Like Father, Like Son

A Resident Evil fanfiction by Rainfox88

Rating: M for all content and themes

Pairings: JakexSherry, ChrisxJill, LeonxClaire, some LeonxAda

Genre: Romance, Action/Adventure, Drama, Suspense

Disclaimer: I do not own Resident Evil or Capcom. All characters and storyline themes belong to them respectfully. This is merely a work of my imagination as a dedicated fan. Please do enjoy the story! WARNING! This story contains SPOILERS for RESIDENT EVIL 6! If you don't want to be spoiled, don't read!


He felt so hopeless to know that below the freshly covered grave sitting before the new granite headstone was an empty casket. He was responsible for his death. For his whole squad's death. How could he keep going like this?

The legendary Chris Redfield asked himself this over and over as he stood before Piers Nivans's grave. He was buried alongside the rest of Chris's squad, all of which also held empty caskets below. He failed all of them. He hadn't felt this lost since the years he thought Jill was dead.

Piers had been too young. He was special to Chris. He saw himself in the young sniper. And though they butted heads quite a bit, Piers had always been right. Chris was planning on turning in his gun after the events in Lanshiang. With hopes to see Piers take over his mantle and be the future in this everlasting war with bioterrorism. Chris couldn't be a soldier forever, but he knew now that he never was going to find someone with the talent and heart of Piers.

He wouldn't be retiring now, not until he made it up to Piers and to everyone else he let down by his failures and by hiding in the glooms of alcohol and despair for six months when so many needed him. He was so ashamed of himself for it. He purposely went to where Jill, Claire, and the others couldn't find him and wallowed in his failures. It was Piers who dedicated those six months of his life to find him and bring him back.

Chris heaved a sigh, closing his eyes. He put his hand on the headstone, praying to his fallen friend and comrade. I'm so sorry, Piers. I'll make it up to you, I promise. I'll keep fighting until it's all over. I just want you to know that your sacrifice won't be in vain. You saved the world. And I will make sure everyone knows it.

He felt a hand on his shoulder. He slowly opened his eyes, feeling some warmth return to his heart. He turned to face Jill, her face so beautiful in the evening rays. Her touch could always sooth his inner turmoil. She rubbed his back to comfort him. Chris still had a lot of making up to do with his own wife. He would never forgive himself for walking out on her and Claire. He and Jill got married just a year after they killed Wesker. It was part of the reason Chris wanted to turn in his gun. He and Jill were ready to start a family. And they were both ready to put their battle against bioterrorism behind them to start a new chapter in their life.

"I don't want to rush you, but Barry just called. Claire's flight got in about an hour ago. They are all waiting for us back at the reception."

He nodded slightly, registering her words. Two months had passed since the events in Lanshiang. The C-Virus vaccines were being distributed throughout the globe, and it seemed this nightmare was coming to a close ever so slowly. But it would be a long recovery for many countries, most notably China. It was only now that things were starting to settle that they could bury their fallen comrades or even get together to celebrate. They were having the gathering at Chris and Jill's house in the outskirts of Washington D.C. Chris had already been debriefed and released from the BSAA Headquarters Base and was granted leave for a few weeks. Jill got her leave as well, since she had mostly spent her time in the C-Virus outbreaks in South America.

Chris stepped away from Piers's grave, only to salute the headstone before he and Jill left the BSAA Military Cemetery. Jill had known the young BSAA soldier as well so she gave Chris the time and support he needed. As she drove them for home, she heard the words she was expecting from her husband.

"Piers was the one, Jill. He was going to be our future. And I failed him. It's all my fault he is dead, just like Finn and Marco and-"

Jill cut him off. "And if they could hear their captain now, they would be telling him to stop blaming himself. Chris, I knew all of your men. I knew they all were willing to die for this cause, especially Piers. And they wouldn't want their leader to take their sacrifices upon himself."

"They were my responsibility. They were my family! And I couldn't protect them. I can't protect anyone anymore." His sentenced ended with a rough sigh, and he looked out of the window to see the sun start to dip below the horizon.

The SUV Jill was driving suddenly was swerving to the side. Chris was startled by the sudden action as Jill pulled over and slammed on the breaks. She threw it into park and turned to glare at him. Her hair was no longer blonde, but was still long, hanging in a loose ponytail down to her shoulders. They were both still wearing their BSAA uniforms. Her sharp blue eyes caught his brown ones like magnets.

"That's not true! You are the reason we all have even got this far in this war since Raccoon City! You are the original founder of the BSAA! We all founded it together but it was your idea and you brought us together! Back before it was even funded and brought forth as the UN's official military on bioterrorism. And what about Wesker? Where would we be hadn't you stopped him?"

Chris grew quiet, lowering his eyes away from hers. She was always quick to defend him. As much as he loved her for it, it wouldn't bring Piers back.

"But Piers-"

"Wouldn't want you to torture yourself like this over his sacrifice. It was his decision. You couldn't stop him. Just…realize that he made it for you and for the world. Don't let it be in vain. The world still needs you, Chris. And Piers knew that."

Chris slowly nodded, finally looking up at Jill again. She was right. Piers wouldn't want him to be beating himself up over this. He still had a job to do. He was going to make sure that Piers's sacrifice wasn't in vain and keep fighting.

"Thanks, Jill."

She twitched a smile, nodding at him. She leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. Chris felt his heart skip at that kiss, and deeply responded to it. It had been eight months since husband and wife had seen each other for more than a short conversation a couple months ago when Chris was brought back into the world. Realizing this, Chris knew he had to make it up to Jill for everything.

She pulled back after the kiss, turning back to the wheel, but also smiling. "So, is my dear husband ready to see everyone now?"

Chris chuckled softly. "Yes, Mrs. Redfield."

A/N: This story is mostly going to focus on Jake and Sherry, as well as Wesker, but all characters play an important role to this. I wanted to set this up as a prologue for Chris, and as a small dedication to Piers, who I actually enjoyed so much as a character in Resident Evil 6. Too bad his introduction into this wonderful series was short lived. They couldn't have just killed Helena sorry bad joke. Okay thank you reading and reviewing and I will definitely be updating this story shortly! :)