"Sam!" A voice rang out in the silence, A young girl woke with a start and looked around tiredly.

"SAM! Wake up and make me my breakfast! Now!" screamed the voice from a speaker on the wall.

"Coming Fiona" the young girl called Sam called back tiredly.

And here starts another day she thought to herself before getting ready and making Fiona's Breakfast.


"Come on Sam you can't go on like this you are not her slave! You need to stand up for yourself!" Carter, Sam's best friend since kindergarten told her.

"I know Carter, but I need money for Princeton or else i will never escape them!" Sam cried hysterically.

"Sam she is ruining you!" Carter said angrily, Sam just sobbed in his shoulder, the warning bell rings through out the school making them both jump.

"I better get to AP English i will see you at dinner" Sam said to him after she calmed down, she started to walk away from Carter towards her first class, her phone buzzed in her pocket telling her she had a text message, she took out her phone, opened it and walked into something very solid and dropped everything she was holding.

"Sorry I wasn't looking where i was going" Sam exclaimed quickly, she heard a chuckle and looked up to see the one and only Austin Ames.

"No, no it was my fault beautiful" Sam looked at him confused but her carried on "let me help you" he said as he bent down to help her pick up the fallen objects. Sam was shocked that Austin Ames was helping her 'Diner Girl' when she look down at him she saw him staring at her phone in shock.

"Urm, Austin, could I urm, maybe have my phone back please i am all ready late!" Sam exclaimed shaking him out of his thoughts. He looked her in the eyes his eyes flashing with curiosity, excitement and eagerness.

"Princeton Girl?" he asked, it was her turn to be shocked. 'how does he know?' she thought.

"Urm, what now?" Sam said lamely not sure what to say.

"Sam are you PrincetonGirl818?" Austin said more forcefully this time.

"Urm yes, but the only people who know are Nomad and Carter so how do... ohhh, Oh! y-you are Nomad aren't you?" Sam said finally clicking in.

"Yes I am Sam" Austin said with a wide smile breaking out on his face.

"Oh crap" Sam whispered and did the only thing she could think of at that moment of time. She ran.