The Genetic Bridge

Chapter 0: Prologue

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Earth, Age 794, Universe #8346391456782 at 7:30 AM:

Shenron was tired of it. Tired of being interrupted from his precious slumber. Tired of being these pathetic Earthlings' servant. Tired that he had been summoned so frequently without so much as an apology. Those Earthlings had no idea that each wish they made drained a lot of energy out of him; he needed to time to recharge. They did not seem to understand that each time he discharged that red wave of magical energy his power diminished significantly. Why else did they think he needed time to rest? For years, the annoyance had been slowly augmenting… however, he had suppressed it, justifying that the only reason he had been summoned was to protect his home planet. However, the wishes gradually became more and more ridiculous. About 20 years ago, he had been summoned to… erase the entire Earth's memory of a bubble-gum-like obese child. Could you believe it? The Almighty Shenron had been reduced to nothing more than the Earthlings' servant. Ugh… And then about 10 years ago, he was summoned to rebuild a mere room…

Earth Age 789, Universes #8346391456782 and #5098487923674 at 6:00 AM:

"Excuse me? You want me to rebuild… a room?!" asked the majestic green lizard, his moustache oscillating in an agitated manner, wrinkles forming on his brow in annoyance.

"Well, yeah. But it's not just any room! It's the Room of Spirit and Time!" the naively insensitive Saiyan argued.

"You realize that you have summoned the legendary Shenron, the Eternal Dragon of Earth; the mystical being that can grant nearly any wish in existence; a being only heard of in obscure legend. Yet you stand here before me, as if I was your slave, asking me to rebuild… a room…" the annoyance resounded through his voice. But the ignorant Saiyan was unable to detect the sheer hatred and exasperation in the eternal dragon's voice.

Goku merely smiled in his signature fashion, showing all his teeth and scratching his head, giggling all the while. "Well… yeah, I guess so. So can you do it?"

The Almighty Shenron heaved a groan of vexation as he deigned to grant this menial wish. He analyzed his capabilities and began the process. "Hold on. I can grant this wish, but the Room of Spirit and Time can only be built in this dimension, my jurisdiction. As a result, you will be unable to utilize its time-warping capabilities. Is that satisfactory?"

Goku frowned and looked at his new student Uub, who had donned the Turtle School's signature orange-and-blue-colored gi for the first time. The master was contemplating how this twist of events would affect his training regime when Dende's voice suddenly cut off his thoughts.

"Goku, I think you should accept Shenron's offer. That way, you, Uub, and even Vegeta can use it as many times as you want without any of the side effects," the green-skinned Namekian Guardian of the Planet

"Alrighty then! Shenron, I confirm my wish!" the pure-hearted Saiyan proclaimed, raising his hands to the sky.

"Of course you do…" the emerald-scaled lizard muttered under his breath as his eyes released a red-tinged wave of magic that reassembled the broken room and transported it into this dimension. "You have one remaining wish!" the mighty dragon boomed, desperately hoping that the idiot Saiyan before him was done with his wishes.

"Um…" Goku hesitated, wondering if there was anything else that he desired. "No, I'm good! Thanks Shenron! We'll call you back in 6 months!"

Grrrr… the Eternal Dragon growled in annoyance as he descended into his dragon balls with a bright flash. The seven mystical orbs floated to the sky, maintaining their circular formation. When they reached a specific altitude, the ring of orbs rapidly rotated counterclockwise and each dragon ball took off towards its own unique corner of the Earth, hopefully to be never seen again.

But as Shenron split his soul into the 7 dragon balls, he knew that his desire to remain undisturbed ironically would not be granted. As long as that pesky Dragon Radar existed, Shenron would never have eternal peace…

"Why have you summoned me once again?" the dragon infuriatingly asked. A vein started to pulse on Shenron's forehead as he grumbled in annoyance as Goku stood there, standing next to his son Gohan. Goku put a finger to his chin, stroking it carefully, his brows furrowed in frustration as he tried to remember what to wish for…

"To be honest, I don't even know why I summoned you, Shenron. I just woke up this morning and felt like a doing a bit of exercise. So I decided to borrow Bulma's Dragon Radar and run around the world, gathering the dragon balls for a bit of exercise before going out and training a bit. Ha ha. I don't even really know what I want to wish for." Son Goku grinned, scratching his head in that annoying manner, baring his teeth and laughing idiotically.

Inside Shenron, something snapped. He was sick of being these Earthlings' servant; sick of being treated like a mere commodity. And now this Saiyan had the nerve to summon him for his mere amusement?! That was it, the final straw. Shenron's eyes flared red with a fiery aura, the Earth's darkened sky suddenly became covered with dark clouds tinged with green. Powerful strikes of lightning violently struck the entire planet, shaking the entire surface of the planet with each discharge. Shenron fumed, as several more veins on his face appeared, throbbing aggressively.

"You… summoned… me… for FUN?! … You… gathered the seven holy dragon balls made by GOD, himself… for… EXERCISE?! … You fool! How DARE you make light of the legendary Dragon Balls! You have no idea what wrath you have incurred! I will teach you to desecrate the Legend of the Eternal Dragon Balls!" Shenron raged, as dark-green smoke appeared around his body and golden flashes of lightning surrounded him.

"Hold on, dad…" Gohan said, his eyes widening in fear. "Something's going on; I've never seen Shenron like this before… Get Pan, Videl, and Mom out of here! I have a strange feeling that this is going to be something unlike anything we've faced before…"

Earth Age 794, Universes #8346391456782 and #5098487923674 at 6:00 AM:

Goku woke up rather early for once. He was feeling rather hungry and decided to open his grey-colored refrigerator. He peered inside and observed its contents, calculating exactly how much food he would need to satisfy his hunger; and as soon as he was done, he grabbed nearly all the edible items in his fridge and devoured them in less than 30 seconds. However, he had been courteous enough to leave just enough for Chi-Chi to be satisfied for breakfast. He walked outside, donning his signature orange and blue gi, and stretching as he concocted an outrageous morning workout. He lay flat on the ground, putting one hand behind his back and the other on the ground, lifting himself up and down with the strength of only his right arm.

'So I've narrowed down my options… I could go run around the planet, searching for the Dragon Balls with Bulma's dragon radar for some extra challenge… or I could go fly a few laps around the Earth and save some of my energy for my training session with Uub and Pan in the afternoon… Hmm…'

In Universe #5098487923674, soon to be designated as the 18th Universe in the Multiverse Tournament, Goku decided to save his energy for a training session with Uub and Pan. It was to be a session that would be soon interrupted by an even greater prospect: an Inter-Universal Tournament in which the strongest fighters from twenty different universes would fight in the spirit of true competition. This, however, is not that story… For that story, check out Dragon Ball Multiverse by Salagir and Gogeta Jr…

In Universe #8346391456782, however, Goku made a decision that would endanger the lives of everyone else around him… The unsuspecting and naïve Saiyan decided to gather the seven dragon balls for sport…

Outer Space, Age 794, Universe #8346391456782 at 7:35 AM:

As the electrical storm unfolded on the Earth's surface, something just as strange was occurring in space. Millions of light years from the Earth in the North Galaxy, two planets seemed to move rapidly and inexorably toward a sun, as if on a collision course with a massive star. The collision seemed inevitable. The sun seemed to snap the two planets from their moons when a bright, blurry object appeared in the center, seemingly out of nowhere amidst the chaos.

Upon its inception, the sun and the planets resumed their places in an instant, as if nothing had even happened. The object, a tapered horizontal E-shaped spacecraft with five domes of glass, began to move through the vacuum of space. Whirring and emitting waves of energy, the object spun at top speed to an unknown destination.

Within the ship, inside of the middle of the central bar of the white armored ship, in the prominent glass dome, small, feathered creatures with pointed ears and beaks scurried about busily inside of an all-white control room to maintain proper functioning of the spaceship.

One of them concentrated on a small computer screen and raised his voice to speak to his superior, who was slightly larger in size. The officer announced, "Parallel universe #8346391456782, destination reached."

"Deploy the scanners," said the superior, simply.

The creatures researched the results of the scan on their computer for a few moments, posting up information about the scan on the main control panel. The commander of the ship entered the room with arms crossed behind his back, briefly analyzing the data on the screen. He stared directly at the data on the screen and asked for the results.

"Power levels detected," said one of the creatures, "they are all in one place."

"The Earth?" asked the commander, as if he needed a confirmation of what he was reading on the screen.

"The Earth, again. But there's a problem," said the officer to the commander who had just begun to move away. "There's some sort of… electrical storm going on down there… I can't get a lock on any of any of the energy signatures; and our probes will be fried if they go down there. We could send our ship down there, but I don't think we should risk it."

"Very well then. Let's head over to a similar, but different universe instead," the Commander Varga said, observing the second screen of various parallel universes. He squinted his eyes as he recognized another very similar universe… "Alright, men. We're heading to Parallel Universe #5098487923674. Let's go!"

The ship turned around and bent the space-time continuum as it flew off into the portal to the universe in which Goku had decided to fly around the planet instead, unknowingly leaving the present universe in peril…

[Author's Note: This Particular Section was adapted from the Prologue Chapter of the Dragon Ball Multiverse Novelization, which I had helped translate months ago]

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For those who haven't heard of it, check out DRAGON BALL MULTIVERSE! It's a doujinshi continuation of Dragon Ball Z that takes place ten years after Goku leaves the World Martial Arts Tournament with Uub. Just Google the name and hit the first link that shows up (I can't put links on this site) I wanted to incorporate it into the story without impacting the plot because it's the main inspiration for this story.

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