~ Unknown Place~

"Have you started the process? Make sure that it doesn't go wrong. You can kill him if you don't do it properly. You wouldn't want her to get sad or depressed." A black cloaked figure in a cloak rasped out. His hood shadowed his face, making him look suspicious.

The masked blond man who stood next to him replied in a shaky voice " Are you s-sure that he won't die if I do it correctly? I only want to cause him s-some p-pain. My dear Ethel would die if the dog died. She is too kind."

"Shut up and do what you are told! I can easily kill him! Shut your trap and don't tell other people just because you are getting cold feet!" The cloaked man fiercely whispered. The alley they were in suddenly became colder.

The blond man shivered in fright and nodded his head. He wondered "Why in the world did I decide to do this? This can harm me and that mutt."

The two males turned around and walked in the other direction. The black clothed man disappeared in the shadows while the masked man skillfully blended in with the crowd of people.

The bright sun shone and greeted the Phantomhive Mansion as morning came. In a certain room, a 14 year old earl slept contently. All was still and quiet until the door opened.

"Young master! Please wake up. It is approximately 7:00 in the morning and we must begin our schedule." Sebastian walked to the large windows. He slid open a curtain and a brilliant ray of sunlight poured in.

Ciel slowly opened his eyes and closed them quickly after flinching from the bright sun. He moved to the edge of his bed and waited to be dressed. His navy blue green hair was mussed and messy while his eyes were blinking sleepily.

The tall, handsome butler undressed the slim teenager and replaced his white pajamas with a his daily clothes. Finally, Ciel's right eye was covered with a simple black eye patch. Sebastian stood up and bowed again. "I will await you at the Dining Room. We will be busy today." The demon butler's back became straight again and he stepped out of the room.

Ciel's yawned once more and proceeded to stretch and go to the Dining Room.

~Scene Change~

Ciel was seated at his table eating his breakfast. As usual, Sebastian was scolding Finny, Bard, and Mey-Rin.

The black haired man finished his reprimanding the three servants and faced his master."Young Master, you have a meeting with the directors of your confectionery and toy factories. After that, you will meet w-. Young Master! Are you alright?"

"S-sebastian! I-it hurts! Stop t-this p-pain! Ah!" Ciel stopped eating and hunched over in pain. The only thing that was running in his mind was "Pain! It hurts! Save me!"

"Young Master! Please get a hold of yourself!" Sebastien hovered over Ciel and tried to sooth him. He then yelled to the three servants who were standing in shock "Get something for Young Master! Are you a Phantomhive servant or not! Hurry, Young Master is in pain!"

Finny recovered from the shock first and yelled "I will prepare some medicine for Young Master! Please Mr. Sebastien, bring him up to Young Master's room. Mey-Rin will be there shortly with the doctor!"

Finny took Bard and Mey-Rin's hand and dragged them out of the Dining Room. Bard and Mey-Rin snapped out of it and followed Finny.

"Young Master? Please calm down. I, your loyal servant will do something." Sebastien carried Ciel in bridal style and rushed him up the stairs to his room. He laid Ciel down to his canopy bed and began to observe him.

"Sebastian, stop t-this pain! It hurts a lot!" Ciel's eyes were closed tightly and his hand clutched his chest, indicating where the pain was. His forehead was sweating and he was breathing heavily. Sebastien could only watch until a doctor examined him.

Sorry… the ending was quite aprupt. Really couldn't figure out a way to finish.. My grammar is usually horrible so plz excuse my errors...