E/O Challenge WoW: Pilot
Word Count: 100
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: My wishes don't come true and it sucks!


They had set off with a boat beneath their feet.
That was before they discovered it leaked….a lot.

Dean stared, bug eyed.
Sam manoeuvred himself until he saw what had shaken Dean.
"Oh? Oh? Fuck Sam! I just shit my pants and you say, Oh?"
"There's another."
"What? Where?"
"To your left…Oh."
"More Oh? Sam…we're screwed!"
"Maybe not."
"Why? You gotta plan? Please…tell me you gotta plan."
"Dean, calm down will you?"
"Look…I can see the Coastguards."
"Great! They'll be in time to scoop up my chewed ass!"
A gush of water sent Dean up close and personal to his brother. Sam chuckled.
"Thought so…Look Dean. It's just pilot whales. Your ass is safe from chewing."

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