AN: heyyyy this is kinda a goffik version of that movie Cyberbully which deals with important stuf but i didnt like that the main character wuz so preppy so i changed it lol

Hi my naem is Taelor Charlotte Derp'ession Davis n i hav long raven hair that reaches my mid-back wif blue streks (blue means sadness) and i have blue eys (that are also sad) that have a peircing look in them like i can c in2 ur sole. I'm not related 2 Jonathan Davis but i wish i was bcuz hes so hot. I have pail white skin and im a vampire but I can walk in sunlight (just like Edword Cullen, if u dont like him get da hell out of hear!111). I'm 17 (its my birthday 2day).

I wear mostly blak, for example 2day i was wearing a blak Simple Plan corset, tigh ledder pants that show off how skinny i am (sum ppl think im anorexik but I'm really not) n blak high heels. i am wearing white foundation even tho im pale, blak lipstik, blak eyeliner n purple eyeshadow. If u cudnt tell, that means im goffik.

I had just woken up n i was talkin 2 my friend Samara (she wuz named like Samara frum Da Ring).

"did u c what dat fukin bitch Lindsey sed about my jaket?" i typed angrily

"yeah, all her cloves fukin suck anyway, i bet shes just jelus" said Samara

"lol i know, shes such a fukin prep" i said

"do u want 2 hav breakfast?" interrupted my mom annoyingly

"no mom! Fuk u!111 im nut hungry!1" i yelled angrily. When i wuz little my mom neglected me n thats y im depressed, i fukin h8 dat bitch.

"thats not aceptable" sed my mom preppily bcuz she dosent understand im depressd

"wht shoes r u werin 2day, bitch?" asked Samara

"im wearin those cool blak high heels wif metal stuff" i answered

"preppy" said Samara sarcastikly

"just cum here u cunt" i sed

My mom gave me sum cunt chokula wif blood insted of milk n i ate grudgingly evn tho i luv blood, then she asked who i wuz culling a cunt and i sed "fuk u mom!1 wht do u fukin care u bitch!1 leave me alon!1"

"i just wanted 2 tell u, happy birthday" said my mom in a little afraid voice

"well about fukin time u rememberd!1 u better get me sumthin good" i told her

"Eric!1 dont miss da bus" said my mom 2 my preppy brother

"ok mom it wuznt really my folt last time" lied Eric, I kicked him wif m high heels when he wuz getting out n i laffed statistikally.