An American Dream

Chapter Sixteen: The second general is...Ken?

Usagi visited the hospital where Zaira was residing.

"How are you feeling?" Usagi asked.

"Better" She said. "I just don't understand what happened" Usagi sat on the edge of the bed.

"You're a guardian" She replied. "Just like me" Zaira looked at Usagi closely.

"You're Sailor Moon, aren't you?" She asked. Usagi nodded.

"I protect the Princess the same way you protect Prince Endymione, I think that's what you called him" Zaira sighed.

"I keep having flashes" She said.

"You must be remembering your past life" Usagi said. "Luna told us that we'll all remember our past lives in due time. I know that you are Tuxedo Mask's guardian, but thank you for saving me" Zaira smiled.

"No problem" She said. "I just wish I knew who Tuxedo Mask is. I recognized him as the Prince, but I don't remember yet what the Prince looks like"

"I'm sure you will" The two girls fell silent.

"Everything's going to be different now, isn't it?" Zaira asked. Usagi nodded.

Queen Beryl was angry that Zoisite had been awakened.

"Diamond, we to keep the other generals from going on thier side" She said.

"What shall I do, sister?" Diamond asked.

"I will take care of the generals. Now that we know who the princess is, you must find her and get the crystal" Beryl ordered. Once he was gone, Beryl summoned a white rose to her hand.

"Kunzite will become mine" She said, grinning. She breathed on the rose and it turned black.

In the room he shared with Nathan, Darien remembered Zoisite's words. He thought back to his visions and why he had become Tuxedo Mask. Something was connecting the dots. He had to talk to Zaira and soon.

Zaira was lying in the hospital bed when Darien arrived. She looked at him and smiled brightly when she recieved a painful vision.

"Endymione, you can't do this" Zoisite pleaded.

"I love her" Endymione said softly.

"I know, but you have a duty to us, to your people. The Moon and Earth are forbidden to have any sort of contact" Zoisite reminded the Prince.

"Why?" Endymione challenged. "Serenity is a wonderful person. I'm going to marry her"

"Endymione" She whispered.

"Why did you call me that?" Darien asked. Zaira looked at him directly in the eyes.

"Because that is the name you had in your past life" She replied seriously. "I have a warning for you. Stay away from the Princess" Darien was surprised, but said nothing. He needed more answers. He needed his memory of this so called past life.

Late that night, Ken was visiting Zaira when black petals swirled around him and he vanished.

"Ken!" Zaira cried worriedly. She quickly called Usagi on her cell phone.

A girl walked down the hallway, talking on her phone with a friend, when Kunzite appeared before her. The man took a lock of his hair and laid it across his palm, where it glowed purple and vanished. The hair reappeared around the girl's neck and tightened, then vanished into her skin. She collapsed, breathing hard and digging her nails into the road; when she looked up again, her eyes glowed purple.

The next day, Ken sought out Darien in the school garden and asked for his help.

"Something's wrong with me" He said. "I think I attacked somebody last night" Darien was now worried. He wondered if Beryl was attacking his friend. Before he got the chance to reply, Ken bent over in pain. A strong wind blew and knocked Darien back, and black rose petals flew wildly through the air.

A group of students, including the girl who had been attacked, were sittting in an auditorium listening to an orchestra perform. Suddenly, the girl doubled over, groaning in pain; a moment later the students ran screaming out the door as she stalked behind them, large golden claws sprouting from her fingertips. Luna and Artemis came around the corner and saw this.

The black rose in Beryl's hand bloomed.

"It's time" She said slowly.

Usagi was walking to class when Luna called her and told her she needed to hurry.

Sailor Moon arrived to find the girl hunched over; tears streaming from her eyes.

"Help me" She whispered, falling to the ground. Her eyes glowed purple again and the claws lengthened.

"Sailor Moon, you must destroy the youma" Luna shouted.

"But..." Sailor Moon faltered. Luna walked up to her.

"Listen to me. You have the power to destroy the youma and not the girl" Luna said. "You must believe in your power"

"I'm sorry" Sailor Moon whispered. She pulled out her Moonlight Stick.

"Moon Healing Escalation" The attack hit the youma and destroyed it, turning the girl back to normal. Sailor Moon smiled. She heard footsteps behind her and spun around.

"Ken, what..." She trailed off as he glared at her.

"My name is Kunzite" He glowered. He attacked, stunning Sailor Moon and pulled out a lock of hair. Zoisite arrived at that exact moment and couldn't believe what she saw. Kunzite blew on the hair and it wrapped around Sailor Moon's neck.

"Sailor Moon!" Zoisite cried as the soldier fell to the ground. Sailor Moon stood up and her eyes flashed purple.