Chapter 6

Cammie's POV

We had Cove-ops for the first time today; I guess we get to see how good these guys really are. As Mr Solomon would be here with us all year he had taken up the post of cove-ops teacher, at least one teacher here knew what we were capable of.

"Ladies, Gentlemen, today we are going into the town so I can assess the boy's levels and so you can see each others capabilities. We are going to do these missions solo. Each of you will have and tail and be tailing someone else. You must compromise the person you are tailing, without being compromised yourselves. Everyone understand, good. You'll be on Comms so I can hear each of you and you can hear me but you can't here each other talking to me. Let's go."

We all piled into the van and got given a slip with a name on it so we knew who we were tailing but we didn't know who was tailing us. Mine read: Grant Newman. I guess that wouldn't be too hard but I was more worried about who would be tailing me. I knew I had to prove myself worthy of my codename in the exercise. No one could see me.

When we arrived in the town we all dispersed and within 5 minutes Mr Solomon said that we could start tailing our people. I went into a coffee shop to get a coffee and then came out surveying the area from behind sunglasses. I soon found Grant because practically every girls eye was one him, its hard to be covert if you look like a Greek god. I started to walk the long way round to him stopping to look in window displays as I went so anyone following me would have to stop to. I doubled back on myself and went into a shop as Grant came towards the street I was on. I walked out straight passed him and he didn't notice. 3 seconds later I heard Mr Solomon's voice saying, "Grant your compromised, please come back to the van." Grant looked shocked but admitted defeat and went back to the van. Slowly more people were sent back: Tina, Eva, Anna and some boys called Harry, Lewis, Logan and Patrick. We were eventually down to 5: Zack, Nick, Bex, Macey and Me. I didn't know if my tail had been eliminated or not yet so I kept blending, doubling back and looking into the glass of store fronts checking that there was no one behind me.

Eventually Macey and Nick went out and then Mr Solomon said:

"There are 3 of you remaining, you have all lost your tails and compromised the people that you have been tailing. Now all of your class mates are going back onto the street and you will have to avoid being spotted by all of them, the last man or woman standing, wins. Good luck" He said.

Man this is gunna be hard I thought. I had eyes on both Zack and Bex but it had taken longer than I would have liked to find both of them so I knew it would take the others a while and they may see me first. I decided given that they all new what I was wearing I would need a quick change. I went into a café and went into the bathroom and checked that there was no one in their. I quickly reversed my jacket, put down my hair and took off my sunglasses and changed them for big dark brown ones that I had quickly bought in a cheap store.

I went out and wondered down the street a bit, I could see one Blackthorne Boy in front of me but he hadn't noticed me and Tina was examining so dress in the window and couple of shops down. They hadn't seen me yet but it was just a matter of time. I quickly crossed the street and then went and stood by a shop front staring at a dress like Tina had been doing. I held still letting any wondering eyes zoom over me. Finally I heard a voice in my ear saying, "Bex, you have been compromised, please come back to the van." Okay one down, one to go I thought, but he hadn't finished yet. "There are two of you left and its going to get a bit harder now, right I'll give you a bit of advice, notice things…"

God, not only was I now going to have to keep people off my tail but I would have to start memorizing number plates! It started:

"Mist (A/N what is Zach's code name?), an orange sports car just passed you, what brand was it?"

"Ferrari." He said without missing a stride, I could still see him and I was hoping that this comms unit was separate to the others because otherwise they would figure out our locations pretty quickly.

"Chameleon, what was the name of the coffee shop you just past?"

"Café Nero" I answered, I had gotten my coffee from their earlier.

"Mist, how many students looking for you are currently on the same street as you?" I grinned.

"3" he replied without a moments hesitation.

"Chameleon, what is Mists exact location currently?" I had been prepared for that one.

"By the third lamppost on 24th street looking into the window of Abercrombie and Fitch," I replied, I saw Zach gasp a bit, that's when I realised he had no clue where I was!

Because of that reaction I knew what Solomon would ask Zach next and so did he, he was looking round frantically to find me. "Mist you have been compromised due to that description of your whereabouts but if you can tell me where chameleon is we can consider it a tie." Zach gazed silently around the street, his eyes passing over me, once, twice then a third time until he finally gave in.

"I have no clue where the chameleon is." I felt like jumping for joy but I couldn't even smile in case anyone saw me grinning for no particular reason and put two and two together.

"Right then, does anyone know where the Chameleon is?"

Complete silence.

Oh my God. YES! This is amazing! I only just managed to stop myself from smiling then. I quickly walked over to a shop and looked at a bag and smiled as if I had just seen the bag of my dreams!

"Okay, everyone back to the van, except Chameleon. You can reveal yourself however you'd like when I say."

Ha, now I just had to decide how to shock them. I ran back to the café to put my appearance back to how it was and then walked out. I then went back to where the van was parked and leaned against the lamppost by it and waited imagining Solomon laughing at how they still hadn't found me.

"Right Chameleon, you can show yourself now." That's when I realised, Solomon couldn't see me.

"Don't you know where I am?" I asked curiously making sure.

"Well I just wanted everyone to know so they can see." He said quickly.

"Well, just look out the flipping window." I said delighted as a turned to show them my face having had my back to them. I took of my sunglasses to get an even better view of all their faces looking totally stunned, even Solomon's. This was excellent.