An American Dream

PGSM meets Anime

Summary: Usagi Tsukino is a bubbly happy go lucky sixteen year old girl. Her entire world changes when she is selected for an honors program to attend an elite high school in America, meaning she has to leave everything she knows behind, her friends, family and crush. On the plane to America, she meets Makoto Kino, another japanese student on her way to Salem Academy. When she arrives at the elite boarding school, she is met with distain from the popular and elusive Raye Hines. She meets and befriends shy Amy Anderson, who is at the top of her class and singer/song writer Mina Andrews, who is taking a hiatus from her world tour. Together, these five students are the most powerful girls the world has ever seen. But first they must learn thier powers and band together to find the Princess of the Moon and protect her from the forces of evil.

Raye Hines=Rei Hino (from Anime)

Amy Anderson=Ami Mizuno (A bit of Anime and PGSM)

Mina Andrews= Minako Aino (PGSM all the way except for the name)

Makoto Kino=Makoto Kino (PGSM)

Usagi Tsukino=Usagi Tsukino (PGSM)

Kunzite= Ken Matthews

Zoicite=Zaira Henderson

Jadiete= Jason Sampson

Nephrite=Nathanial Erickson

Mamoru Chiba=Darien Shields

Chapter One: A New Start

Tsukino Usagi opened her eyes and blinked, blearly eyed. Then she shot out of bed and ran downstairs, still in her pajamas.

"Are the test results here yet?" She asked excitedly. Ikuko laughed and handed her excited daughter the thick envelope. She ripped it open and glanced at her scores. She looked up at her mother and brother. "Top scores in everything" She said cheerfully. Ikuko enveloped her in a hug.

"That's wonderful, Usagi. I'm so glad Motoki was able to tutor you" Usagi nodded.

"Me too" She said. She had a secret crush on the college boy, and when he had offered to tutor her to help her get her grades up, she had gladly accepted. Motoki ran a karaoke parlor, a place that Usagi frequented with her best friend, Naru. She glanced at the scores again and noted the other sheet of paper, which looked like a letter. She opened it up and read it out loud.

"Dear Tsukino-san,

We are pleased with the progress you have made at Jubann High School. You have been selected to recieve a full scholorship to attend Salem Academy for the gifted in America. The Academy only offers five scholarships per country for thier international program. We hope that you accept this opportunity to better your education.



Usagi looked up from the letter at her mother, whose eyes were brimming with unshed tears.

"Usagi, this is wonderful" She said. Usagi sighed.

"Yes, I suppose it is" She said quietly. Usagi went up to her room and stared out the window. "How can I leave all this behind" She asked herself quietly. Her brother, Shingo, was standing in the doorway to her room.

"You'll be fine" He told her. Shingo was only one year younger than Usagi (I wanted them to be close) and was her best friend.

"But I'll be leaving everyone behind" Usagi exclaimed. Shingo shook his head.

"You'll be following your dreams. Besides, with your laptop we can chat via skype, email, call, text. We'll be able to communicate and you'll be home for holidays" He pointed out. Usagi stared out at the stars. She always felt as if someone was watching her and smiled.

"Your right Shingo" She said. "I'm going to make the most of this experience"

"Why America, your majesty?"

"That is where the soldiers reside, Pluto, my friend. The Prince and his generals are there as well"

"Will she be safe there?"

"Pretty soon, no place will be safe. I wish she could live a normal life, but darkness is fast approaching. Beryl knows where she is. We must move her to a place where she'll be protected"

"What about the legend of Sailor Moon"

"I don't want my daughter to fight, but I believe she has the spirit of Sailor Moon within her. Sailor Moon hasn't appeared since before I was born. I don't want my daughter to carry that burden"

"And if she is the legendary warrior?"

"Then she will need guidance"

"Of course, your majesty"