Well, that was a damn good episode! I even paid tribute to Full House in honor of their 25th anniversary (their birthday just passed recently on September 22). In reality, I really don't celebrate Columbus Day. After finding out last year from my former Multicultural teacher Ms. Gathers that Columbus really didn't discover America, I decided to celebrate the Native American tribes instead. Hope to see you again on October 28. In this episode, the boys celebrate Halloween, and their costumes are modeled after social topics of the past year. Once they get into an argument over the candy each person has, they split up and go trick-or-treating alone. Scary music will be played and the Chuck E. Cheese's logo/mascot/image revamping over the summer will be satirized as well. So, come spend Halloween with Testicular Sound Express in three weeks. I guarantee you will NOT be disappointed!

-This was Dallas Jokic's last voice role as Arthur Read, as he was replaced by Drew Adkins for Season 16 of Arthur.