An American Dream

Chapter Twenty-One: How could this happen?

Sailor Moon, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Venus faced Dark Mars while Kunzite looked on with a smirk.

"Raye, remember us!" Sailor Moon pleaded. Mars' eyes darkened.

"I do remember" She said coldly. "You stole my boyfriend" Sailor Moon's eyes widened in surprise.

"That's not true, Raye" She pleaded. "I was never with Darien"

"Liar!" Dark Mars snapped. She send a fireball at them. Sailor Jupiter blocked the attack, but it burned a hole through her gloves.

Sailor Moon summoned the moonlight stick.

"Moon Healing Escalation" She attempted to heal the fire senshi, but although Dark Mars flinched momentarily, she scattered the power with a swing of her sword.

Luna and Artemis were watching from the shadows.

"This is really bad" Luna whispered.

"I wish we were more useful" Artemis admitted. Kunzite took a step forward and smirked.

"Mars has been bathed in the power of darkness and has been reborn" He said mockingly. "There is no chance of her ever returning to you"

"That's not true" Sailor Moon snapped. "I'll heal both of you" Dark Mars smirked.

"Farewell, Senshi of the moon" She said, raising her sword to attack. Before she could, Kunzite stopped her.

"We are done for the day" He commanded and the two of them vanished. Sailor Moon sank to her knees, tears in her eyes.

In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl was standing before Queen Metalia's pillar when Kunzite and Dark Mars arrive.

"How is this senshi supposed to help us?" Diamond asked from the shadows.

"She can help us revive the great metalia" Kunzite replied. Beryl frowned, unsure of whether or not to trust the fire senshi and general.

"Why don't you save your judgements for after I defeat the senshi" Mars said cooly. Then she turned to Kunzite. "You may have revived me to serve metalia, but I won't be anyone's underling" She turned and stalked away. Diamond shook his head and Beryl glared at Kunzite, who seemed to be calling all the shots lately.

In the Secret Base, Amy, Usagi, and Makoto sat around the table, wondering how it had come to this. Zaira showed up, having been informed by Sailor Venus what was going on.

"Why didn't Raye call any of us for help?" Zaira asked. Luna stood up.

"Things have been falling apart lately" She pointed out. "Raye was jealous. She felt that Usagi had taken her friends and her boyfriend"

"I didn't mean to" Usagi whispered. Zaira gave her a hug.

Makoto, Amy and Usagi sat in thier room, quietly.

"I guess I never thought this could happen to her" Makoto said quietly. Amy nodded.

"It happened to Ken" Usagi pointed out. "We should have expected them to take one of us"

Rei lies on the floor in her room, remembering the last time she saw Ami in the Secret Base. She sets one hand on her pair of red mittens, and wonders what she was thinking when she decided to work alone.

Darien sat alone in his apartment. He knew that Raye had turned evil just as Kunzite had and he felt like it was his fault. He wasn't sure he wanted to remember who he was in the past, though Zaira seemed to deem it important.

Usagi made a decision.

"I have to forget about Darien" She said firmly. "He and Raye belong together. We have to get her back"

The next morning, when Usagi and Makoto entered thier first class, they were shocked to find the entire class gathered aound Raye's desk.

"Raye!" Usagi and Makoto said making thier way over to her. To thier shock, the entire class all fell silent and regarded them coldly. Hannah stepped forward.

"Don't act so familiar with Raye" She snapped. Usagi blinked and Raye stood.

"I didn't really want to keep missing school" She said. "So I brainwashed everyone" She lowered her voice. "We needn't fight here, but I warn you, don't let ou're guard down" She gave them a malicious smile. Mina was the only one who did not seem to be feeling the affects of being brainwashed. She looked at her friend sadly and then went over to Usagi and Makoto.

"How is it that you are not brainwashed?" Usagi asked. Mina leaned forward, knowing that it was time to reveal the truth.

"I'm Sailor Venus" She whispered. They stared at her in shock, but realized it made sense. Jason and Nate were also avoiding being brainwashed, but they knew that they were generals having not come into thier power yet. Jason was hoping it'd be soon.

At lunchtime, all the girls in the class gathered around Raye's table, leaving Usagi, Zaira, Makoto, Minako, Amy, Jason and Nate at the usual table. Luna and Artemis joined them in human fom.

"I wasn't expecting her to still go to class" Luna said quietly.

"I don't want to fight against Raye" Usagi said quietly.

"I know, but we have to" Mina said. "If we don't, the power she now possesses could kill us all" Even Usagi couldn't argue with that. If Kunzite had let her, raye would have killed them already.

A Youma suddenly appeared at the amusement park in town and Luna, sensing its presence, quickly told the Senshi. Jason and Nate followed, hoping that if they were at the battle, thier memories and powers would come to them.

They arrived at the park to find the Youma's victims strewn across the ground, as it attacked another civilian.

"Lets do this" Minako said as they transformed. The youma ran and Sailor Mercury suggested that they split up and go after it.

As Sailor Moon ran past the carousel, she heard someone call her name. When she turned around, she sees Raye sitting on one of the horses. Raye challenged her to a fight, then transformed.

The Youma ran through an aquarium, pursued by Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter. They followed it through a doorway and found themselves in a large, dark room, then split up in search of the Youma. As they walked through the room it appeared and disappeared behind them, as though mocking them. The two Senshi finally bumped into each other, then a light switched on and illuminated the Youma; the two ran after it but by the time they reached the light it was gone. Another light switched on and revealed Sailor Moon being thrown violently onto a stage. Dark Mars slowly approached her. Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter tried to go to her rescue, but the Youma reappeared and grabbed the two of them by their throats, draining their energy.

Dark Mars approached Sailor Moon and attacked - but her sword wass suddenly blocked by a sword. Sailor Moon looked on in surprise, as the man standing before her was Nathan, but he looked different. His hair was a fiery red and so was his unifom, with a cape over one shoulder.

"Leave her alone" He growled viciously, as he and Mars began to trade blows. Mars delivered a fierce blow to his chest, causing him to collapse. Another youma appeared and began to take his energy. Jason, also powered up, was wearing a blue uniform with an icy blue cape. He did not have a sword. Jadiete and Zoisite stood in front of Sailor Moon.

"Pull yourself together" Zoisite told the blonde. "We have to fight her, as much as we don't want to" Dark Mars blasted the generals aside as Sailor Venus entered.

"You must fight" She commanded Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon stood and a tear fell from her eye. It struck her booch which began to glow pink.

The light expanded and Dark Mars drew back, moaning in pain while she tried to shield her eyes, as the Youma was destroyed by the light. For a moment Dark Mars started to turn back to Raye, but Kunzite rushed in and took her away.

The light faded away and Sailor Moon sank to her knees.

"You're awakening" Sailor Venus said quietly. "It is only a mater of time before Raye returns to us"

Sailor Moon barely seemed to register the Princess's voice and stares at the spot where Raye had been, tears in her eyes.

Mercury also had tears in her eyes.

"We never meant to seclude Raye" She whispered. Sailor Jupiter nodded in agreement.

"We need to get her back" She said.

Queen Beryl stood amid a rush of dark power.

"Queen Metalia's power has increased" Beryl mused. "I will for sure suceed in my mission this time"

Darien was on his way to his dorm room when he heard piano music playing from inside the room. He entered cautiously and found the insubstantial form of Zoisite and a piano. Zoisite rose to her feet.

"Welcome, Prince Endymione" She said, a smile on her ruby red lips. Darien stared at him in shock.