She fell face first into the mud. "how the hell did I end up here?!" she looked around for any clue on where a road was. The rain was falling down hard. As far as she could tell she was in the middle of the woods, lost, confused and scared. "this has to be a dream. Wake up Zoey! WAKE UP!" she screamed to herself. She got up and kept running. Zoey panted. She was tired and she wanted to just lay down and sleep. Just give up, she kept walking. Before long she caught sight of fire light. "oh thank the goddess." She said and ran. She poked her head around a tree. She saw the fire but no one was there. "hello?" she looked around "I need some help" she said walking closer to the fire. She noticed someone had built a cover over it to keep the rain off. "is anyone here?" she asked. She sat down next to the fire. It was the first time she had felt cold. She closed her eyes and sighed. "hello" she turned. "I'm sorry I'm lost and I need to find a way back to-" "well well A-ya" she stood, ready to run. Kalona took a good look at her. He walked closer "now what are you doing all the way out here?" he asked, "I don't know" she said whimpering. She was alone and the immortal knew it. She didn't have anywhere to run. "Kalona, can you just take me back to the school?" "hmmmm" he grinned "why?" she stood. She got ready to run. "Kalona, please just take me home." She whispered. "what will you give me in return?" he asked "i…." she felt something hit the back of her head and she fell to the ground unconscious.

Zoey's eyes opened, she was laying down with a blanket pulled over her. "whats going on?" she whispered "ah nice to see your awake." She sat up "YOU!" she spat. "now now" he walked closer "I have a few questions." He said kneeling down "if I answer then will you take me back to the school?" "sure" he smiled "thank you" she said "now lets start with the question of what your are doing out here?" he asked her "I don't know, I just woke up in the middle of the forest." She said. "I see" he looked into her eyes. "also, your arms. They are bruised." "oh, I guess I must have done it when I fell earlier." "that would make sense if the bruises didn't look like someone had grabbed you by your arms." He said "I-" she looked down. "Kalona, can you take me home now?" "fine." She sighed. And stood up. The blanket fell away. "oh goddess no!" she screamed. She was naked, "he-he-he raped me!?" she stormed out "KALONA!" she screamed "what is it." She said him holding her clothihng." "you basterd!" he narrowed his eyes for a second "what?" he was trying his best to help and keep her safe. It took so much to keep himself from just taking her. "give me my clothing!" "ok" he handed it to her. It had been muddy and wet from the rain. He had decided to take it off her and wash it and hang it close to the fire. She grabbed the cloths. "Zoey" he wanted to grab her. "what?" he stared her in the eyes. She turned "Zoey" he spoke her name "What?!" she turned her head, wondering what he wanted. He walked closer "what do you want?" "this!" he grabbed her and slammed her against a tree. "let me go!" she said "look, I am trying no to hurt you! Do NOT! Push me like that!" Zoey trembled "you raped me" "no!" he panted, zoey realized the blanket had fallen away. "your clothing was wet and muddy. I took it off and washed if for you." He said. Zoey trembled. "now" he said "go get dressed, and I will take you home." He said "unless you want to stay?" "I will get dressed." She said "ok" he let her go. She fell to the ground. She was on her knees. "oh goddess." She whispered, Kalona walked off. She looked over and picked the blanket up and wrapped it around herself. She looked at him. His back was to her. A small Raven mocker ran up to Kalona "Daddy" Kalona picked him up. Zoey watched, she didn't understand how different he was. Kalona was holding the small child like creature. Zoey turned and walked back into the small hut. She dropped the sheet and pulled her cloths on. "Zoey" Kalona poked his head in "what?" "are you ready?" "yes I am" she nodded. "alright, lets go" he said.

A/N: well this is the first chapter. took a while but it is done. so enjoy. also someone enquired about myold story, Nightmare Wounds. well... the story is closed completly. i dont plan to write anymore to it. so i am sorry. the story was to be a set up for A Priestess's New Love and a New Choice.