"Bankai!"Ichigo strook Renji and it was too much to bare Ichigo sent Renji and Rukia flying."Whoops!sorry."Ichigo said in Stood up "what the hell was that for!","I said sorry" proclaimed Ichigo."Come on!Ichigo am not in this frickin battle."Rukia screamed!"Oh my Gosh!,both of you shut up or else i will do it again!"."Now, roar Zabimaru!"Renji roared "you will pay!".
"I dont think so."said ichigo "Getsuga Tensau!"Ichigo's beam of spirital energy slashed Renji's shikai form"H..hey what was that for!"Renji sobbed."HM!no matter","Haaaaaaa,aaaaaa,aaaaaaa"the parts of Renji's zanpacto connected again."Fine, here have a taste of my Bankai!"."Now howl!Hihio Zabimaru!".Ichigo hovered his hand over face and screamed"ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,hhhhhhhhhh" and suddenly his voice sounded rather like a hollow it sounded deeper and it had an threw zabimaru at Ichigo "Getsuga Tensau!" The same beam from before sliced Renji's zabimaru once more but this time it was RED!."Fine!you got me,i give up!".Ichigo, Renji and Rukia climed back to surface.

"So,Ichigo have you ever thought and ever tried to go beyond the bankai?"said Urrahara with a small grin."W..what do you mean?" replied Ichigo "I mean the legendary Renikai! have'nt you heard of it?!", "no!, you have to teach me!PLEASE!"."Well too bad, i cant teach you.","Why Not", "Because, even i could'nt master that stage of a zanpacto"."the only person in the whole universe that achieved such a techniqu was no other than master Yamamoto (captain of squad 1)."Wait, what does the Renikai do?", "it fuses your zanpacto and yourself together", "you know what i think i will start training to achieve it."