An American Dream

Chapter Twenty: Raye is...the enemy?

Raye was sensing that her friends were keeping something from her. Darien seemed more distant than usual, and even Zaira avoided making eye contact with her. She was certain that Darien was falling for Usagi and jealously crept in to her mind.

As she walked down the road, Kunzite appeared before her in a swirl of black rose petals.

"All alone Raye?" He asked, mockingly. Raye glared at him.

"I'm not alone" She snapped.

"But you are" Kunzite smirked. "Darien has forgotten about you. The new girl has taken his place"

"You're lying" Raye said, but without conviction. Deep down she was sure that Kunzite was being truthful.

"It's good to be angry" Kunzite said. "That will make my job easier" Raye was about to transform when he sent a blast of purple-black energy that enveloped her. She fell to the ground, uncoscious and he left.

The girls noticed that Raye wasn't in class or cheerleading practice. Usagi knew that Raye never missed practice and was worried about the dark haired soldier. She decided to ask Mina if she knew where Raye was.

"I don't know" Mina replied, apologetically. "She never came home last night" Worried and confused, Usagi sought out Amy and Makoto. They agreed to split up and look for Raye. Makoto decided to check the secret base that Luna had set up for them, in hopes that Raye would be there.

When she entered the secret base, she was surprised to see Raye laying on the couch, looking very pale.

"Are you alright?" Makoto asked, running to her side.

"I'm fine" Raye said in a voice that indicated that she was anything but fine.

"Why didn't you call us?" Makoto asked. Raye waved off her worries.

"I'm fine" She said weakly. "Really" She stood up. "See" A few seconds later and she collapsed back onto the couch.

"You are not fine" Makoto said firmly. "I am going to go make you some food. Don't leave this room"

Makoto went to the kitchens that were open to the students and started cooking. She was still cooking when Usagi and Amy arrived and they decided to help her. Once the food was prepared, the trio decided to take it to down to the secret base, but when they got there, Raye was passed out on the couch.

"we should take her to the hospital" Makoto, being the strongest of the three, lifted Raye up and they hurried up stairs and outside where they ran into Mina, who insisted on coming along.

At the hospital, the four girls wait impatiently as Raye is taken to the E.R.

As they sit in the waiting room, black petals fell from the ceiling.

In the Dark Kingdom,

"How is your project progressing?" Beryl asked.

"It's almost ready" Kunzite said arrogantly. "You'll see" Beryl frowned, but said nothing. The amazon quartet glared at Kunzite as he retreated.

The girls were sitting in the waiting room when they all sensed something and ran to Raye's room. Makoto threw open the door and found the room trashed, Raye gone and black rose petals covering the bed. Amy picked up one of the rose petals and began analyzing it. Not wanting the girls to know who she is just yet, Minako made an excuse and left quickly, transforming in Sailor Venus, once she was alone.

As Raye walked down the street she deliberately bumped into a couple of teenage boys going the other direction.

"What's the big idea?" One of the shouted at her. She turned and glared at him.

A moment later, Makoto, Amy and Usagi arrived and found the boys on the ground, terrified and covered with black rose petals.

"This is really bad" Makoto whispered.

Kunzite and Raye faced each other silently across a large, open room full of pillars and statues, as water dripped from the ceiling.

Kunzite slowly started to walk toward Raye when Sailor Venus arrived.

"Stop! In the name of Venus, leave my friend alone" She snapped. She placed herself between Raye and Kunzite.

"Do you really think you can defeat me?" Kunzite asked, laughing.

"Don't mess with me" Venus snapped. She looked at Raye, who barely seemed to register her presence. She grabbed Raye by the hand and dragged her behind a pillar. "Venus Love me Chain" She shouted, but to no avail. Kunzite was much stronger. "You can't have her!"

Venus ran over to Raye.

"Run Raye!" She pleaded, unsure of what was wrong with her friend, But Raye didn't budge. Venus grabbed her arm to pull her up, but she jerked away and stood, walking towards Kunzite. Once she reached him, she turned to face Venus and gave a malicious smile.

Moon, Mercury and Jupiter arrived at that precise moment.

"What have you done to her?" Jupiter demanded. Kunzite smirked.

"Show them" He commanded. Raye nodded and stepped forward, assuming her transformation pose, but her bracelet turned black. All the soldiers gasped.

"Dark Power, Make-Up" Raye transformed into Dark Mars. Her outfit was red and black now, instead of red and purple. Her long black hair was tinged with red highlights. As Dark Mars stood before the Sailor Soldiers, a smirk curled her lips.

"Who shall I kill first?" Dark Mars asked. "I could go for the princess, hmm no I'll think I'll save her for last"

"Raye" Venus whispered, a tear trailing down her cheek. Jupiter, Moon and Mercury looked surprised, but it made sense for the Princess to know thier identities, especially if she had all her memories from the moon kingdom.

"Raye, come back to us!" Moon pleaded. Dark Mars scoffed and raised a hand. A sword forged from fire appeared and she swung it in the air. Fire leapt towards them, singing Sailor Venus' skirt.

"You cannot escape me" Dark Mars said. "I know all of your weaknesses"