Ciel's POV

I could only see darkness in this lonely empty place. I did not know where I was and how I got here. I felt pain in my side. I looked to my abdomen and saw a huge red stain on my clothes. So I cried out " Sebastien! Where are you! Take care of this problem and get me out of here. How dare you leave your master in this empty place." I removed my eye patch and opened my left eye. The symbol that Sebastien left on my eye showed. The pentagon star glowed as I yelled "This is an order! Save me right this instant!" Suddenly, I heard someone speaking by my ears.

"Young Master? What seems to be the problem? Please wake up!"

It was my faithful butler's voice so I opened my eyes. Sebastien's face hovered above.


"Young master, what is the problem. I felt you calling out to me with our contract."

"Nothing. Just a little disturbing dream. You may leave now."

"If you are sure, then I will excuse myself."

I layed down on my large bed and looked at the ceiling, contemplating about my dream. How I could experience such pain in my dreams. I felt my eyes closing and I drifted off to the world of dreams.

Sebastien's POV

The day ended normally and I went to finish my plans for a demon, I do not need sleep so I use my extra time to plan and serve my master.

My master is like a kitten. He preys on other animals viciously but when he is alone, he feels affectionate at times. Not to mention the fact that Master Ciel in kitty ears is absolutely adorable.

I am a strong demon. I have a high rank in hell and I can easily get souls without having make a contract. I have many servants who do such useless things for me. But Ciel is an exception. When he first called out to me, I couldn't resist it. His soul was more broken than any souls I have tasted. Even so, he acted like a child his age at times.

I did not have to serve Ciel as a butler but it is more amusing to live as a Phantomhive butler than a high-class demon who does nothing every day.

I was walking to the kitchen to lay out ingredients for tomorrow's dessert and that was when I felt a tug to go to my master. I thought "Master must be in danger. He doesn't like to use his contract for frivolous things. I must hurry!"

I ran to his room in half a second and saw that young master was in pain. His lips were in a thin line, trying to muffle his sounds of agony.

I rushed and exclaimed " Young master, what seems to be the problem! Please wake up!"

After a brief conversation with Master Ciel, he dismissed me. Something is wrong. And it is not just a silly nightmare. Something or someone is trying to harm Master Ciel. I must protect him.

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