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Warnings: Suggestive themes and emotional intimacy.

Yosuke didn't think he could let go. He wouldn't say it was stupid or weak to cry—he'd gotten over some of those assumptions thanks to his partner—but it'd been ten minutes. And they both knew they'd see each other again soon. Not soon enough, but pretty soon. Souji had even told him his school had a long weekend coming up that he could come down for. So why wouldn't the tears stop? Golden Week had been amazing, except for the weird TV incident, but even that had brought a new friend and a renewed purpose to the investigation team. The rest of the week had been amazing. Time spent watching Souji come alive around their friends, and come in a completely different, only a little embarrassing way when it was just the two of them. Although this crying was pretty damn embarrassing too. …He knew better than to actually say that.

The tears still wouldn't stop. They talked, damn it, and he hadn't even been this emotional when they'd reunited. Yosuke knew Souji'd just smile when he was done and try to pretend it'd never happened, let it be less awkward, but what good was that, really? They had a bond that couldn't be broken, Souji had told him so after they fought on the river bank then did…other things on the riverbank. What bond could be hurt by crying? Yosuke adjusted his grip on Souji as the tears and sobs started to lessen. It'd be okay. They could survive another separation. And if push came to shove, they could always try begging Souji's parents again to let him move back. Parting hurt like hell, but they both knew they'd make it.

Yosuke held his partner and waited for him to stop crying completely. He knew just what to say now to keep the tears from coming back.