The Warrior of Zero

Prologue – Humanity regained. Because you were there for me.

"You've…" Zeheart said to his best friend after being defeated and gravely injured. Gundam Legilis was heavily damaged, and part of the cockpit was exposed.

"Zeheart…." Asemu looked at his injured friend with a sympathetic expression

"…Finally caught up to me, huh? You, who aren't an X-Rounder has …" Zeheart continued

"Why Zeheart…why would you go this far?" Asemu replied

"So far…even though I've gotten this far…I couldn't lead humanity to Eden…" Zeheart raised his hand " Everything is slipping through my fingers. Why… can't I grasp it?"

"There are things we can't grasp, because we're human." Asemu told his friend "You saved me many times when I was your enemy. Before you were a warrior, you were a human being."

" …That's right. I was just like you" Zeheart responded as he bled more "I didn't have the resolve yet I chose to fight "I wanted to make them come true… Lord Ezelcant's ambitions… " He reached out to his friend "Our dream. Otherwise, I don't know…what I've been living for."

"Zeheart!" Asemu replied on the verge of tears.

"Asemu…do you remember? Even now I haven't forgotten" Zeheart told his friend "The time I spent with you in that mobile suit club… I was so content back then" He remembered. " However…I never wanted to admit it…because I would have stopped being myself" He lamented "You may have been jealous of me and my power. But I was jealous of you, too" He looked sadly at his friend "I wanted to have children with the one I loved, and live just like you!" He felt pain as his wounds opened up. "I wanted to be human…just like you" He then tested the leg of Gundam Legilis and found that it was still functional.

"…?! Zeheart!" Asemu yelled in concern.

Zeheart remembered his days with Asemu, Shawee, Macil and Romary but the one memory he held very dear was when they completed the repairs to their mobile suit. Everyone was at the Mobile Suit Club's clubhouse.

"It's done!' Asemu said after the repairs were complete.

"Finally! Now we can win for sure!" Shawee, pleased with the outcome, added.

"Wow! You're amazing, Zeheart!" Macil said with excitement in his voice.

"This is all thanks to you, Zeheart." Shawee told his friend.

"Thanks to…me?" Zeheart looked at his friends with a puzzled look on his face.

"We were only able to get this far because you were here. Thanks so much Zeheart." Asemu thanked his friend sincerely.

"Asemu…" Zeheart smiled. He was glad that he was able to help his friends. He never felt so needed and appreciated.

Back to the present, Asemu told his Zeheart the same thing he told him all those years ago. "Zeheart! I was only able to get this far because you were here."

"Thank you…Asemu" Zeheart gave his best friend one final smile

"Zeheart…" Asemu looked sad, because he knew this was the end for his best friend.

Zeheart kicked Gundam AGE-2 Dark Hound away from his damaged Gundam Legilis. Zeheart thought to himself "At least…I can die as a human…" But just as Gundam Legilis was engulfed in the explosion a green portal swallowed up Gundam Legilis's head. Zeheart was unconscious from blood loss but when he was going through the portal. He experienced another dream about his fallen comrades.

"Master Zeheart. You did your best and you followed the path you believed in" Daz smiled.

"You've fought for Eden. And you even sacrificed your life and your humanity for it…I know your dream will come true" Dole told Zeheart.

"Master Zeheart…" Fram appeared before him "Please live…reach Eden for me…and become the kind Zeheart I loved once more."

"All of you…" Zeheart said with remorse in his voice. "Thank you…if it weren't for you all…I would never have made it this far" he smiled as they disappeared.

"See you soon…brother" Desil smirked "I'll be waiting"

Zeheart woke up to a blue sky and sunlight. "Eden…" He then heard two voices; one belonged to a small pink haired girl "Mister Colbert! Please let me summon again" and a second one belonging to bald middle-aged man "I can't let you do that" The man shook his head. Zeheart wondered where he was and he thought. "I won't be able to sleep with this noise…"

Author's notes: The first chapter is done! I modified the dialogue between Asemu and Zeheart by reading both the game and anime versions and I pieced together the best parts. I chose to use Zeheart because of his last words to Asemu about wanting a family and because I think his warrior nature would be very entertaining in the Familiar of Zero universe. And don't worry about Gundam Legilis and mobile suit battles. I have a plan for that in the future which will resemble Turn A Gundam's method. I plan on introducing two more Characters from the Gundam multiverse and I want you guys to suggest them! The next Chapter is about Louise. Please read and review.

Familiar of Zero belongs to J.C Staff and Gundam AGE to Sunrise. Special thanks to Deronis, for inspiring this story.