An American Dream

Chapter Twenty-Nine: Ceren's deception

When Usagi arrived to her English class, the next day, she saw Ceren, being surrounded by the students. Ceren's arm was heavily bandaged. When the students saw Usagi, they glared at her.

"How could you?" One of the girls, Sarah, asked. "You're the reason that she got hurt!" Usagi gasped.

"You ran away when the youma attacked" Another boy said.

"We were attacked together" Usagi protested. "After she was injured, I went to find help" But nothing she said would pacify the crowd.

"Usagi's right, she was only trying to help" Ceren said. "I'm sure she didn't mean to let me get hurt" It was suddenly clear to Usagi that Ceren had set her up and while pretending to be sweet, she had control over the students. Usagi knew that she couldn't do anything about it. Amy was in the class to and looked at her friend sadly.

"I suppose she only did it because I'm Mina's rival" Ceren was saying. She looked directly at Usagi. "I promise I will quit the entertainment business if you don't like me being there" This just made the students angrier.

"Shut up Ceren" Amy snapped. Everyone was surprised since Amy was always the quiet one. She looked around at the students. "What is wrong with you? You're going to take the side of her because she's an idol? That's pathetic. You've known Usagi alot longer than you've known Ceren, and you're going to turn on her because of a few white lies. Fine. Go ahead. I don't care, but Ceren is a liar. Usagi would never try to hurt someone, even if they were rivals of her friends" The students were silent and everyone took thier seats as the teacher walked in. No one noticed Ceren, glaring at the smart girl, who dared to oust her.

Andrew was nervous, really nervous.

"Just do it man" Darien said, slapping him on the back. They were in the cafeteria and Makoto was eating lunch with her friends.

"What if she says no?" He asked. Darien rolled his eyes.

"You won't know until you ask" He said.

"Well what about you?" Andrew asked suddenly. "Why haven't you asked Usagi out, yet?" Darien sighed.

"Because, it's more complicated than just asking her out" He said. "We both have agreed that dating would be a disaster"

"Why?" Andrew asked.

"I can't tell you. At least not yet" Darien replied. "Let's get something to eat"

In the Dark Kingdom, VesVes confronted JunJun and PallasPallas.

"We don't belong here" JunJun informed the red head. "We want to go home" VesVes scoffed.

"Home?" She asked. "What is home?" Before they could reply, VesVes was summoned before Queen Beryl.

"VesVes, I believe you have a task to finish" Beryl said coldly.

"Yes, My lady. I will kill the Princess and take the silver crystal" She said.

"Good" Beryl replied. "CereCere is working on a plan that will bring the Princess to her knees. She will be ready for you to strike"

"Yes, your majesty" VesVes left, angered at having to work with CereCere.

Darien sat alone in his dorm room, remembering everything that Zaira and Mina had said about it being his fault that the Earth was destroyed in the past.

There was a knock on the door.

"Come in" He said. The door open and Zaira walked in. she sat on the edge of Ken's bed. Darien looked at her and sighed.

"Are you here to warn me again?" He asked. "I'm not dating Usagi, what more do you want?"

"Darien, I know this is hard for you to accept, but the past..."

"Screw the past" Darien finally exploded. "I want to decide my own fate"

"You cannot" Zaira replied sadly.

As she walked through the halls of the campus, most of Usagi's classmates barely acknowledged her presence and walked away without speaking. She realized that Ceren had gotten to everyone, not just her English Class. Mina, Makoto, Amy and Raye, however, were quick to come up and greet her whenever they saw her. This boosted her confidence, knowing that she had friends to always support her, but Ceren was unhappy about this. Mina, on the other hand, was also being shunned, for the students saw her friendship with Usagi as a threat to Ceren.

At lunchtime, the girls decided to eat their lunch on the roof instead of the cafeteria, but Amy, decided to confront Ceren.

"Usagi is a nice girl" She said. "I don't buy that pathetic story that has the rest of the school following you like lost sheep" Ceren examined her.

"You must be one of her best friends" She said quietly. "I sense that you always stand by her" Amy nodded and Ceren glared fiercely at her. Amy glared back. She felt something burning and pushed it away. Ceren realized that Amy was not a normal student.

"I don't know who or what you are" Amy said. "But stay away from Usagi"

Later that day at the recording studio, Ceren was recording a song when she noticed Mina standing outside the booth and watching her.

"Can we take a break" She asked. The producer nodded and she rushed out of the booth to greet Mina. "It's an honor to have you visit me" She said. Mina eyed her coldly.

"Why have you transfered to my school?" Mina asked. Iinstead of answering Ceren burst into tears and dropped to her knees. the producers came rushing over and Ceren looked up at them.

"I'm sure that Mina didn't mean to be cruel" She whispered.

"Mina, why are you bullying the new girl?" The producer asked harshly. Mina frowned and walked away.

Usagi walked to class, and was once again snubbed by her classmates. Ceren rushed up to her.

"What do you want?" Usagi asked coldly.

"I wanted to apologize" Ceren said. "It's my fault everyone is snubbing you. I misspoke and now I've made Mina look bad to" Usagi frowned, wondering where Ceren was going with this. "I wanted to make this up to you, so I have arranged a special private concert by Mina tonight at six" She explained.

"Mina didn't tell me she was doing a concert" Usagi said softly.

"I just spoke to her. We both agreed that it would help her public image" Ceren explained. "Even though I am arranging it, I will let you take the credit for everything"

"Why?" Usagi asked suspiciously.

"Because that way the other students will like you again" Ceren said.

"I should really call Mina..." Usagi hesitated.

"Don't worry. I already called her. You have to help me set it up" Ceren said, grabbing Usagi by the arm. Usagi had no choice but the follow the idol.

It took them a few hours to set everything up and that evening, Ceren helped Usagi put up a banner for the concert in th gym as a small crowd of students excitedly took their seats.

"This will make Mina more popular" Ceren said grinning. Usagi shrugged.

"She's already popular" She replied.

"By the way, Amy, Makoto and Raye have decided not to come" Ceren said. "They told me that you wouldn't be able to plan such a concert" Usagi played along, though she knew that her friends would never say such a thing. Usagi looked at her watch. It was ten to six.

"Are you sure Mina agreed to this?" She asked. "She's usally half an hour early to all her concerts and gigs" She took out her cellphone. "Perhaps I should call her"

"Let's give her a little longer" Ceren said. "I'm sure she'll be here" It was soon 6:30 and and the impatient students began chanting for Mina. Ceren quickly took Usagi's phone. "I'll call her" A little while later, she handed the phone back to Usagi with a frown.

"She isn't answering" Ceren told the japanese girl. "Perhaps she lied to me, being the new girl"

"Mina wouldn't do that" Usagi said, standing up for her friend.

"Then why isn't she here?" Ceren countered. At 6:50, Usagi realized that Mina wasn't going to show up and went on the stage slowly. Ceren watched gleefully as Usagi announced that Mina wasn't coming. The students grew angry, believeing this was a set up to get them to like Mina more than Ceren. Ceren stood backstage, laughing.

Just then, Mina and her band ran into the gym. She took the microphone from Usagi.

"Sorry I'm late, everyone" She said. "I was in the hospital" The crowd settled down as soon as she said that and the band began to play. As Mina sang, she locked eyes with Ceren and Ceren realized that Mina knew what she had been trying to do.

In the middle of dancing to the song, Usagi paused and noticed a Youma nearby. She excused herself and rushed off, transforming into Sailor Moon.

"Stop right there" Sailor Moon said, confronting the Youma. "I won't let you interfere" She began to fight him, but he was too strong. The Youma trapped her in a web and VesVes appeared.

"Now I have you Princess" She said evilly. "I will take the silver crystal to Beryl" Usagi struggled against her bonds as VesVes walked towards her, arm outstretched. A blast of fire hit VesVes and Sailor Mars appeared.

"Leave the Princess alone" She commanded. while VesVes faced off with Sailor Mars, Saturn appeared behind Sailor Moon and sliced the web with her glaive. Sailor Moon grabbed her Moon Light Stick.

"Moon Twilight Flash" She attacked, destroying the youma. VesVes glared at Mars and vanished.

Raye and Usagi returned to the concert, which was just finishing up. She ran up to Mina.

"Thanks for coming" She said. "I should have known I was being set up" Mina smiled.

"Raye was able to sense your distress" She said. Ceren approached them and Mina regarded her coldly.

"I don't know what your purpose is, but I do know you are from the Dark Kingdom" She said.

"Mess with us again, and we won't hold anything back" Raye added. Ceren's smile wavered.

"I don't know what you're talking about" She said.

"Yes you do, CereCere" Mina said. Ceren grimaced.

"What are you going to do?" She asked. "No one will believe you"

"They don't have to" Usagi replied. "We're the ones with the power. We don't know why you're working for the Dark Kingdom, so we'll let it go, this time. But next time, we won't be so lenient" The three girls walked away and Ceren scowled.

"I will get you Usagi" She hissed.