he watched as she walked to her car, she turned around and waved him goodbye before she got in her car waiting for her friend.


"Sam where were you today? i looked for you at dinner but i couldn't find you, it was like you disappeared" Carter said worried as he came over to her car.

"Don't worry Carter, i just escaped reality for a while is all." Sam told him with a small barley there smile "now get your ass in the car or i am going to be late for the diner" Carter go in the car no questions asked, he knew Sam needed time to think nowadays but he never thought she would skip school because of it.

"SAM! Get table five!" shouted Tony from the kitchen. Sam looked over to where she was supposed to be serving only to see Shelby Cummings and her cheerleaders and Austin Ames and his mates, 'Yay' she thought to herself. She rolled over to their table rather reluctantly.

"what can i get you guys?" she asked politely

"well, well, if it isn't diner girl?" Shelby told her 'friends'. Sam gave Austin a rather pointed look that said 'Told you so' Austin look down guilty.

"well i do work here so i will be here wont I?" Sam asked trying to keep her patience. Shelby just glared while Austin looked like he was trying not to laugh.

"what can i get with no sugar, no carbs and is fat-free?" Shelby said completely ignoring Sams statement.

"Water" Sam said it like it was the most obvious thing in the world, and that was enough to set Austin off, he burst out laughing,

"I'll just have an ice tea then" she sneered at Sam and Sam rolled off.

Austin Pov!

Shelby was glaring at Sams retreating back and i thought it was best if i did it now.

"Shelby e really need to talk, privately" I told her

"what every you can say you can say in front of my peeps babe" Shelby told me snottily and every one at the table leaned in.

"okayy... i want to break up" as i said this her face fell into pure rage.

"WHAT!" she screeched making people turn their heads Sam being one of them, i saw her roll her eyes and shake her head muttering something making the waitress called Rhonda laugh.

"You heard me Shelby i don't think i will work out but we can still be frie-" but was cut off.

"do not say the word friends! we are going out or nothing at all!" Shelby shouted

"Well i guess we are nothing then Shelby, sorry, i gave you a chance" i told her, she stood up and stomped off in pure rage.

the guys just laughed and walked off shaking their heads, I went up to Sam.

Sam Pov!

Sam felt to hands grab her waist has jumped out of her skins.

"Whoaa! calm down baby, it's just me" A soft voice whispered in her ear, making her involuntary shiver,

"what are you doing you shit me up!" Sam hit him on the chest !and why was Shelby causing a scene just now? broke a nail?" she said sarcastically and Austin chuckled,

"Nahh not this time, i just broke up with her so she's just a bit sour at the moment" he explained

"Drama, Drama, Drama" Sam sighed and went back off to work knowing fully that Austin was watching her the whole time.