Organic, After All

Author's Note: I must say I haven't dropped the ball on Leyna yet and, even if it right now it looks like they won't even meet, I'm still surprised by the paralels between the two of them (even if, right now, it's mostly about how lonely the two of them are as people). Anyway, because someone on tumblr mentioned they wanted Leyna fics about their antics as a couple, I decided to scribble some short stories. Just for fun, no real canon explanations or anything. Consider it AU or something. Also, 'cause I suck at fluff, this is probably corny as hell.

Organic, After All

Am I only dreaming
Or is this burning an eternal flame

Inorganic Life Forms Don't Get Jealous

Leo wished his creations would stop falling in love with Reyna. He had no idea as to why this happened but even Festus would stop paying attention at him whenever the praetor walked into the engine room with her purple robes and golden armor.

"Well, people do say I act very robotic." She said matter-of-factly in her always-so-calm tone after he had just muttered to himself about Buford not being of much help if he kept running to greet her every time she showed up to check on things. "Maybe they just think I'm one of them." She patted the walking table gently and sat on the corner to watch Leo work like she often did when things got too boring for her to deal with at the Legion. Immediately, five or six of his helping automatons rushed in her aid, almost running over each other to see who would get to bring her a beverage. Leo rolled his eyes.

"I said that once." Ok, he was lying. He had said that a few bazillion more times than that. "And we were fighting! Won't you drop it?"

Reyna's eyes showed no trace of real anger, but then again, they never showed much of anything – pretty much the main reason he even said the robot thing in the first place – but he kept the thought to himself. She smiled as she took a tall glass of orange juice from a (now slightly lopsided from all the fighting) automaton and then turned back to Leo with a serious face:

"Drop it, you say?" She stared at him a little more, he looked back at her and they were silent for a while, measuring each other. Her eyes suddenly opened wide and she bobbed her face stiffly to the side as she said in a robotic voice: "In-for-ma-tion-de-le-ted. Pzz. Pzz."

Leo scowled.

He wished he'd stop creating things in a way they couldn't help falling in love with his girlfriend.

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