An American Dream

Chapter Fifteen: Sailor Venus is the Princess

Raye was worried when she learned that Mina was in the hospital. She decided to go visit her friend. Meanwhile, Usagi, Makoto and Amy were with Luna, discussing Sailor Venus.

"She has to be the princess" Usagi said with determination. "Luna, you said Princess Serenity had four guardians. It only makes sense" Amy nodded.

"The enemy seems to be targeting her alot lately" She agreed.

"Did you hear about Mina?" Makoto asked. Usagi nodded.

"Jason was really upset. He says its his fault for asking her to come over to study together" She said.

"Nonsense" Makoto declared. "He couldn't know that a vehicle was going to hit her"

Mina was sitting at her computer, in the hospital, but rose when her a nurse entered.

The nurse raised a glowing-red hand and trapped her with an attack.

"Where is the Silver Crystal?" He demanded to know.

"I don't know" Mina replied.

"As if" He replied. "As the Princess, you must know where it is" Mina shook her head and summoned her venus Cutter, using it to free herself from the Youma's binding. After a brief fight she kicked him back into the wall hard enough to crack it, but it only stunned him for a very short moment. She ran away, racing through the hospital hallway.

Raye arrives at the hospital to find crowds of fans being held back by security guards. She remembered what Mina had said about how annoying it was that outside the school walls, she was constantly bothered by fans. She was dismayed, but grew concerned when she saw Mina running, with a nurse chasing after her.

"Youma" She said. She quickly transformed into Sailor Mars. As Mina ran past, Sailor Mars stepped in front of the nurse.

"Using nurses to attack innocent victims, is horrible and I, Sailor Mars will not stand for it. In the name of Mars, I will punish you" She said. Mina turned to look at her friend and smiled slightly as the youma vanished, scared. Mars ducked into a bathroom and detransformed, then came out to see Mina.

"Hey, I was on my way to see you" She said. "How are you feeling?"

"Better" Mina said. "Do you wanna get some lunch before we head back to the school?" Raye eyed her friend. For being hit with a car, she looked fine.

During lunch, the two girls chatted about things.

"How is Darien?" Mina asked. Raye sighed.

"He seems so distant these days" She said.

"I notice you're making an effort to be friendly to the girls from Japan" Mina commented. "Any particular reason why?" Raye shrugged.

"I can't be mean all the time" She said. Both girls laughed.

"Does it bother you?" Raye asked suddenly. Mina looked down.

"Sometimes" She admitted. "It's hard, keeping it from everyone. Jason keeps asking me out, but I don't think I can" Raye reached across the table and grabbed Mina's hand.

"You can't let it beat you" She said softly. "Please, you have to live life. Not just for me, but for yourself" A tear slid down Mina's cheek.

"I'm going to die, Raye" She said. "How can I put Jason through that?"

"He doesn't know why you keep rejecting him" Raye said. "That's hurting him more I think than if you told him the truth"

"I know" Mina said quietly. "I know"

VesVes walked down the corridor of the Dark Kingdom.

"I will find the Princess before you do, Diamond" He said.

VesVes contacts the Youma inside of the nurse and ordered it to start attacking people in order to get Sailor Venus' attention.

Usagi and Amy came running, and alerted the others of the Youma's presence.

At the cafe, Raye got the call and sighed.

"I have to go" She said, apologetically. Once she was gone, Artemis appeared. Mina sighed.

"I'm tired of this" She said. "If they want the princess, than that is what they'll get" She left the cafe and transformed into Sailor Venus.

Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury were pursuing the Youma when Raye appeared. She transformed into Sailor Mars while the other two distracted the youma. The Youma separated itself from the nurse.

"Moon tiara boomerang" Sailor Moon attacked, but the Youma just knocks it aside. Zaira, Ken, Jason and Nathan were out walking when they saw what was happening. Each of them felt as though they should do something.

The Youma managed to trap the three Senshi, and VesVes appeared.

"Where is the princess?" VesVes asked, tossing her long red hair behind her.

"We don't know" Sailor Moon declared, but VesVes began choking her, hoping to get answers.

"Leave her alone" Zaira shouted. A glow surrounded her. Her red hair hung in ringlets down her back and grew longer. white leggings appeared on her legs with knee high silver boots. a white dress that went just above her knees appeared and a silver cape flowed behind her. dangling from her ears were green crystals. (it's modified from the PGSM version of Zosite)

"Who are you?" VesVes snapped.

"I am Zoisite, defender of Prince Endymione and defender of Earth" She declared. "Let Sailor Moon go" VesVes released Sailor Moon and turned to Zoisite. Before she could do anything, Sailor Venus arrived, severing the bonds that trapped the sailor senshi.

"I guess it is time to reveal the truth" Sailor Venus said. She raised one hand and a light blinded them. when it was gone, she wore a tiara on her head and a moon symbol on her forhead.

VesVes saw the tiara and the possible Silver Crystal on it, and moved to attack, but Artemis, in human form, stepped in front of Sailor Venus.

"This is the Princess of the Silver Millennium and heir to the Silver Crystal" He said, but VesVes was unimpressed. She ordered the youma to take the crystal.

Zoisite jumped in front of Sailor Venus and took the hit, collapsing. Tuxedo Mask appeared and threw a rose at the youma, destroying it and Zoisite's eyes widened.

"Prince Endymione" She whispered, before falling unconscious.

The Princess, Sailor Venus, turned to face her Senshi and the three boys, who could only stare at her, speechless. Ken knelt beside Zaira/Zoisite.

"She's still breathing" He said.

"We must get her to a hospital" Sailor Venus said.

"How?" Sailor Moon asked. "She still looks like Zoisite and not Zaira" Sailor Venus focused of Zoisite until her uniform faded to reveal Zaira. The senshi looked at her in amazement. Sailor Moon turned to thank Tuxedo Mask, but he was gone.