pink shirt. She turned around and gave Mokuba a huge, loud kiss on his cheek.

"Thank you." Mokuba said, ready to close his door. Anzu looked back and winked at him, making him smile.

Once the door was closed, it was Anzu's turn to breakdown. She wrapped her arms around Seto's neck and gave him a hug, silently letting tears escape her eyes. It hurt to see your loved ones troubled.

Back in their room, Anzu was in no mood to fall back to sleep, and Seto sensed this.

"You okay?" He rubbed his eyes just to make sure no essences of sleep were in them.

"Please don't think I pity you… I know how much you hate that… but I hurt for you." From her spot on the bed, she raised her blue eyes to meet his.

"What do you mean?" He sat down on the edge of the bed, not wanting to see the tears that were in her eyes. He didn't need his two loved ones crying in one night. That was something he couldn't handle.

"Whenever I think about the things you two have gone through, it hurts."

He gave out a humorless chuckle. "That's still pitying me."

"I'm sorry, Seto." She interrupted him. "I'm sorry for all that you two had to go through. But I wanted you to know how proud I am of both of you." She was now behind him, wrapping her arms around his torso.

"What?" He slowly turned his head. This was a surprise to him: she was proud of them? Of him?

"When I look at you two… especially you," She kissed the center of his back. "I get this sense of pride. I am so lucky to have you in my life. No matter what anyone else says, you have grown to be a strong, handsome, intelligent, resilient man." She kissed his back once more.

This time he turned around completely and stared at his wife. No one had ever expressed any sense of pride over him. Mokuba did, but he was kin. No one else had taken the time to look at him for who he really was and not just this Kaiba Corp. shell.


"I am proud of you, yes." There were a few loose tears gracing her face along with a big smile.

Seto launched himself at her and gave her the tightest embrace the tired man could give while lying on the bed. He definitely loved this woman.

She giggled a few times into his chest as she wriggled an arm under him to complete the embrace and they sat there for the longest time, just enjoying each other's warmth, sent, and presence.

"I promise you I will try my best to make you forget what happened. I will make you two happy as best as I can." She nuzzled him. "I love you." She whispered into his ear.

Kissing her forehead, he replied. "I love you too."

"I don't know what she did or said that night, but Mokuba never had another breakdown after that. This was big. Mokuba is just as stubborn as me." Seto argued. "She's made me happy and I know she's made Mokuba happy."

Dr. Matsu was impressed. As much as he loved to argue with her, Seto loved his wife.

"She's the best thing that ever happened to me and I'm not going to let anything ruin that. That is why I'm here, sitting down with a marriage counselor I didn't even want." He meant no offense and Hotaru understood.

"Is there anything you want to change about your wife?" Dr. Matsu's gentle voice asked, continuing the cue of questions she had asked Anzu before.

"Well… yeah but that's normal for a couple."

"If you don't mind, what are they?" Dr. Matsu was a little surprise to hear a slight chuckle from him since he had calmed down with his story.

"She needs to deal with my work schedule," He didn't hesitate to begin. And that was funny to Dr. Matsu as she wrote it down; it was the opposite of what Anzu wanted. "She needs to put out more," Another thing Anzu wished to change. "And needs to get this crazy idea of children out of her head."

Dr. Matsu's pen didn't snap in half because she compensated by biting the inside of her cheek instead. Seto had listed the three things Anzu wanted to change about him. This just got more complex.

Dr. Matsu tried bringing up the same discrepancy she did with Anzu. "You know she has a higher chance of getting pregnant the more sex she has, right?"

"Only if we don't use protection." Seto smugly exclaimed. Children were not a part of his resume anytime soon.

"And do you use protection?" Dr. Matsu's brow raised and lips pursed into a thin line.

At this, the smile Seto had on his face was wiped off. "No…"

"You see the problem here, right?" Dr. Matsu was holding in the brazened laugh that was pushing itself out.

"We used to use it…" He avoided eye contact.

"But not anymore?"


"Do you try any method of contraception?"

"We… I… Well, I… No." He sighed, he was guilty. A small little laugh escaped Dr. Matsu, which earned her a glare from her client.

"I'm so sorry." She knew that was inappropriate of her, but it was too good of an opportunity when the CEO of a multi-million dollar company who was known to be ruthless was stumbling over his words.

"She's not pregnant though. She can't be." He argued.

"How do you know?"

"She checks often with pregnancy tests. They always come back negative."

Dr. Matsu nodded. At least they were responsible enough. After a few minutes just staring at each other, Seto spoke once more.

"She's not wearing revealing things anymore at least."

"I noticed last time. Do you appreciate her effort?"

"I do and I told her so." This made Dr. Matsu smile; he was on the right track. At that moment, Seto's phone rang. He picked it up without thinking and was blasted in the ear with a shout.

"What the hell is Anzu doing handcuffed to the bed?!" Mokuba shouted. Seto pulled the phone away from his ear to recover from the audile assault.

"Don't worry about her, she's fine." He responded.

"Seto, she's stuck and I can't find the key to that pink frilly handcuff thing anywhere!"

"That's because I have it with me."

"What were you thinking?! She's been complaining about having to use the bathroom for like forty minutes now. What am I supposed to do?!" He panicked.

"I didn't think about that. Can she hold it for fifteen minutes?" Seto stood from his seat, tempted to chew on his lip.

"I don't know, Seto! I have no control over her bladder!" He shot at his brother.

"Calm down. I'm on my way."

"Why would you leave her in underwear? What the hell is wrong with you?" Mokuba's deep voice jabbed once more.

"I'm on my way, Mokuba." Seto hung up and stared at the counselor sitting behind on her desk.

Dr. Matsu raised her hands up in defeat. "I heard the whole thing. Go before she can't hold it in any longer."

Seto held back a laugh as he picked up the bag with the keys and was on his way home.

Later that night, as Hotaru made herself comfortable on her couch with a cup of soothing tea, she analyzed everything that had happened so far. The Kaibas were not the only clients she had, but they were her most complex and troublesome, which took up most of her time. Taking a slow sip of her tea, she began to type all her notes, with added commentary and suggestions for herself.

Today's session with Seto alone was a good way for her to get a feel on what exactly he was about. Honestly, Hotaru was convinced that although it would take a while for them to meet eye to eye, once they did, everything would come together for the best.

After she was done typing into her laptop, she sighed and lied down on her couch. Seeing how faithful Seto was to his wife and how determined Anzu was to make her husband happy was something she was beginning to grow jealous of. No couple had ever made her feel so alone and abstinent like these two.

The Kaibas made love and showed they were in love wherever they went, which made her compare herself to them; something she had never done before with any other clients. When she looked at herself now, it was a sad story. Hotaru's brown eyes and dark brown hair didn't make her stand out. She had a small beauty mark under her left eye, but she never found that to make her beauty. She had a round nose and a heart shaped face along with a slim body she had unintentionally starved during her years as a graduate student, but none of that mattered.

She was a self-employed, strong woman that cared for the well being of others. With a fat cat and a dog that didn't seem like he was mentally there, she did feel loved. Her pets went nuts if they didn't see her for a few hours, and showered her with love every second she was present at home. Even now, her dog was asleep on the floor next to her and her cat was balled on top of the poor dog. But the touch of a man when he captured your heart had yet to happened to her. Her prince charming had probably gotten kidnapped, or assaulted, or just flat out given up at this rate.

Sighing, she buried her face into her soft couch pillow. The Kaibas were probably going at it right now, which made her stomach churn in discomfort. Why couldn't she have a husband? Or a boyfriend at least?

She had boyfriends before, but all before graduate school and none were willing to stay with her for more than a few months. It was a lost cause, she figured, but Seto probably thought so even more. To have been left alone on this planet with a younger brother to take care of, and then step into the situation of Gozaburo Kaiba. Everyone knew Gozaburo was not father material and thinking about it now, he didn't leave a good last name to his adopted children.

Seto probably thought it would be hopeless, but nevertheless gave Anzu a shot at his heart and it ended up working for the best, Hotaru liked to believe.

Maybe she would give it a shot.

She looked around at her contemporary styled home. She never wanted to settle for an apartment. Choosing to stay in an apartment for the rest of her life would have been a very 'single' thing to do. A house suited her more. Hearing her dog sneeze in his sleep and wake her cat up, she looked down. Her cat excitedly made an attempt to grab at her for attention.

Who would want a boring woman with an obese cat and a dumb dog?

Grunting, she sat up, closed her laptop, walked into her bedroom, and plopped herself on her bed, hoping that sleep would attack and be the victor of the romantic fantasies she was having.

The next time the Kaibas came, she had material they could both work out – like most things did with a group therapy.

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