The prison's warden was seated at his desk, with a thoughtful expression.

He was watching intently the kid seated on the chair in front of him.

The kid in question wasn't a normal youngster: he was blue, he had a big head, emerald green eyes, and an intelligence out of the ordinary.

The aforementioned kid was seated with his head lowered, with a sad expression and a little sense of guilt, watching a ball made of glassy material full of water, with a fish that resembled a piranha.

"So, Blue, what happened today at school?" the warden asked after a while, with a fatherly tone of voice.

The alien kid sighed, and he watched him with kicked puppy's eyes. "It wasn't my fault!'s useless," he said with sad and resigned voice.

The grey haired man arched his eyebrows and said, always with that fatherly tone of voice, "Why is useless? I only want to know your point of view of the matter. That's all. I'm not accusing you of anything. But if you don't want to tell me, it's ok," he finished smiling warmly.

The little one watched him with a mixture of suspicion and hope, and then he watched the fish with a questioning glance.

"Sir, tell him what happened, please. You know that I suffer a lot seeing you like that," the fish said at his little ward.

The alien sighed, and nodded. "Yes, Minion, I will tell him, thanks. And don't worry, you know that it does take little to make me happy," he finished, winking at his guardian.

The warden was one of the few that knew that the alien fish was capable of talking.

Usually Minion was quiet, to not attract attention and be separated from the kid.

He was sent with the child to protect him, and if some scientist would separate them, the fish couldn't fulfill his task, and Blue would be VERY sad to be separated from Minion.

Blue watched resolutely the warden, and began to explain, "Like I've said, it wasn't my fault, only to make this thing, like Metro Boy, to be accepted by the others. You remember that the other day I've told you about that he had gave those popped-corn at the other kids, using his laser vision, right?"

"I only wanted to do something similar, using my intellect to build a device that replied that effect. Only that, obviously, I've miscalculated the binkey's power, and I set all on fire! It was an incident! I swear!" he finished with a note of panic in his voice, with the fear to end in the isolation cell, like it happened other times in the past.

The warden nodded, and partially he imagined something similar.

"Metro Boy, uh? Then little Wayne Scott want seriously to be a hero., do you want to explain me this story to be accepted? We talked about that the other day, but you tried to avoid the matter. Now, however, to understand the situation, I need to know."

The little alien watched Minion, searching for help, and the fish nodded, moving his fins, like to said to say the truth.

the ichthyoid knew about the potential of his ward, and his insecurity, which was considerably increased going at school.

And all that situation was the fault of that kid who wanted to be a hero, and he saw in little Blue the perfect escape goat to begin to do his "heroic" acts.

Blue sighed, and watched the man, who was like a father for him.

" When I went to shool the first day, all of them watched me badly, even Wayne. I didn't understood why, after all it was a shool for gifted kids, right? And plus, Wayne is an alien, like me. We came from the same quadrant!"

"In any case, all of them were avoiding me, and I've heard them murmuring something about my strange look and the fact that they didn't understand what I was saying or doing. Then I saw Metro Boy win over them with that trick, and I thought that maybe I would be accepted too, if I would have done such a thing."

"But I was wrong, all of them freaked out, and I was put in quiet time in the corner, by Wayne, without reason. The teacher and the other are always by his side, it is like they are all dazed by his good words and actions. In any cases, for me it would be impossible to be accepted by my classmates, if they would continue to adore Metro Boy," he finished angrily and broken voice, almost on verge of tears.

Minion frowned, thinking about that alien bully, and the others, including the teacher.

It wasn't fair that his friend suffer for their fault, or rather: it was Wayne Scott's fault.

If it wasn't for him, his ward would have ended in the Scott's house, instead of prison.

The warden was thinking, incredibly, the same things Minion thought, and said, "I understand. I had imagined something like that, Blue. And I don't blame you: like you've said, it was an incident. The only one to blame is, if anything, the Scott's child. I'll beg you to not divulge this, but I think that a real hero don't behave like that toward different people."

"You are really special, only the other don't see that. But I can, so I'll ask you: tomorrow you feel to return to school, even if you know that the other ones will not treat you well. If tomorrow you wouldn't go to school, they all would think that you are weak, and that they won. And you don't want that they thought something like that, right, Blue?" he asked him, knowing that the boy never retreat from a challenge.

Minion smiled, understanding his strategies, and he supported him. "He's right, Sir! You must return to school, tomorrow, and try again. Who knows, maybe one day you would break their thick headedness," he said smiling and winking, to lift the spirit of the little alien.

For the first time in all the day, Blue smiled, and his emerald eyes sparkled.

"You were right! Then tomorrow I'll return to shool! And one day I would win over them!" he said enthusiastically.

The warden and fish smiled, happy to have succeeded in their intent, and then the prison's curator led the young alien in his cell.

There, Blue, began to do other projects with the crayons on some paper sheet, and write annotations that he hanged at some red strings tied at the ceiling.

He called it the "idea cloud", and the warden liked it very much.

The child continued to do projects and homework too, and then he went to bed, holding tight the ball with Minion inside, when the guard declared "lights out", thinking about the next day. Hoping that all would went well.