An American Dream

Chapter Twenty-Two: The performance

"What are you doing here?" Darien asked. "Are you dead..." A smile curved her lips.

"I have regained all my memories and powers" She replied. "I only want the same for you" She began to play the piano and flashes of the past came to Darien.

"You must stay away from the princess" Zoisite told him. Darien raised an eyebrow.

"You keep saying that" He sighed. "Are you going to tell me what you mean by that?" Zoisite was silent, making Darien frustrated. He moved towards her, but she vanished. Darien sat down on the couch and placed his had in his hands. His dream kept coming back to him.

The Imperial Silver Crystal, please

What did it mean. Was the Princess beckoning him? And yet, he was being told to say away from her, by one of his most trusted friends and now general.

Zoisite continued to play the piano from her room, which was heard in the Dark Kingdom. The music was targeting Kunzite and Dark Mars as they both recieved memories that were not wanted. Beryl saw them struggling and raised up her hand. A dark swirl of energy surrounded Kunzite and Mars.

"I will not let you have them" She told Zoisite.

In her room, Zoisite felt something dark, and slumped to the floor. The music stopped.

Once Kunzite and Mars were fine, Beryl turned to the amazon quartet.

"Your efforts on collecting energy are to be commended" She said. The girls blushed, then she turned an angry face to Diamond.

"You were supposed to kill the Princess and get the crystal" She snapped. "Where is it?"

"I need more time" Diamond said. Beryl frowned whil Kunzite smirked.

Diamond stalked down a hallway, cursing Kunzite under his breath and ran into Dark Mars.

"Looks like you could use some help" She said mockingly. Diamond glared at her.

"Don't patronize me" He said angrily. "Get out of my way" He brushed past her and she shrugged.

"Only if you stay out of mine" She said. He stopped, but didn't turn around. "The Sailor Soldiers are my prey" Diamond turned to look at her, but she turned to walk away and he pounded his fist into the wall.

In the Secret room in the basement, Mina, Amy, Makoto and Usagi met with Luna, Artemis and the Generals. Zaira, Jason and Nate did not feel that it was thier place to reveal Darien's identity, though it should be pretty obvious.

"It may take a combined effort on everyone's part to get Kunzite and Raye back" Luna told them.

"Usagi was almost able to, but unless she unlocks all of her power, she may not be strong enough" Artemis added. Usagi looked down. She needed to discover the power within.

"We all need to awaken our full powers like Mina and Zoisite" Amy said quietly. Makoto nodded.

"Amy is right" Luna said. "On the moon, your powers were much stronger than they are here. Remembering the past is key"

Mina revealed to them that she had a concert o do at the hospital to cheer up the kids.

"If the enemy knows who I am..." She trailed off.

"They might attack the hospital" Jason finished, placing an arm around his girlfriend's shoulder. Mina nodded and leaned her head against him.

"What can I do?" She asked. "I don't want to let all those kids down"

"Then don't" Amy said.

"Amy is right" Usagi said. "How about, Jason and I go with, incase something does attack" She suggested. Mina agreed and it was decided. The others would stay at the school and keep an eye on Raye. Zaira thought it was interesting that Raye should choose to continue attending school, but Ken did not.

In the Dark Kingdom, Nephrite created a new Youma using a stone.

Right before she was too perform, Mina collapsed and had to be placed in a hospital room. Not wanting to upset the kids, Usagi asked the nurses if she could sing a few of Mina's songs and they agreed.

She got on the stage and began singing, as Jason watched. The nurses hadn't let him be with Mina, because they had to run some tests.

As he was watching, he felt the presence of a youma. One look at Usagi and he could see that she felt it to. He signaled to her that he would take care of it. Usagi noded and continued singing.

The Youma stalked the hallway of the hospital, and Artemis alerted Mina to its presence. She noticed that the doctors were busy and jumped out of the bed, transforming into Princess Sailor Venus. She entered the hall and attacked the youma, but her attack was deflected. Dismayed, she began to run as Jason came on the seen. He morphed into Jadiete and the two of them chased the Youma down a stairwell and into an open lobby area.

Jason used his power to destroy the youma and they both grinned in relief. It was short lived however when a gooey substance entrapped them up to thier knees. Neither one could move as Diamond appeared, smirking.

Diamond stalked toward Sailor Venus.

"Nothing personal, Princess" He told her. "I need the crystal" He reached out towards her, but was suddenly interrupted by a blast of green energy; burning his shoulder. He looked for the source of the power and Jason smirked at him.

"My hands are free" He said, sending another attack at Diamond. This time, he really concentrated, and to Sailor Venus's surprise, the attack was super stronger, badly injuring Diamond, who vanished. The gooey mix disapeared, just as Sailor Moon arrived on the scene.

"Did I miss the battle?" She asked. Jason and Mina laughed as all three of them detransformed.

"Jason took care of that hothead Diamond" Mina said. Suddenly Usagi clutched her head.

"Prince Diamond, of Earth" Prince Diamond sauntered in.

"Can I help you?" The Queen asked.

"Yes. I want your daughter for my wife" He said, an evil grin on his face.

Usagi looked up wide eyed.

"Are you okay?" Jason asked concerned.

"I was on the moon" Usagi whispered. "Diamond wanted to marry the Princess" She looked at Mina who nodded, confirming the story.

"Aye" She said. "The Queen said no and Diamond grew angry. He is and Beryl are Endymione's stepbrother and sister. Diamond wanted a throne and thought that by marrying the Princess of the Moon he would become a ruler. Beryl also wanted to rule, and tried to seduce Endymione so she could become his queen" Mina shook her head. "Let us not talk of the past anymore"

She is remembering

Only pieces of her past

will she remember everything?

eventually, she will. She must be strong.

What of Uranus and Neptune?

They are not needed yet. We will call them in when Serenity reaches her full power

Yes, your majesty.

Diamond staggered down a hallway in the Dark Kingdom before finally collapsing. Dark Mars arrived and looked down at him.

"You're pathetic" She said, turning and walking away. Furious, Diamond summoned a weapon and attacked her from behind.