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In a way, the Justice League knew that they wouldn't be able to keep their identities a secret forever. They knew that one day one of them would slip up and reveal his or her identity to the world. They knew that accidental slipup would trigger an ambitious report or a member of the Injustice League to start looking for strange connections. For instance, the exposed hero somehow knew Bruce Wayne or Clark Kent even though they live on opposite sides of America. This would trigger a person's interest, would it not? Or maybe they would just shrug and go on with their day.

But Bruce knew they couldn't take that chance. They couldn't afford the consequences if they were unprepared for a full-blown exposure. So Bruce had an idea, a plan if you will, that would solve this little problem. He worked on his idea for days on end whenever he had a few good minutes. Even Dick, his nine-year-old ward and partner, had helped him work out some of the kinks. Alfred had also voiced his concerns of the little uncertainties that were poking out from Bruce's plan. When Bruce and Dick were unable to smooth out Alfred's concerns with some background information, they went back to the plan and added some steps that would work everything out.

Then came the day where Bruce's plan, no, their plan was finally completed and was an image of perfection. But Bruce and Dick still had much to do. They had to prepare for their plan to be executed and thus, had to set the stage with all the props just like a play behind the curtains. They had to get their props so to speak ready to be used and had to make sure that everything was perfect for when the time came. Their "props" had to be secretly worked on without anyone (even the Justice League) knowing even the tiniest detail of the fail-safe plan. This was especially troublesome because the Justice League wanted to know what the plan was and so on.

"What will we do?"

"What's involved?"

"When will we have to fall back to your plan, Batman?"

"Why can't you tell us?"

"Don't you trust us?"

When Batman and Robin had been ambushed with those questions, they had coldly explained that there were risks if the entire Justice League knew the plan. It would safer (not to mention easier) if it were only Batman, Robin and Alfred, who was called Agent A around heroes, knew what the plan consisted of. That way if the plan somehow found its way into the Injustice League's ears, fingers would only be pointed Batman (they wouldn't dare accuse Robin or Alfred in fear of Batman's wrath) and not at each other. It would most definitely benefit everyone if only three people knew the plan.

So, keeping it to themselves, Bruce and Dick continued to work hard on the plan and its tools so it would be ready as soon as possible. The sooner it was ready, the better because no one, even Batman, knew when the exposure of their identities would happen. Sure, they knew that it would happen one day but it could be the following morning or fifty years from now! For that exact reason, Bruce and Dick put every waking moment into the development of the props needed for their plan. Even when Bruce was at work or when Dick was at school, the tools for their plan were consistently bouncing around in their minds. Heck, they were thinking about it absentmindedly while fighting the Joker!

This went on for another four years as they grew closer to having everything ready for the worst case scenario.

But something happened . . . And the way it happened completely threw them off their feet . . .

Someone had known . . .

. . . Without anyone slipping up.

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