Another blow. It was really starting to hurt. The pain shot up my back, again and again. Was there no end? Did he never tire? How much more would I be able to stand?

My Cane was over there, golden hook weighing just enough to keep the whole thing from topping off the edge, the wood handle hanging over a hundred foot void. If I could only get to it, then I could at least knock a few teeth out of this guy before he…

Again, a powerful punch in my lower back. The… Beast picked me up, squeezing me without resistance. I knew I was done for. The black was creeping up the edges of my vision, and my toes were tingling, the blood stuck below my ribs where the Beast held.

It was nearly over, I knew it. Only seconds left. There was no way that the gang would be able to reach me in time, they were halfway across Paris. My head ached, my mouth opened but I couldn't make a sound.

A smoke pellet in my belt burst, the finely ground ashes clouding my vision more. The Beast dropped me, coughing horribly. I pulled my downed body to the edge, grabbed my Cane, and used my remaining strength to throw myself off.

I sure hope that I have at least one more glider.

I reach my hand into my pouch.