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Percy's POV

I stood up warily and looked around. I was in a small room similar to a cave. A backpack and a dagger lay at my feet, both of which I picked up. There was light, but the faint blue glow coming from a tunnel to my right was anything but bright. Sharp and jagged rocks protruded from the ground, towering over me. Over by one of them, on the other side of the room, lay the limp and bloody form of a girl with blonde curls.

Oh gods, Annabeth… I sprinted over to her and knelt down. Her splint must have come undone because it was nowhere to be seen. She had hit her head hard when she fell and a deep cut was oozing blood on her arm. Cuts and scratches covered her all over, and her ankle was swollen and purple. I stroked her pale face with my hand. She was cold. Ice cold.

"Annabeth!" I shouted, shaking her body frantically, as the possibility that the fall had taken her life overwhelmed me. She had to be alive, she had to be! I choked back a sob, as a tear streaked down my face. How could the gods be this cruel? We saved Olympus, then Hera split us apart for half a year. And when we had finally gotten reunited, this happens.

As I sat there, trembling, I thought about what had happened when we fell. No, I couldn't blame the gods. This was my fault. Right before we hit the bottom, Annabeth had shoved me above her. She had sacrificed herself to cushion my fall.

I held her face in my hands. "Please Wise Girl, please…" I whispered. "I can't lose you again…"

It didn't seem fair that Annabeth was hurt and possibly dead and I only had a few cuts and scratches. Tears continued streaming down my face, but I barely noticed. I kept shaking her, begging her to wake up.

I was praying to every god I could think of, even Ares, when a soft groan escaped her lips. "Annabeth?" I shot up and sat on my knees, hovering over her. I held my breath. Had I just imagined it?

Her eyes fluttered open. "ANNABETH!" I shouted joyfully, crushing her with a hug.

Moaning, she asked, "What happened? Calm down, I-"

I interrupted her by crashing my lips against hers. I've missed doing this the six months we'd been apart. Even though we've been reunited, I had never gotten many chances to kiss her like this. I just haven't noticed how much I had missed this until now.

There was a Greek myth Annabeth had once told me. Originally, humans were created half man and half woman. They had double everything, four arms, four legs, two heads, and so on. Zeus, fearing their power, cut them in half, creating humans as we are now. The two halves were soulmates; they made each other complete. And now, kissing my soulmate, I felt complete.

At first, Annabeth was shocked and was still. But it didn't take her long to kiss back. She wrapped her arms around my neck, stroking her fingers through my hair. She pulled me even closer, though I had no idea how that was possible considering how close we already were.

We lay there, silent, for a while. Suddenly, I remembered the backpack and dagger I had found. I passed them to her and Annabeth began rummaging through her backpack.

Finally, she took out six ambrosia squares. Handing three of them to me, she said, "Keep this. Just in case there's an emergency. Who knows what we'll run into down here?"

I was about to put them in my pocket when I looked down and saw her broken ankle, which Annabeth was trying to hide from me using her backpack. "Here," I said, passing her some of my ambrosia. "I think that ankle counts as an emergency."

Annabeth shook her head. "I'm fine, save your ambrosia for when you get hurt."

"No, come on. Eat it." I held an ambrosia cube in front of her mouth. She crossed her arms in front of her stubbornly. I kept holding the ambrosia cube in front of her, just as stubbornly.

"Percy, it's not a smart idea to waste our ambrosia now, when we have a whole journey ahead of us. We'll probably face injuries way worse than a broken ankle!"

I racked my brain trying to come up with something to say back to her. "Well… it's not a smart idea to be travelling with a broken ankle! How are we supposed to travel when you can't walk?"

She glared at me. "I can walk perfectly fine." I motioned to her to go ahead and show me.

Gripping onto a rock for support, she pushed herself up. Her face was even paler than before from exhaustion, but she smiled smugly. "See? I can stand."

"Go ahead and walk," I said. I silently prayed she would just take the ambrosia instead of trying to walk and hurting herself. Of course, Annabeth, being Annabeth, decided to prove herself.

Her face scrunched up in concentration, she took a step. Then, letting out a cry of pain, she crumbled to the ground.

"Annabeth!" I scurried over to her. I put her face on my lap and said, "Please, just take the ambrosia. For me?"

She sighed and swallowed the ambrosia I held out for her. Her cuts and scratches slowly began disappearing.

"We should get going," she said. "Who knows what monsters will be down here?"

I stood up, knowing she was right. Annabeth put everything in her backpack and was about to stand up when I realized, even though the ambrosia speeds up the healing process, her ankle was still swollen, and most likely still broken.

"Fine, let's get going." Then, smirking, I picked her up bridal style, picking up her backpack and dagger as well.

"Percy!" she shrieked, squirming. "Put me down!"

I laughed, but it was cut off by a growl. Both of us froze. I'm not sure what made my legs start moving, but eventually I felt my lungs burning from running.

Panting, I stopped. I slumped against a rock wall, gently putting Annabeth down beside me.

Once my breathing returned to its normal race, I turned to look at Annabeth. I was about to say something to her, just to break this silence, but she beat me to it.

"Why did you carry me? I only slowed you down. You could have gotten caught and it would have been all my fault! And why did you follow me to Tartarus? We could die down here! Why, Seaweed Brain?"

"I couldn't lose you again," I said simply.

Her angry expression softened, but she didn't say anything in response. A single tear rolled down her cheek, which she wiped away hastily. I didn't say anything about it, knowing she would kill me if I did.

Eventually, she looked up at me. There were tears in her grey eyes. The eyes that normally held so much strength and radiate power. "Thank you," she whispered, her voice faltering.

I smiled at her, and wiped the tears that had spilt from her eyes. Her beautiful grey eyes.

And, with Annabeth leaning against me, we both fell asleep.