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Chapter 1- Secrets

Nakamura Shiharu looked up from her task of setting dinner for the twins, who were currently watching Cosmic Ranger, when she heard the familiar click of the door being closed and a pained 'I'm home', before the usual thump as Matsunaga-san was tackled to the ground by the squealing children throwing themselves at him. She walked into the hallway with a smile painted on her face as she greeted the white blob on the floor that she presumed to be her employer.

"Welcome back! How was work?"

As she spoke, the blob gradually shaped itself back into a person and slowly sat up, removing Akane and Aoi from its shoulders and setting them on the floor. Once the blob had converted fully back into Matsunaga-san, it answered,

"The same as usual, really. It was a cooking show today."

"Uwaah~! What were you making?"

"Ramen with miso soup, I think."


Akane screeched, a yell which was, frankly, unneededly loud, her eyes sparkling and wide. Squealing, Shiharu swept the girl into her arms.

"Oooh, you're so cuuute~! Of course~! Do you like ramen, Aoi-kun?"

"Not hungrwy."

The boy stated as he once again clambered up Matsunaga's arm, vying for attention. The man frowned and picked him up, holding him underneath his arms at a eyes level. Staring intensely into the boy's eyes as he spoke, he said,

"Listen Aoi, you are at a young age and your body is still developing. Because of this, you must eat healthily and not always snack, as healthy food helps with brain development and leads to good habits at an older age. Also, ramen is full of protein which is essential..."

Shiharu stifled a giggle as Matsunaga-san gave Aoi one of his lectures. It was clear by the blank expression on his face that the boy was not understanding a word of the man's speech. Deciding to take over, Shiharu gently took Aoi from Matsunaga and declared,

"Aaaah, well I guess there's no helping it then. If Aoi-kun reeeeally doesn't want to eat, I suppose he'll never grow big and strong like Cosmic Ranger..."

Glancing over at the boy, Shiharu laughed as he suddenly announced his change of heart and jumped from her arms, running back to the TV.

"So... my explanation meant nothing to him then?"

"I'm afraid not, Matunsaga-san."

With that, he staggered to his feet, muttering something about how he was unable to understand the mindset of two year olds under his breath and looked down at Shiharu, finally looking at her properly. Noticing this, the girl smiled up at him and said that she would finish setting the table before walking back into the kitchen. Matsunaga-san frowned at the blonde's receding back. Is it just me, or is Nakamura-san only smiling with her mouth, not her eyes? Unbeknownst to him, in the safety of the kitchen, said girl let out a sigh of relief and swiped at her forehead. Good. I have to try and act normally in front of Matsunaga-san, he's far too perceptive. Yosh, I have to give this my best shot! I couldn't possibly worry him. Confidence renewed, Shiharu returned her attention to dinner, oblivious that Matsunaga was already suspicious.

Matsunaga Sejii was annoyed. In fact, annoyed was an understatement. There wasn't a word in the world that could sufficiently define the level of annoyance he felt at that moment. He was sat in front of his laptop attempting to work, but he was so riled up that this was impossible. There is definitely something wrong with Nakamura-san. But no matter how hard I try, I can't question her because she keeps avoiding me! Indeed, Shiharu had done nothing but flit from room to room so as to avoid spending too long with Matsunaga-san. Every time he began to ask her what was wrong, she'd come up with something else that she needed to do and run away!

"...and the bluebird squarked, 'OH NO! Where have my eggs gone? Has that fox made off with them?'..."

And now, it was nearly ten 'o' clock and she was reading the twins a bedtime story. I'll definitely get her before she leaves! At that moment, Shiharu tiptoed out of the twins' bedroom and carefully closed the door behind her. Seeing Matsunaga open his mouth to speak, she quickly put her finger to her lips and then pointed to the hallway. Understanding, the man followed his babysitter out into the hall, before whispering in a low voice,

"Nakamura-san, may I have a word?"

Said girl's throat went dry and her heart began to beat audibly. Can I keep this facade up when it's just the two of us? I can't! I need a way out! Just as Shiharu was about to fumble out a feeble excuse, her phone rang, making her jump. Looking at Matsunaga-san, she was relieved to see that he beckoned her to take it. Thank God, some extra time...



Shiharu had to hold the phone away from her ear as the loud and furious voice of Nao blasted from the speakers, reprimanding her. Wincing, she replied that she'd be right there and hung up. Grabbing her bags, she flashed Matsunaga a quick smile and said a rushed goodbye before bolting out of the door, leaving him standing in the middle of the hall, alone, staring at the spot where she was just a few seconds ago. And at that very moment, Matsunaga Seiji was sure that he felt a vein throb menacingly on his forehead. Just what is going on...?

Shiharu reached the institution in record time, flinging the door open to see Nao fuming by the shoe cabinet. Catching her eye, the boy turned to her and started,

"What time do you call this? No matter how much you trust that guy, you have to have a certain level of-"

He was cut off by Shiharu running past him, kicking her shoes off on the way up the stairs. She proceeded to stumble into her room and slam the door shut behind her. Once safely locked inside, the girl breathed out and slowly slide down the wall, landing on the floor with a soft thump. Bringing her knees up close to her body, Shiharu tucked her head in her legs and put her arms around herself, sighing and closing her eyes. Can I really make it through a whole week without Matsunaga-san, or the twins, finding out...? And as she thought about what she would have to do in another 5 days, she allowed a few tears to squeeze their way out from beneath her clenched eyes.

Outside, Nao slumped to the floor grumpily, ruffling his hair with one hand.

"What's up with her, all of a sudden, barging past me like that..."

He muttered to himself. It was then that he felt a hand on his shoulder and looked up to meet the sad, caring eyes of their sensei. She patted him once more before squatting beside him, saying in a voice dripping with melancholy,

"Be patient with her. After all, in 5 days, this Sunday, it's the day her mother passed away."

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