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Chapter 6

When it happened, Superboy had not been in a good mood.

Then again, when was he ever?

Well, that would have to been when he and M'gann were alone and M'gann's attention was focused entirely on him. Her eyes would shine with excitement as she would rapidly try to explain to him the dynamics of society, family, friendships, public school and personal relationships. Half of his mind would absorb her wisdom in and file it away for further contemplation. The other half of his mind would dance upon thoughts of M'gann and how she made him feel.

His heart would beat faster and faster when she was near him. His heart would beat so fast that he could feel the organ brush up against his rib cage just ever so slightly. His lungs would suddenly require more oxygen, his breathing becoming faster much like his heart rate. Oh, when she smile at him! That was when he would feel the slightest brush of heat coat his white cheeks and an unfamiliar emotion blossom in his heart which Robin had said to be embarrassment.

But what did he have to be embarrassed about?

And just what was embarrassment anyway?

When he would try to analyze this, his blissful state that came with M'gann would then be tainted and swallowed by his frustration. So, naturally, after his encounters with M'gann, his mood would be considered dark by his other team members.

Actually, that was why he was in a bad mood when it happened.

Superboy, posing as Conner in a black leather jacket and dark sunglasses to hide his eyes, had marched into Happy Harbor High with M'gann, posing as Megan Morse, at his side as she chattered nervously about her American History midterm exam. Apparently, she wasn't sure if she had studied the textbook enough to be able pass the exam and did not wish to be tempted to use her telepathy to gain answers.

"I mean, I don't plan on using my powers. I just . . . I just didn't realize how hard high school was," she had murmured to him as she stopped at her locker to grab a notebook.

Superboy, being Superboy, had become uncomfortable in the swapped role he had been placed in. Instead of M'gann comforting and encouraging him, he had now become the one to comfort and encourage her. When did this happen, he had wondered to himself at the time. When did she become the one who needed support from a friend?

Friend . . .

That wrong had bothered Superboy and had rubbed him the wrong way. It had been like an itch that he could not reach, that he could not scratch. But like all itches, it was one that nagged at him, longing to be scratched. But how could he scratch something he could not reach? How could he reach inside of him and find the scratch? It could have been anywhere!

As Superboy had tried to ignore the itch, he had realized that his silence had somehow affected M'gann, causing her to shut her locker with a sigh. Knowing that she had been waiting for a response, Superboy had said what he had thought to be good advice.

"Then quit."

But instead of his words making M'gann smile that bright, beautiful smile of hers, they had caused her to frown and shake her head.

"No," she had replied as they slithered through the crowd of teenagers to get to their history class. "That would be giving up, giving in. I will not just give in."

If Superboy had been more attentive and understanding of M'gann, he would have then sensed how tight her words had been and how there had been issues lurking behind her words and face. But he had not. So he did not hear anything but what M'gann had said.

"Give in to whom?" Superboy had asked M'gann as they neared their classroom.

M'gann had only shaken her at Superboy's question and had stopped momentarily to gaze at Superboy, her eyebrows furrowed and her hands in tight fists.

"To this school, to these teachers, to society," M'gann had replied quietly as she started to walk again, the classroom's door just a few feet in front of them. "I will show them that I am not weak, that I am not secondary."

By the time that Superboy and M'gann had entered the history classroom and sat down at their desks, Superboy had been thoroughly and utterly confused. What had M'gann meant by that? Why had she seemed so angry, so much like himself? What had he said wrong? Why had she been so determined to stay in school when she clearly wanted out?

Superboy did not understand at all.

So he had thought that maybe he had, to paraphrase Robin, placed his foot into his mouth. If he had truly done that, then he had to apologize as Robin had instructed him to do if he ever did so. But he had not known what to apologize for. That had called for analyzing his actions and hers.

After a few moments of analyzing, Superboy had found that he had not found anything offensive in his replies nor had he found any trigger for M'gann's sudden anger.

And because Superboy had not succeeded in his inner analysis, he had become frustrated.

Greatly frustrated.

This mood, mind you, had only escalated as his young, male teacher had casted a peculiar look toward M'gann's shirt as he had passed out the exams to the students. For a reason that Superboy had not understood nor known, the teacher's simple glance had made Superboy's shoulders tense with anger and his teeth clenched. The teacher had been very lucky that M'gann had sensed his anger and smoothed it out before Superboy could leap out of his seat and strangle the twenty-two-year-old teacher.

After that, it was all downhill. Why?

Because of the talking robot that appeared out of the classroom's TV.

And that is where we are now . . .

_Superboy's POV_

Superboy had started on his history exam when the robot had travelled out of the classroom's TV. At first, Superboy had thought that maybe Red Tornado was going to rescue him from this sweet torture that was high school but when he looked up, he saw that the robot that he had sensed was not Red Tornado. This robot's form was covered with a brown robe that he recognized from a movie Wally had made him watch.

So much for Red Tornado saving him.

But tearing apart a robot was good too.

With a hint of a smile on his face, Superboy cracked his knuckles which caught M'gann attention. She had been watching the robot with wary eyes just like everyone else. That is, until Superboy thought he would take the thing down for fun.

Superboy, you'll blow our cover!

Superboy's face twitched as he crossed his arms over his chest.

Sorry . . . forgot.

But Superboy hadn't forgotten that. Actually, that was another reason why he wanted to it. Destroying the robot would be killing two birds with one stone as Robin would say. He would be protecting these students, even though they did not deserve his protection, and would be freed from this brick prison.

Superboy, we don't know if the robot is bad . . . Maybe he jumped out of the wrong TV?

Superboy turned his head to his left and stared at M'gann, a blank look gracing his face.

Even I know that this is not normal. Do you see Red Tornado jumping out of TVs?

No, but we don't really know what Red Tornado does on his own time, now do we?

Superboy would have retorted back that Red Tornado didn't really have time off nor did he seem to want a break but then the robot started talking.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I am here on a mission, an important mission," the robot started in a lively voice as he (or she?) stared at M'gann while he spoke.

Superboy could already imagine the villain monologue the robot would say as the students sat here, spellbound and stunned by the robot's appearance. He could already guess what the robot would say and frankly, he was not in the mood for this villain speech crap. Not to mention how the robot kept staring at M'gann. That did not fly with Superboy.




So, his bad mood escalating higher and higher, Superboy focused all his anger into his fist and leapt out his seat to punch the ridiculous robot in the face. The robot, completely and utterly shocked by Superboy sudden moment, took Superboy's entire fist on the left side of his face. The punch, packed with super strength and pure anger, busted the robot's silver face and cracked its red eyes, the behind them dying out slowly.

"That was easier than I thought," Superboy said, his lips forming a frown that spoke of his displeasure that the fight had been short-lived.

"Sup-Conner!" M'gann shrieked as she leapt to her feet and went over to Superboy. "We didn't get to know why he was here!"

Superboy just gave her another blank look. "Who cares? His voice was annoying."

"You don't go breaking robots just because they're annoying!" M'gann shrieked again, ignoring how her classmates and teacher were staring at Superboy like he was a freak.

"Who says-"

Just as Superboy was starting to reply, the classroom flew open and a teenage boy with dark skin raced in. Gills graced the sides of his neck and there were strange black marks that twisted around his arms. His hair was a whitish blond and he wore no shoes. This strange boy had his eyes locked on M'gann and Superboy and spoke gravelly.

"M'gann, Superboy. We have a problem-"

"That's Aqualad!" the girl squealed, her hands clasped in front of her and a bright smile lighting up her face.

A girl next her slapped the back of the squealing girl's blonde head. "That's not Aqualad. Why would Aqualad be on land? And more importantly, why would he be here to talk to Megan and Conner? I mean, they're not superheroes or anything . . . Wait . . . Did he call Conner Superboy? As in the rumored Superboy? And M'gann . . . Is she Miss Martian? "

The girl trailed off, her eyes now locked on M'gann and Superboy as her eyes lit up with understanding. The other students and teacher mimicked the girl and stared at M'gann and Superboy, now understanding that those two must be superheroes.

Superboy felt M'gann's discomfort and sadness but did not understand why she felt these emotions. It was not as if these teenagers actually knew her and understand her background like he did-

"What's wrong?" Superboy asked as he glared at the students so that they would not speak.

"They know."

"Know what? Aqualad, what is wrong?" M'gann asked him, a slight frown laced on her lips.

"I do not know how they know of such things but they know," Aqualad said, somewhat dodging M'gann's question. "M'gann, Superboy, we must leave. Batman will instruct us on what to do next-"

"I knew it!" a boy yelled as he stood up in his seat. "I knew that Batman was leader! I knew it! I mean, who else would have a secret team?"

"Okay, Aqualad . . . If you say so," M'gann said softly as she used her telekinesis to get her school bag. "Superboy, are you ready to leave? The Bio Ship will be here in a minute."

Superboy couldn't help the small smile that formed on his face. "I thought you would never ask."

_Location: Bio Ship; POV: M'gann_

When M'gann collapsed into her front seat, she could not help but feel a wave of despair wash over her. Her cover had been blown and she had not accomplished what she had intended to do. Now that everyone knew that Megan Morse was M'gann/Miss Martian, she would not be able to return to high school to do what she had wanted to do.

She had wanted to prove to everyone, to herself that she could survive living in skin that was not green. She wanted to prove to herself that she could be comfortable in a color that had brought her nothing but grief. She wanted to prove to herself that she could jump over that hurtle. She wanted to prove to herself that white was a color that she could deal with, that she could live in. She wanted to prove to herself that she did not have to hide this white color behind green.

M'gann wanted to prove to herself that if she live in her true color and be accepted, she could finally tell her friends the truth.

The truth . . .

When had that become so important to her?

When had it gotten so scary, so life-changing?

When had she started wanting to be able to live her true skin?

When had she become so afraid of the color that she had kept hidden from everyone on Mars and her teammates?

M'gann bit her lip as she watched green swallow her white skin, the skin that she had convinced everyone was an illusion. She wasn't white to her friends and teammates. No, she was green.



Who knew that two colors could cause such problems?

Sighing, M'gann gently pushed away her emotions and focused on the task at hand. She would worry about her problems later. Right now she needed to worry about the family she had created for herself.

"Aqualad, what exactly is going on? You never did tell us."

Aqualad sighed. "A while ago, I was at Mount Justice and watching the television when the robot appeared right in front of me, seemingly having coming out of the television. I reacted defensively but there was no need."

"Why not?" Superboy asked, his blue eyes watching Aqualad.

"Because the robot took a look around the room and then vanished into thin air."

"Just like our robot. But yours didn't say anything. I wonder why . . . Aqualad, our robot mentioned having a mission. What mission?" M'gann wondered out loud.

"Revealing the secret identities of the Justice League and heroes like us," Aqualad answered quietly, his hands folded and his elbows resting on his knees as he leaned forward in his seat slightly.

"What? How can they do that?" M'gann asked with a slight frown. "They couldn't possibly know-"

"I do not know how they know but I do know that they will be broadcasting our secret identities all across the world."

"How would they be able to do that?" Superboy asked.

"By taking control of television. They would not be the first to do so."

"Aqualad, what do we do? I mean, my secret identity and Superboy's were only temporary and you do not have one but what about the others? What about the Justice League? What will happen?" M'gann quietly asked, panic slowly sitting in as she began to imagine horrible things happening to her teammates.

Aqualad sighed as he considered their options. "I share your fear for our teammates but we must have faith in their abilities. The best option for us is to go to Mount Justice and receive further instruction from Batman."

"Okay," M'gann whispered as she instructed the ship to head towards Mount Justice.

She did not like leaving her friends out there without any help but Aqualad was right. Batman would know what they should do. Heck, Batman probably had a plan filed away for a scenario like this one.

M'gann had no idea how right she was.

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