An American Dream

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Welcome Back, Raye

Sailor Mars, still wearing her Dark Mars costume, knelt on the floor, cradling Sailor Moon's still form and stared blankly into space.

"What have I done" She whispered.

"What's done is done" Mars turned to look at the new Sailor Senshi. "You were under the influence of the Dark Kingdom. You're jealousy allowed your mind to be twisted by evil energy"

"Who are you?" Mars asked.

"I am Sailor Saturn" the girl replied. "I am the soldier of death and rebirth" She looked down at Sailor Moon. "Even now, She ignored her feelings for the Prince, in an attempt to save you" Tears feel from Mars' eyelashes.

"I didn't mean to" She whispered. "I'm sorry" Sailor Saturn placed a hand on the fire soldier's shoulder.

"I know" She said. "Usagi knows it to"

"Will she wake up?" Mars asked.

"She will" Saturn replied. "But you and Usagi need to work out your differences. Once you do that, you will be able to return"

"Return?" Saturn said nothing more and swung her glaive.

When Mars opened her eyes, she was wearing a red dress with a slit up the side and dangling red earrings. Her Mars symbol shown on her forhead. She was in an unfamiliar forest, near a waterfall. Usagi was lying on a slab of rock, dressed as the princess. She slowly opened her eyes and smiled at Raye.

"I'm so happy your back" She said. Raye remained silent. "Where are we?"

"I don't know" Raye said quietly. "Sailor Saturn sent us here"

"We need to find an exit" Usagi said. She noticed the way they were dressed and frowned, but said nothing about it.

The girls wandered through the forest, finding strange and overgrown statues. It was hard to walk in thier gowns, but no matter how hard they tried, they couldn't revert to thier civilian identities.

As they walked, Usagi noticed that Raye was very quiet.

"What's wrong?" She asked, turned to face the other girl.

"I know what I did to you, Usagi" Raye said quietly. "I did horrible things"

"Never mind about that" Usagi said. "It wasn't your fault" Raye shook her head.

"But it was" She replied. "I allowed my jealously to over take me"

"Jealously?" Usagi asked. Raye nodded.

"I was jealous of you" She said.

"Why?" Usagi asked, curiously. Raye swallowed hard.

"I thought you were trying to take Darien away" She said. "And now that I know he is the Prince, I realize that you always had him" Usagi shook her head.

"You're wrong" She said. "I never had Darien, and I certainly don't have him now" Raye raised an eyebrow. Usagi sighed, and sat down on a rock. She looked regal.

"Yes, Darien and I were in love in the past, and we may be in love now, but there are a few reasons we aren't together, 1) I would never do anything to hurt you and 2) Our love destroyed the Moon and Earth Kingdoms" She said. Raye was silent for a moment.

"You don't need to worry about hurting me" She said. "I really don't think Darien and I were meant to be. I think we are only together because it's expected" She sighed. "But do you honestly believe that you being in love with Darien, destroyed the kingdoms?"

"Mina and Zaira seem to think so" Usagi said. She looked down. "It really hurts not being with him, but what if they are right" As she was listening to Usagi talk, Raye realized that she was right. She had no feelings whatsoever for Darien. There was no jealousy rearing its ugly head, and she was genuinely sorry for Usagi, who seemed really sad.

"I don't think you should base relationships on what other people say" Raye said firmly. "If you really love Darien, then you should go for it" Usagi smiled and the two girls hugged. When they pulled apart, they were startled to find that they were back in the room where they had fought and the purple haired girl was waiting for them.

"I knew you would do it" She said. Just then, VesVes and PallasPallas appeared.

"Well, Well, Well, looks like the little soldier is back where she belongs" PallasPallas sneered.

"Mars Power, Make-Up"

"Moon Prism Power, Make-Up"

"Youma Taison"

"Moon Twilight Flash"

The girls dodged the attacks.

"You can do better than that" VesVes said. She glared at Sailor Saturn. "You killed Prince Diamond. Queen Beryl is most displeased" Sailor Saturn shrugged.

"I personally don't care" She retorted. She pointed her glaive at them. "I killed him no problem and I can do the same to you" VesVes and PallasPallas looked at her nervously and then vanished. Sailor Saturn turned to Mars and Moon.

"You're friends will be worried about you" She said.

Saturn was right. Mina, Makoto and Amy had returned to the secret base and had found the letter. They called the generals and the seven of them sat around the table. They had invited Darien as well, but he had declined.

"Where could she be?" Zaira asked. Suddenly the door opened and Usagi entered with Raye. Everyone was silent, then Mina was the first one up. She ran towards her best friend and flung her arms around her.

"I'm so glad you're back" She said. Raye smiled.

"Me too" She replied. "Me too"