Alisha Hardy rode into the garage on her custom paintball-splattered Ducati, leaving skid marks on her parking spot.
She pulled off the black and white helmet, shaking her pink and black hair out of her eyes.
"Tonight is the night. That little bitch is mine."
Ember Jacobs leaned against her own bike, chewing a piece of strawberry gum.
"Which little bitch?"
"Janica Dumas. She's been fucking with my family too damn long."
Ember smirked and nodded.
"Kelsey's still fucking with my little brother, and now that Gemma's gone I need you more than ever. You're my BAB."
"The hell is a BAB?"
"Bad Ass Bitch! Duh!"
Ali grinned.
"And there is nothing more I'd rather be."

Reno Brooks-Winchester taped up his wrists for his match against his cousin, Ash.
He'd heard some girl was coming back, but didn't know just who it was. Reno hoped it was his friend Ali, considering he'd always liked her.
But even if it wasn't, someone was coming back.
"I just really want Ali back."

Ali walked into Vince's office, pulling her fishnet gloves down her arms a little more.
"Uncle Vinny!"
"Ali. Does Jeff know you're here?"
Ali shook her head.
"Now Uncle Vinny, don't you know that the element of surprise is key?"
Vince chuckled and slid her contract across the desk, where Ali read it over.
"Are you kidding me, Vince?"
"I don't do Divas matches. You know that. None of the girls I run with do that!"
"Ali, it's just one match."
"A bra-and-panties match though? Come on."
Vince sighed and pulled the contract away.
"Fine. What do you want?"
"TLC matches. Hardcore matches. Inferno matches."
"Ali, we can't do that."
Ali raised an eyebrow.
"I hear TNA is hiring. Maybe I'll go back and hang with Gemma Jacobs, win the Knockouts title."
"That won't be necessary, Ali."
Grinning, she watched as he changed her matches to the ones she wanted.
Ali signed the contract and stood up, walking out of Vince's office on her way to find her aunt.