Sebastian gripped Ciel's hand as he waited for the doctor to come. "Why can't the bloody demon doctor come here already! My Ciel might die and I might never see him again!" The raven haired man restlessly shifted around and tried to make the earl's pain go away. Ciel's eyes were still closed tightly in pain. He whimpered in pain from time to time and still clutched at his chest.

Loud thumping sounds vibrated from throughout the floor of the mansion. Then Ciel's bedroom door opened with a bang! Finny rushed in with some painkillers, a bowl of water, and the doctor. "Mr. Sebastian, I'm so sorry that I was this late. I ran up with the doctor as fast I could. Is Master Ciel okay?"

Sebastian looked up with a barely hidden hopeful expression and hurried them to the moaning Ciel. "Dr. Jefferson, I apologise for the sudden call. Master Ciel is suffering from a pain that has been recurring for a month now. There has been no symptoms and pain seems to be in his chest. We do not know if this is a disease or because of a supernatural cause."

The doctor nodded his head and started to check Ciel. Finny just stared at the working doctor with a teary glance while Sebastian seemed to be keeping his composure after his small breakdown over Ciel. "My dear Ciel is in pain! How will I fix this! I know that his pain isn't from his asthma or any of his allergies. He hasn't been showing symptoms of a disease or a heart attack. I have a feeling that it is from something supernatural but I don't know which one! He either is under a curse that has been passed down in his family or a voodoo doll with his name is being harmed. But the past Earl Phantomhives hasn't suffered from a curse... So does that mean that it is a voodoo doll? But Ciel also has nightmares... I really don't know! I wish I just go out and beat up that Grell Sutcliffe. He is always a good punch bag!"

After a while, Bard and May-lin joined them to watch over the doctor. An hour passed by and the doctor finished his observations. "It is a curse. There are marks on his body that represent the mark of a curse. It cannot be a disease. I have already tried all of the tests to see if it is a type of disease. The results were negative. Try to find any suspicious suspects who resent your Master Ciel. If you kill the person who cast the curse, the earl will be okay. Or, you could convince the person to release the curse. The curse hasn't reached it's final stage. It seems that a very magically weak person is doing it. The person is also a novice and won't be able to kill Ciel at the moment. After the caster become used to casting this curse, he will be able to kill the earl. May I speak to the head butler alone for a minute?"

The three servants were taking up the information but were extremely confused. Curses? Magic? Those were not real... While they were contemplating, Sebastian lead the doctor to the hallway.

"What do you want, low healer?" Sebastian commanded.

"Your majesty, what are you doing in this filthy human world! The king and your younger brothers have been searching for you for centuries! Please come back. You do not have to have a contract to eat a good meal. Do not serve that low human and be treated like dirt." begged the doctor.

"My brothers do not want me. If I am gone, one of them may be able to rule hell after father dies. Let them rule! I wish to stay in this world." Sebastian nonchalantly said.

"Exactly, my lord. Your brothers are foolish and only want everlasting wealth. They will ruin hell. Only you are the responsible one of all the princes of hell."

"Why should I be responsible for the underworld? I wish to be left alone. Human life is very interesting and so much more different from that dark pit I you call home. Besides, have you ever seen how cute the human's pets are?! There are these pets called cats. When they are first born, they are called kittens and those furry creatures are the most delightful animals I have ever seen. Our meticulosas are horrid compared to cats!"

"My lord, it is not time to be arguing about the beauty of these "cats". King Satan wishes to retire for a few millenium and spend time with his wife. He will retire very soon. His majesty wants you to succeed him and if he wishes to take back his throne after his retirement, he will make you become a "co-king". Dr. jefferson reasoned.

Sebastian thought for a few minutes "If one of my brothers take over the throne, they will probably cause a zombie apocalypse and make chaos to the world. That means that they will break the pact with God and his archangels. That might danger my dear Ciel. But what if I... Yes, that is it! All I have to do is that." and replied to the healer. "I will rule hell but with a few conditions."

The doctor's face brightened up with that statement and quickly said "What is it? I promise that I will convince the king to grant your wish. Money? She-demons? Fame? Anything is fine."

With that being said, Sebastian smirked and said "Well, first of all, send the best curse-breakers and detectives in hell to me. They will help find the idiot who dared to hurt my Ciel. After that, I will make Ciel my mate and make him into a demon. But I will not force him to mate with me. I will only go to hell and rule if Ciel mates with me out of his own will. We will rule hell together."

The happy expression on the healing demon's face faded and paled with fear. "Your majesty will mate with a human? What if he does not want you, my lord?"

Sebastian's face turned impatient and almost yelled at him "Have you been listening to me for the past few minutes? I will not become a king then! I know that to become a king, one of the requirements are to mate. I will only mate with Ciel. Of course, after he becomes a demon. But in no way are you to hypnotize him to accept my declare of love. You will not threaten him either. If you do, you might as well be dead and banished from hell forever. I will not become king and I will actually ask God himself purify all of my brothers. I know that he will gladly accept my request."

"Very well then. I will report this back to his majesty. Please wait a few hours and all the demons that you asked for will arrive at this mansions. I will excuse myself"
Sebastian left the demon and went back to Ciel's bedroom. Shockingly, he saw Ciel sitting up with Mei-lin, Bard, and Finny fussing over him.

"What were you and the doctor arguing about?" asked Ciel.

"I will discuss this later in private, bocchan. Are you okay?"

"Hmph! Fine. Is it about that?"

"Slightly. There is an extremely important subject that must be discussed too."

"What is it? Is it about your condition?" Ciel said.

"Yes, my lord. But right now, please rest for a while." The concerned butler requested.

"Fine. Wake me up early tomorrow. I have missed important paperwork" Ciel layed down and Sebastian made way for the three servants to leave the room. He tucked Ciel in and blew out the candle, allowing darkness to take over.

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