An American Dream

Chapter Twenty-Five: Usagi is the Princess

She has remembered

Yes, your majesty.

I am sending Hotaru

Are you sure, majesty. Wouldn't you prefer to send someone older, like Amara or Michelle?

Hotaru is the strongest and deadliest, plus they will need her healing powers.

Ah, I see. the fighting is getting more intense

Yes. Hotaru will do just fine

Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion stood and looked at each other.

"I remember now" Serenity said quietly. "Along time ago, we were in love and it was..." She fell silent. Endymion loked down.

"It was our love that destroyed our kingdoms" He said. "That's all I remember. I remember ruling, I remember falling in love, but I don't remember the fall of the kingdoms" He sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

"I was worried about this" They turned to Venus, who was now looking like the other senshi, not tiara or moon. "I am sorry for masquerading as you Princess, but I hope you understand my warnings" Serenity looked from Endymion to Venus and nodded.

"I do" She said, sighing. Unfortunately, so did Endymion. She turned to look at her soldiers. "Thank you for protecting me" She said.

The senshi and the generals knelt before the Prince and Princess. Zosite and Venus glanced at eachother, knowing that it may be difficult to keep Darien and Usagi apart.

"Venus, we will get Mars back, I promise" Serenity said with a smile. All of the detransformed and Usagi looked at Darien.

"We need to talk" She said. The senshi and generals quickly dispersed leaving the couple alone.

In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl exclaimed over how much stronger Queen Metalia had become since the Silver Crystal's brief appearance.

"I don't understand" VesVes said quietly. "why did the crystal appear in her tear?" Diamond and Mars had told them what had transired.

"They have tricked us" Beryl said. "the Silver Crystal must be inside of the Princess's body" Beryl shook her head. "My brother is a fool. VesVes you are the only one I can trust right now. You must find a way to get the crystal"

"Of course, Beryl" VesVes said, bowing.

Diamond was walking down the hallway when he was confronted by CereCere and PallasPallas.

"Looks like your princess was a fake" CereCere taunted him. Diamond was in no mood to play games. "And you let the real one get away"

"I thought you were supposed to be powerful" PallasPallas scoffed. Diamond glared at the girls.

"I will destroy the princess" He said. "Make no mistake about that"

"And what of your love for her?" JunJun asked, appearing from the shadows. Diamond shook his head.

"You talk of things you know nothing about" He snapped. "Why don't you go play with your dolls" He stalked away down the hall, the girls laughter following him.

Usagi and Darien sat on a bench, both remembering thier past lives.

Prince Endymion and Princess Serenity fell in love, but their love was forbidden. War broke out between the Earth and the Moon, and in the end both were destroyed, and the Prince and Princess both lost their lives.

"I wish I knew what happened fully" Usagi said quietly. Darien nodded.

"Me too. Was our love really what ended our lives?" He questioned. Usagi looked up at him.

"I know that you said you love me, but I think we need to distance ourselves" She said. Darien understood why she was saying this, but that didn't make it easier.

Amy, Mina, Zaira and Raye discussed their past lives with Luna in the secret room, while Jason, Nate and Ken were discussing the past with Artemis at Jason's.

"I wonder if Raye has regained her memories of the past" Amy said quietly. Just then, Usagi entered, looking depressed.

"Is everything alright?" Mina asked.

"Considering I just told Darien we can't be together, then no, it is not" Usagi said. Mina and Zaira looked at each other.

"It's for the best" They both said. This only angered Usagi.

"I don't understand why you can be in love with an Earth general, but I cannot be in love with the Earth Prince" She snapped at Mina. Her friends were surprised by the venom in her voice. "None of you knows how I feel. You can be with whomever you want"

"Usagi..." Luna began. Usagi shook her head.

"Just leave me alone" She snapped, exiting the room. Silence followed.

"What can we do?" Amy finally asked.

"I don't think there's anything we can do" Mina said. "We don't have our complete memories, so I can't answer the question of why I was allowed to be with Jadiete, but her relationship destroyed the kingdom" Zaira sighed.

"She must stay away from him" She said. Makoto looked at Mina and Zaira in disgust.

"How can we even be sure that history would repeat itself?" Makoto asked. "You said it was forbidden for the Prince and Princess to be in love, but I don't see any kingdoms. All I see is my best friend hurting because she's told she can't be with the one she loves"

"Makoto..." Zaira began.

"No...I don't want to hear it" Makoto said. "Usagi was right. You don't understand, you both can be with the ones you love" She grabbed her jacket and left, Amy trailed behind her, leaving Luna, Mina and Zaira behind. Mina sighed.

"I wish that there was a different way" She said. "But our mission is to stop the past life from coming into existence"

"You are right of course" Luna said. "The love of the Prince and Princess is cursed and is said to be the reason the Earth and Moon kingdoms were destroyed"

"No one knows exactly how, though" Zaira said. "We know what happened, but not why"

"We may never know until Usagi or Darien regain all thier memories" Luna replied.

Usagi paused outside of her dorm room, thinking about Darien. She shook her head and entered the dorm, flopping down on her bed.

Makoto and Amy entered shortly after.

"I think you and Darien should be together" Makoto said firmly. Usagi looked at her friend in surprise. "I mean it. Screw what happened in the past, none of actually remember the war. What if Mina and Zaira are wrong?" Usagi sighed.

"But what if they are right?" She asked. Amy sat down next to her.

"Follow your heart" She said softly. Usagi bit her lip.

"I'll think about it" She aid.

Once the Secret Base was empty, three Sailor Star Tambourines appeared on the counter.

CereCere created a Youma in the Dark Kingdom.

"I will destroy the princess, for Queen Beryl" She declared.

The next morning, Usagi went to the secret base and found the Sailor Star Tambourines; She picked up one and examined it. this one had a green gem with the Jupiter sign. When Makoto came in, Usagi showed her the tambourine.

"Cool" Makoto said, but then she frowned. "What are they for?"

"I don't know" Usagi frowned. "They must have something to do with the senshi though, because of the symbols" Just then Jupiter got a call from Amy about a youma.

"Lets go!" She said quickly.

Civilians ran screaming from the Youma as Makoto and Usagi arrived and transformed into Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Moon. Sailor Mercury was injured, her leg was trapped under a tree.

Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Moon fought with the Youma, but CereCere appeared ready to attack the Princess. After a brief scuffle, CereCere grabbed Sailor Moon by the throat; Sailor Jupiter saw this and the gem on her Sailor Star Tambourine suddenly glowed brightly. She looked at it and smiled. She then used the Tambourine to send a star-shaped energy attack at CereCere, which threw her back.

Sailor Jupiter rejoined Sailor Moon, and the two of them prepared to attack together; Sailor Moon summoned the Moonlight Stick.

"Moon Twilight Flash"

"Jupiter Thunderbolt"

The two attacks together destroyed the Youma, and CereCere retreated back to the Dark Kingdom. Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Moon ran to Mercury and pulled the fallen tree off of her.

"Is your leg alright?" Jupiter asked. Amy tested it and winced.

"I think it's broken" She muttered.

"We need to get you to the hospital" Sailor Moon said. The three of them transformed, since there was no one around anymore and Makoto, who was very strong, lifted Amy up.

Dark Mars stood atop a high building, then suddenly turned and pointed her sword at a strange Sailor Senshi who held a weapon that looks like a glaive. The two struck fighting poses and faced off.