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Joy was a normal girl in a public school. Because of often being bullied, Joy returned them with harsh words and maybe harsh actions, even though those were her form of reflex after what they did. But other harsh actions and words were just simple accidents that Joy never meant to do or say. The same sentence were said to her every time.

"Joy, you are a witch!" said the popular girl Katelyn after she ruined her uniform.

"Joy, you're such a witch!" said the nerd Robert after Joy accidentally spilled water on his book while they were having lunch.

"Joy, you're a witch, you know that!" said her ex-BFF Dana when Joy said that her outfit was inappropriate.

Joy moved to boarding school and met her 2 best friends, Patricia and Fabian. Fast forward to when everyone found out that she wrote the mean article about Nina. Joy and Fabian had a talk in the woods.

" I can't believe you would write all that nonsense about Nina!" exclaimed Fabian.

" I was jealous! When I came back, you were always with Nina you barely talked to me!" Joy exclaimed back.

" She was my girlfriend! And I talked to you already anyways! Almost every time I'm not with Nina! When we broke up, Patricia said that you were squealing with joy! Like you're happy that I broke up with my love! You're always in the way when I tried to retrieve my relationship. And now, you wrote an article, a wrong one at that, about Nina. She almost wanted to go back to America! Why would you write something like that? You're such a witch Joy…" And with that he stormed off.

Joy froze. His sentence stung, but she knew all of them were true. She fell to her knees and cry.

"Why did I do this in the first place? Why? Why did I? Why was I so full of jealousy?!

"WHY?!" Joy immediately woke up. Tears fell down her cheeks. She looked around. Patricia, Mara, and Mick were standing around her bed. Mick hugged her and Joy sobbed on his shoulder.

"Nightmare?" asked Mick while rubbing her back.

"Uh uh. Memories I…wish..to…for..get…" Joy sobbed again.

Patricia and Mara left the room, giving room for Mick to comfort her. Mick rubbed circles at her back, and wiped away the stray tears from Joy's cheeks.

"I'm sorry I said the word today. Was that what you were dreaming about?"

" Yes, from the first time I'm here, til when everyone found out I wrote the article."

Even though Fabian and Nina and the others had forgiven her, and the experience was last term, it was still fresh in Joy's mind. A memory that could never fade away.

"Tell you what, you want me to sleep with you tonight?"

"Sure if you think you're fine with it"

"It's a Saturday, I don't mind, alright?"

"Thanks Mick. For everything." Joy then scooted over to give Mick space to sleep in. Mick put his arms around her and kissed her forehead. Joy felt safe, protected. She felt like she belonged now to Anubis House, and especially she belonged to Mick. With that thought she fell to a slumber sleep, Mick following right after.

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