Stark ran up to the room "Zoey!" he ran in the room "AH!" Zoey stood there in a towel. Kalona shot up in bed, "Zoey what's wrong?" Kalona looked at Stark, "Zoey what is the doing in here?!" Kalona stood "I am her lover." He said, the immortal walked over to Zoey. He put his hands on her shoulders. "Kalona." She reached up and out a hand on his. "Zoey!" Stark looked at Kalona, "you son of a bitch!" Kalona grabbed the boy's wrist "leave" he said "get away from her!" "If she wants me gone she will say so." He said "now leave!" "Not without Zoey" he said "she doesn't have to leave." Kalona said, "Stark just go" she said "but Z" "JUST GO!" she yelled. Kalona held her to him "It's ok Zoey" Kalona whispered and looked at Stark "you heard her, go" Kalona said.

Zoey walked into the temple, she knelt down "Nyx Thank you. I am so glad Kalona is ok. I am so glad Arctus is as well." "Zoey" she heard a hiss. She turned her head, a raven mocker stood in the door way of the temple. "Who are you?" she asked, she knew he was one of Kalona's sons. "My name is Balavan" he said "oh hi" he stared "where is my father?" He asked "he left to go handle something," she said "thanks" the raven mocker turned and left. Zoey looked back at the statue of the goddess. She smiled, things seemed to be looking up. "Finally maybe I can be happy," she said.

Zoey got back to her room after a long day at school. "Kalona" she smiled, her lover was sitting on the bed with his son. The little boy smiled "mommy!" he ran up to her "hey" he help the stuffed dog in his arms. For the past 2 weeks he didn't seem to go anywhere without it. "Hey" she picked him up. The boy wrapped his arms around her neck. He hugged her, "I love you mommy." "I love you too." She looked at Kalona, he smiled "and how are you my love?" she asked "I am very good." The immortal walked over and kissed her. Zoey kissed back and Kalona wrapped his arms around her. "I love you both" he said "as I love the two of you." She smiled again and kissed him. "Kalona, I'm tired I am going to go a head back to bed." He nodded "ok, sleep well. I will see you when you wake." Kalona watched her get ready and lay down, Arctus yawned soon after. "Looks like you're tired as well." "Uh huh" he rubbed his eyes. "Come on" he picked the little boy up and laid him in the bed. He tucked him in and smiled. The little boy sucked on his thumb and fell asleep. Kalona sighed, "I love you both" he whispered.

Kalona walked to the teacher's dining room. "Oh hello Kalona" Lenobia turned her head "hello Lenobia how are you?" "I am good," Kalona sat down at the table. "Kalona how is Zoey?" "Doing better, it's been two weeks since that night. She's still have nightmares though." "I'd say so, you almost died." "I did die," he said, "you did?" "Yes" he nodded. Kalona sighed "I heard my mother's voice, she told me to take my power back. To keep Zoey safe." Kalona turned his head, "I promised I would keep her safe that night. I'll do it as long as I can" he said.

Kalona returned to the room and looked at the bed, "looks like she stayed asleep this time." He smiled, Kalona retracted his wings, and the immortal pulled on a night shirt. He pulled on sweat pants and walked over to the bed. Zoey was still sleeping and so was Arctus. "Kalona…" she whispered his name in her sleep. "I am right here my love." He lay down and pulled her close. Her sleeping body moved to be closer. He grinned and laid there with his lover and his son. The boy grabbed his father's arm, "its ok Arctus" he whispered. He looked up at the sealing, "good night both of you…"

Rephiam waited for the sun to rise. "Rephiam!" "Stevie Rae! Go back inside! The sun, it's about to rise!" "Wait!" she said, Stevie Rae grabbed his arm. "What is it?" he was panicked "I need to tell you something!" "Ok hurry, you don't need to be out her in the sun." "I know but" "what?" she took in a deep breath, "I'm pregnant!" "What?!" he grabbed her "how?" "I don't know Rephiam." She looked down, he held her. "We will talk this evening go back to our room. "ok." She turned "I love you" he said "I love you too" he smiled and turned his attention back to the rising sun.

Stevie Rae sat on the bed, she touched her stomach. "How?" she asked, the vampire lifted her shirt and touched her skin. It was already bulging. "Nyx is this gift?" she asked the goddess, "is there a reason I will have a baby." The door opened, "hey, Bumpkin" Aphrodite walked in "what do you want Aphrodite." "Where is bird boy?" "Outside, the sun is rising." "Damn" she sighed "what do you need him for?" She asked "I saw Stark shooting him in a vision." "Oh goddess we need to grab him now!" she said "Darius already went to get Kalona." She said, "I can't wait and see!" she ran, "Rephiam!" she ran into the court yard "Stevie Rae?" "Get inside!" she yelled "what?" "Go now!" she yelled "why?" she ran over and grabbed his hand, "Come on hurry!" "Why?" "Just come one." "Rephiam!" they turned their heads "oh no" Rephiam saw stark raise his bow. "Run!"

Kalona flew down and grabbed the boy, "you try to kill my son?" he growled. "You took the girl I loved!" Kalona grabbed the boy's wrist, Kalona began to twist." "AH!" he screamed, Kalona twisted the bone. He stared into his eyes, "I'll make sure you never try again." He said. Kalona twisted it so far as to break his wrist and kept going. After a while he released the boy and turned. Kalona walked to the door. He looked around. Kalona made his way to his son's room. He knocked on the door "Come in" Kalona took note of the girl. He walked in, "is he ok?" he asked "he's fine" "where is he?" Stevie Rae pointed to the bird sitting at the window seal. "I see" he walked over, the bird looked at him, he knelt down. "Rephiam," "Kalona," "yes?" he turned to look at the red one. "You care about him?"

"Yes, he is my son after all." Kalona stuck his hand out, the raven jumped onto his palm. Stevie Rae noticed them staring at each other. "Kalona" he looked back at the vampire. "You are holding your stomach, why?" he asked "Rephiam and I, we well." Kalona was curious "yes?" He looked the vampire in the eyes. "Well you're going to have a grandbaby." Kalona stood "you and Rephiam?" "Yes" Kalona looked at the bird "well you don't need to worry; Stark won't be able to try anything again." "Did you kill him?" "No I just damaged his wrist enough to even when he heals it will be too painful to do archery." He said "why would he try to kill Rephiam?" "To get revenge on me since I won Zoey over," she stared "so jealousy?" "Yes" he nodded, "now good night Red one," he walked out of the room. The door closed and Stevie Rae turned her head back to the bird, "Rephiam" the bird seemed to stare at her, "I love you." She said. The bird flew up and landed on her shoulder.

Kalona returned to the room "Kalona?" "Zoey, love whats wrong?" he asked "you left so quickly I didn't get a chance to ask what was going on." She said "Stark, he tried to kill my son." "Which one?" "Rephiam," he sighed "oh goddess! Is he ok?" Kalona nodded "yes, but I did break Stark's wrist to a point he can't shoot a bow again." "Oh Kalona" she ran over and hugged him "come on, you need to sleep" he said "ok" she smiled at him "you have been having nightmares lately right?" "Yes" she stared, "why don't you take some of that medicine and lay down." "Ok" she took the bottle out of a drawer. She put a drop on her tong. She cringed at the horrible taste. Kalona smiled "now, let's get some rest." She laid down on the bed and Kalona laid next to her. He pulled her close. She put her head on his chest and smiled "I love you." "I love you too" he said. "Good night." He smiled "good night." Kalona pulled the blanket over them and he laid his son Arctus on his chest, the child mumbled but did not wake. "Good night"

Dragon walked into his room, Anastasia ran up and kissed him. "Hey" he smirked "I missed you too" he pulled her close. "Dragon" "yes?" He looked into her eyes. "I love you." "I love you too" he smiled down at her he picked her up and tossed her onto the bed. She giggled "you are amazing" he said "Dragon" she pulled him down "I want to show you" she kissed him "Dragon I- WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!" he turned "L-L-Lenobia" he stared "you can't!" She pointed to Anastasia "She cannot be in here!" Dragon walked up to her "please let me explain!" he said "explain what? That you are sleeping with a fledgling?!" "I'm not in his class so I am not gaining anything from it." Anastasia said "she's right" Dragon said, "She is still a fledgling!" Lenobia yelled. "come!" he drug her out of the room, he left the door partially cracked "look" he pulled the seer stone out of his pocket "look through it" she did. "Oh goddess" whispered "it's her" "I know" Lenobia sighed "impossible."

Anastasia stood up and grabbed her bag. "I guess I can't be in love." She whispered, she began to open the door. It opened faster "Anastasia?" "Oh Dragon" she looked at him "what is wrong?" he took her hand in his "I guess I am just upset." She said, Dragon whipped a tear away. "Don't cry" he said, he took the bag from her and picked her up. Dragon laid her down and pulled the comforter over her. "Go on and sleep." He said. "Ok" he kissed her, "good night" she said "good night my love, my own."

The End

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