An American Dream

Chapter Twenty-Four: The True Princess is revealed

Sailor Moon turned to leave, but Tuxedo Mask grabbed her arm.

"Usagi, wait" He said. Sailor Moon whirled around to face him.

"You knew?" She asked. She glanced at Ken and Zaira, both of whom indicated that they hadn't told him. Tuxedo Mask looked down.

"I saw you transform" He told her. "I should have told you right away who I was, but I couldn't bring myself to do it" Sailor Moon nodded slowly.

"So, I take it you know about Raye?" Sailor Moon asked. Darien nodded. "I see. I have to go" She spun on her heel and left. Ken, Zaira and Darien stood in awkward silence for a moment. Ken turned to Zaira.

"Thank you" He said. She raised an eyebrow.

"For what?" She asked.

"For saving me" He said.

"I didn't" Zaira said. "Usagi did" Ken shook his head.

"If it weren't for your powers and music, I would still be too emersed in darkness for Usagi's power to affect me. Mars feels it to. I am certain Usagi can bring her back" Ken said. "Also, before Usagi healed me, I discovered the true princess. If I was still under Beryl's control, I might have told her what I know"

"What do you mean, the real princess?" Zaira asked.

"Sailor Venus is not the Princess of the Moon" Ken replied. "Sailor Moon is"

"Are you sure?" Darien asked. Ken nodded.

"I felt her power. It is ten times the power that Sailor Venus possesses. Plus, I can't believe none of us figured it out. Why would the princess of the moon be the warrior of Venus" Zaira frowned.

"You're sure that Beryl doesn't know about this?" She asked.

"I am pretty sure" Ken replied. "As long as Sailor Moon still thinks Venus is the Princess, than she is safe" Zaira looked at Darien and groaned inwardly. He was attracted to Usagi. It was going to be much harder to keep him from her, than it would have been to keep him from Mina. Mina was seeing Jason, anyway.

In the Dark Kingdom, Diamond brought Beryl some bad news.

"Kunzite has been healed" He told his sister. "It was a combined effort between Sailor Moon and Zoisite" Beryl frowned.

"Are there any other generals we can take?" She asked.

"No sister" Diamond revealed. "They all have thier powers of the light. They will not be as easily swayed as Kunzite was because they are all awakened" Beryl frowned.

"Sailor Moon has too much power, even more so than the princess" She said.

"Diamond, you must take Dark Mars and set a trap for the Princess. When Sailor Moon comes to rescue her, eliminate her and the Princess" She said.

"Do you think Sailor Moon is the Princess's most powerful soldier?" Diamond asked. Beryl nodded.

"I do" She said. "If we eliminate her, than the other soldiers will be easy prey"

Later that day, Darien and Andrew sat in the ice cream parlor, talking.

"So, what's up with you and Raye?" Andrew asked. "I haven't seen her around lately"

"We're taking a break" Darien said. "I think it's over"

"I'm sorry" Andrew said. Darien shrugged.

"I don't really think Raye and I were meant to be" He said. "I think I am starting to like someone else" Andrew smirked.

"You like Usagi, don't you?" He asked. Darien nodded.

"I don't know why, but I am starting to fall for her" He said. Andrew smiled.

"Have you told her?" He asked. Darien shook his head.

"Usagi is friends with Raye and Raye is in some trouble. Usagi doesn't want to wreck that fragile friendship. I think that's why she's been avoiding me" He replied. Andrew sighed.

"You two will have to talk about it eventually" He said. Darien nodded.

Diamond stood atop a building, surveying the city, when Mars arrived.

"Why have you called me here?" She demanded. "Where's Kunzite?" Diamond smirked.

"Kunzite has gone with the enemy" He told her. A sneer curled Mars lips.

"I always knew he was weak" She mused. "What do you want of me?"

"We have a job to do" Diamond said. "I know you've been itching to get rid of the sailor brats" Mars nodded. "Sailor Moon is the most powerful soldier. If we eliminate her, the others will fall leaving only the princess" Mars smirked.

"I'm all ears" She said.

Usagi walked purposefully down the street, deciding that she needed to talk to Darien outright, because she didn't have time to deal with this and Dark Mars/

Darien was leaving the ice cream parlor when he heard a woman scream; in a plaza nearby people were being attacked by a Youma and having their energy stolen.

Usagi saw the Youma atop a building and pulled out her Teletia S, alerting Luna about the situation. Amy and Makoto subsequently received calls on their phones and raced toward Usagi's location.

As people ran away from the Youma, Darien wondered if he should change into Tuxedo Mask. He had no powers to fight the youma.

Usagi headed toward the Youma's location and suddenly comes face-to-face with Darien as he rounded a corner. The two of them froze in place and just looked at each other.

Amy and Makoto arrived at the building and went inside, only to encounter Diamond and Mars.

"It's a trap" Makoto whispered. Diamond only smirked and Mars sprang into action. Amy and Makoto transformed and began fighting while Diamond watched.

Darien and Usagi approached each other.

"We have to fight the youma" Usagi said firmly. Darien nodded and Usagi transformed and ran inside to join the battle, while Darien called his generals.

Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter were fighting Mars and the Youma, and didn't seem to be doing very well, when Sailor Moon arrived on the scene. As she entered, though, she was stopped by Diamond.

"I am your opponent" He declared. He drew his sword and the two of them face off.

Now costumed as Tuxedo Mask, Darien made his way to the building, waiting for his generals. He hoped the sailor soldiers could manage until they got there.

Diamond and Sailor Moon fought, with Sailor Moon parrying his sword blows with her Moonlight Stick. She was thrown off balance and could't block his next blow, when suddenly it wass stopped by Sailor Venus and her chain.

"Ah finally you have arrived" Diamond said. "Look Mars, everyone is here" Mars smirked.

"Sailor Moon, go help the people outside" Venus commanded. "Give them your energy" She formed up with Mercury and Jupiter.

Before Sailor Moon could leave, though, Diamond closed the doors to the room and the Youma breathed an icy attack that froze Sailor Mercury's, Sailor Jupiter's, and Sailor Venus' feet in place.

"Now Sailor Moon, it is just us" Diamond said, as the youma froze the other senshi completely. Sailor Moon's eyes widened. Dark Mars and Diamond attacked her.

"Why are you doing this?" Sailor Moon asked, deflecting the blows. Diamond smirked and held up his hand so Mars stopped attacking.

"Why?" He asked, "It is because you are powerful" He said. "So powerful that it will be easier to take out the princess, if we eliminate you first" Usagi gasped.

Diamond knocked Sailor Moon down and moved in for the final blow; Tuxedo Mask, however, jumped in front of Sailor Moon and took the blow himself.

"No!" Sailor Moon screamed. She cradled his head and he looked up at her.

"I Love You" he whispered. His voice trailed off and he went still, his hand sliding off her shoulder and falling limply to the floor. Sailor Moon stared at him in horror.

"Darien!" She cried. "Darien!"

As she called his name, an image of the Princess appeared, glowing golden, and called, "Endymion!" There was a brief flash of her kneeling next to Prince Endymion's body, mirroring Sailor Moon's pose over Tuxedo Mask. The gem in Sailor Moon's tiara also began to glow with a golden light which spread, causing the minions of the Dark Kingdom to fall back and cover their eyes, destroying the Youma, and un-freezing the Senshi. The crescent moon on Sailor Venus' forehead disappeared, replaced by her tiara.

"She is awakening" Sailor Venus whispered. Diamond stared at the sight.

"It cannot be" He said, just as the four generals broke the door down and entered.

They all stared at the bright glow around Sailor Moon.

"Remember the past!" Artemis called.

The glow slowly faded, revealing Princess Serenity now kneeling next to Tuxedo Mask.

"Open you're eyes" She whispered. One of her tears halted in midair and began to glow brightly, shining through the windows of the building onto the city and reviving the people outside. The light even reached the Dark Kingdom.

"This is the power of the Silver Crystal" Beryl declared.

The Crystal floated in the air before Princess Serenity, still radiating its bright light, before which Diamond and Dark Mars retreated and returned to the Dark Kingdom. Tuxedo Mask slowly opened his eyes and recognized the tearful face of the Princess before him as the woman from his dreams. He sat up slowly, still gazing intently at her; unnoticed, the Crystal disappeared once more.

Sailor Venus moved forward and knelt before the Princess, followed by the other two Senshi. The Princess slowly rose to her feet, a small smile gracing her lips.