An American Dream

Chapter Nineteen: The Five Soldiers, together at Last

Mina and Raye sat in a coffee shop, discussing the youma that got away.

"Do you think it will come back" Raye asked.

"Probably" Mina replied. "Are you going to tell the others who I am?" Raye shook her head.

"It's not my place to tell them" She replied. Suddenly she moaned and placed a hand on her head. Raye immediately became concerned. When the pain cleared, Mina looked up at Raye.

"I have to tell him" She said. "I know I'll regret it if I don't" Raye knew immediately what Mina was talking about and smiled slightly.

"Good luck" She said.

Later, Mina decided to pay a visit to Jason, who was currently at home. She knocked on the door and his mom answered.

"Mina dear, it's nice to see you. Jason is in his room" Mina nodded and hurried up the stairs. Jason's room was closed and she knocked on the door three times. It was her signature knock to let him know who it was. Jason opened the door and ushered her into the room. She looked as though she was about to cry.

"Mina, what is it. What's wrong?" He asked. Mina took a deep breath.

"I love you" She said, blurting it out. Jason was surprised and delighted, but he couldn't understand how that could make her cry. Sensing that there was more, he waited. "I've fallen in love with you Jason, but I kept saying no when you asked me out, because I'm afraid of leaving you alone" By now she was softly crying. Jason took her in arms.

"What do you mean?" He asked, rubbing her back.

"I'm dying, Jason" Mina replied. "That's why I'm sick and always in the hospital" Jason was shocked. He didn't want to believe it, but he knew she wouldn't say it if it wasn't true

"we'll get through this together Mina" He said. "I'm glad you told me"

In the Dark Kingdom, Kunzite was frustrated with CereCere.

"You were supposed to gather the energy. How can you keep losing to those Sailor Brats?" CereCere frowned.

"I'm not finished yet" She snapped. "I have a plan"

"We shouldn't be fighting each other" VesVes said. "It's a waste of energy. "You know we've already found the Moon Princess. It's only a matter of time before the crystal is Beryl's" Beryl smiled.

"As long as you work together you will suceed" She said. Kunzite was not so sure.

"They're just weak school girls" He said snidely. Beryl glared at him.

"Quiet" She commanded. "They work for me and that is thier true strength"

In the Secret Base, Usagi, Amy and Makoto sat on the couch working on thier knitting projects. Usagi was thinking about Darien and how sweet he was to her, but she'd never want to jeopardize his relationship with Raye. She hadn't even told any of the other girls. She figured that it was just a crush and would soon go away.

Amy and Makoto had already figured it out, but had decided to keep quiet about it for Usagi's sake. No one wanted to be in Raye's raging path.

Elsewhere, the Youma stood atop a tall building as the sun sets.

Makoto decided to get some information on Darien and Raye's relationship, so she decided to talk to Zaira, because she knew Mina would probably tell Raye that she was asking questions.

Zaira and Makoto met at the same cafe that Mina and Raye always ate at.

"What do you want to know?" Zaira asked. She too had picked up on the fact that Usagi had a crush on Darien.

"How long have Raye and Darien been seeing each other?" Makoto asked. Zaira shrugged.

"A year and a half I think" She said. "I'm not sure if it will last much longer though"

"What do you mean?" Makoto asked. Zaira sighed.

"The guys and I have never really thought that Darien wanted to date Raye, she sort of just got him to date her" Zaira replied. "We always thought that it was for popularity reasons and the fact that the whole school expects them to be together" Makoto nodded.

"Look, I know that Usagi likes Darien and honestly, I think he feels the same way" Zaira replied. "He's always staring at her when Raye isn't looking" Makoto was silent for a moment.

"Raye is a fire senshi. She could hurt Usagi badly if she found out" Makoto said softly. Zaira sighed.

"I would hope that she'd have more sense than that" After thier conversation, the two girls decided to head back to the school.

That night, Raye and Darien were sitting under the stars when Raye asked him a question.

"Darien, do you love me" She asked quietly. Darien looked at her.

"Of course I do" He replied. Raye smiled and leaned against him.

Mina was at the church where the youma had struck trying to determine its next move when she realized that the youma would target the church during mass. She realized that she needed to tell Raye, so she pulled out her cell phone, but Raye wasn't answering, so she sent Artemis to get Luna.

The church bells rang as people filed in for Mass, including Raye and Darien.

As people filled the chapel, Raye and Darien paused briefly at the entrance. Raye looked around as if sensing an evil presence. She shook it off, knowing that her friends could possibly handle it, or at least, she hoped. She entered the church with Darien.

Usagi was in her room with Amy and Makoto when Luna called them urgently.

"There is a youma presence at the church" She told them.

The priest was giving his sermon in the chapel, but as the congregation bowed their heads to pray, the Youma emerged from his body and began gathering everyone's energy. Darien and Raye begin to run, with the youma in pursuit. Raye was worried, because she knew that she couldn't transform in front of Darien.

Usagi and her friends ran toward the church. They saw purple energy emerging from the church's spire.

"Moon Prism Power"

"Jupiter Power"

"Mercury Power"


Darien and Raye ran into the gymnasium, but the Youma attacked and Raye dodged it, but Darien collapsed. Raye glared at the youma.

"Mars Power, Make-up" She shouted, transforming into Sailor Mars. The youma wrapped Sailor Mars in cords, just as the scouts arrived.

"Flower hurricane!" Jupiter shouted, attacking. The cords released Sailor Mars, but CereCere appeared and attacked, forcing the scouts to take the offensive. Sailor Mars was behind CereCere.

"Akuro Taison" She shouted, but CereCere jumped out of the way. VesVes appeared and CereCere shot her a withering look, but the red head paid no attention.

"Where's the princess?" She demanded. The youma joined the amazonians and the scouts were backed into a corner.

"Halt!" Came a voice. They all looked up and silouetted in the window was Sailor Venus. She jumped down and landed in front of her soldiers. "I assume you are looking for me"

All five Senshi assumed their poses in preparation for battle. Sailor Venus and Sailor Mars moved off together, attracting the attention of the Youma, then Venus ran off;

"Follow her" CereCere ordered the youma. Mars looked at her friends.

"I'll protect the princess" She said quickly. She ran off after the youma. CereCere and VesVes tried to follow, but Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mercury intercepted them.

"I don't think so" Sailor Mercury said with a smirk.

The Youma chased Sailor Venus, countering her attacks with one of its own that knocked the leader down. Sailor Mars arrived and cartwheeled in to the rescue. The two of them positioned themselves on either side of the Youma and, attacked at the same time.

"Youma Taisan"

"Venus Love-Me Chain" both attacks hit the youma and it was destroyed.

Back in the gymnasium, the three remaining scouts were faring poorly in the fight against CereCere and VesVes.

"We have to combine our attacks" Sailor Mercury suggested.

"Right" Sailor Moon said.

"Mercury Aqua Mist"

"Supreme Thunder"

"Moon Twilight Flash"

"All three attacks hit VesVes and knocked her down. VesVes glared at the scouts, before she and CereCere vanished. They hurried over to Darien.

"Do you think he's okay?" Sailor Mercury asked.

"I can wake him, but we have to wait for Raye" Sailor Moon said. "He'll be worried that she disapeared, otherwise.

Sailor Mars smiled at Sailor Venus.

"I guess we make a pretty good team, huh?" She asked. Sailor Venus nodded, then sighed.

"Raye, I need you to do something for me" She said. "You must promise me to never leave Sailor Moon's side. You must protect her" Sailor Mars was shocked.

"I thought we were supposed to protect the princess" She said. Sailor Venus shook her head.

"Not if that princess is ordering you to protect someone else" She said. "You should get back to Darien" Raye nodded and took off.

Raye returned to the gym and sat down next to Darien and Sailor Moon approached. She knelt down beside Darien and reached out her hands, which began to glow with a golden light, and as the light faded Darien began to open his eyes. As soon as Darien woke he immediately turned to Raye, who seemed fine, then looked back, but the scouts were gone.

Darien and Raye ran back to the chapel to find the congregation getting back to their feet again.

Back at the Dark Kingdom, Beryl and her servants are gathered together.

"Queen Metalia's power is growing" Beryl said, grinning evilly.

The light behind her glowed slightly brighter and a strong wind started to blow, bringing with it black particles of energy.

"The door of darkness" Kunzite said, smirking.

"That will lead to Metalia" Beryl said.

Kunzite looked across the throne room as if something was on his mind, but he knew better than to voice it.

who am I? He thought.