An American Dream

Chapter Four: Amy

Amy Anderson was a straight A student. Her main goal in life was to become a doctor like her mother. Amy was a pretty girl with straight black hair that was always clipped back in a half ponytail, except for her bangs which were powder blue and hung loosely, framing her face. She wore glasses most of the time, only wearing contacts when the occasion called for them. She often ate her lunch alone, for no one wanted to eat with a goody two shoes no it all like her, So she was very surprised when two girls sat down at her table. She had never met them before and she could tell they were asian, so she figured that they must be from the International Program.

"Hi" She said softly.

"Hello" The black haired girl said, bubbly. "I'm Usagi and this is Makoto. What's your name?" Amy smiled back.

"I'm Amy" She said.

"Why are you sitting by yourself Amy?" Makoto asked. Amy sighed.

"I don't really have any friends here" She said quietly. "No one wants to sit with me"

"Well, then we'll have to change that" Usagi said. "I like making new friends. Stick with us and you'll always have someone to count on" Amy smiled brightly.

"I'd like that" She said. "Did you guys just get here?"

"We got here last night" Usagi replied. "Real late. We share a room with Witch One and Witch Two" Makoto prodded Usagi, chidingly. "What, They were asleep when we got in last night, but this morning they were horrid too me, especially that Raye person. She acted like I was trying to steal her boyfriend" Amy hid a grin.

"Raye is a bit self-centered" She said. "We used to be friends, but she grew jealous of my grades and when Darien, the football star, took notice of her, she changed into that" She gestured to the black haired girl across the room. Usagi frowned.

"I was just introducing myself" She said.

"Don't let her get you down" Amy said. "Mina's not so bad when she's alone. She's a pop star, but she decided to come here and the two have been friends ever since. I don't have anyone sharing my room. If you want, I can ask the headmistress to move you to my room" Usagi and Makoto smiled.

"That'd be great" Usagi said, grinning. She leaned across the table and grabbed Amy's hand. "We'll be the Three Musketeers"

"Weren't they guys?" Makoto asked, wrinkling her nose. Usagi rolled her eyes.

"We can be the female version" She said. Amy smiled again.

"Yes" She said. "The three Musketeers" After breakfast, they went to see the headmistress, who saw no problem in moving the Japanese girls into Amy's room, especially since Raye had already complained that Mina and her didn't have enough room as it was. Once thier luggage had been taken to Amy's room, the three girls sat on Usagi's bed and chatted until it was time for class.

"Are either of you creative?" Amy asked. Usagi shrugged.

"I write short stories sometimes" She said. "Shingo usually reads them and tells me if he likes them. He's my brother"

"Our English Class has a creative writing competition every year" Amy replied. "The best story is chosen to be performed as a play and the writer usually gets to do the casting and plays the lead. Raye's story has been picked every year since she's been here. I'm really hoping for a different person to win this year" Usagi smiled.

"I'm sure I can come up with something fabulous" She said. "No worries"

"I could just imagine the look on Raye's face if you won" Makoto said. The three girls burst into giggles.

"Oh, I have to win now" Usagi said between giggles. The giggling stopped and Usagi sat up.

"Amy, what do you know about Darien?" She asked seriously.

"Well, he's the senior football star, he's dating the head cheerleader. He lives alone when he is not at college and he never ever talks about his childhood" Usagi nodded slowly.

"I feel as though I've met him some where before" She said.

"I don't see how" Makoto pointed out gently. "He's American and you've lived in Japan your whole life" Usagi nodded.

"It's a strange feeling" She said. "In the pit of my stomach. I felt some sort of connection"

"You'd better be careful, Usagi" Amy warned. "Raye is not someone you want on your bad side" Usagi nodded. She knew that Amy and Makoto were right, but she just couldn't shake the feeling that she had met Darien somewhere before.