~Phantomhive Manor~

The bright sun barely rose but Sebastian opened the door to Ciel's bedroom. He gently woke up the small curled up boy.

"S-sebastian? Why did you *yawn* wake me up s-so early?" stuttered the sleepy earl.

"Young master, have you forgotten? You have requested me to wake you up early so that you could make up the unfinished paperwork from yesterday. Would you like to have breakfast early?" Sebastian's smooth voice replied.

"Yes. I must hurry up with the documents. Bring my breakfast to my desk. Hurry and bathe me. I feel positively disgusting." Ciel said.

"Of course, young master." Sebastian disappeared for a few moments to heat the water and led Ciel to the bathtub. He undressed the lithe body and proceeded to wash the young master's body. He thought "I can't do anything inappropriate! Until Ciel knows about his position and agrees to mate me, I must hold myself back! But his pale body looks so delicious! No! I must stop these thoughts!"

Ciel stared at the slightly dazed butler and snapped his fingers at him. "Sebastian, are a butler or not! Hurry and wash off the suds! Did I not tell you that I am in a hurry. Stop day-dreaming and do your job as a Phantomhive butler."

Ciel's words woke up Sebastian and he quickly washed off the soap from his master's body. "Young master, please get up. I must dry you now." Ciel stood up, his hair dripping wet and water droplets traveling down his body. Sebastian almost gulped and dried his master without making and lingering touches. "All done, young master. Please put on this robe while I prepare your clothes."

"Hmph. You talk to me as if I have never been bathed by you. You are oddly talkative today. What is the occasion?" Ciel commented.

"W-why young master, I have no idea what you are talking about. Now, lift up your chin slightly please." Sebastian said. His eyes traveled to the white pale neck while putting on Ciel's ribbon. He swifly tied the blue fabric and leaned to put on Ciel's eye patch.

Ciel suspiciously looked at Sebastian before letting it go. He walked out of the bathroom and to his office. Sebastian was a few steps behind him. The black clothes butler asked "Would you like some Darjeeling tea to accompany your breakfast?"

"Yes. I cannot afford to spend my time eating. Bring it up now."

"Of course young master.

~Time Skip~

Sebastian prepared the meal and paperwork on the serving cart. He rolled the cart to Ciel's office and knocked gently. "Young Master? May I come in?"

"Yes." a small voice replied. Sebastian opened the door to see Ciel almost nodding off to sleep. "Hurry up and give me my tea. Also, brew some coffee. I am exhausted."

Sebastian chuckled in his head and showed a small smile. "Of course! Young Master. Today's schedule is clear. All there is to do are paperworks."

Ciel's eyes closed and he leaned back in exasperation. "Paperwork is so boring! I wish I had another 'request' from the Queen." He thought.

"But, I have an extremely important topic to discuss with you, young master."

"What is it know? Is it about the nightmares and the pain?" Ciel asked apathetically.

"Yes and no. I will explain everything tonight. I have called some 'specialists' that I am well acquainted with. They will arrive tommorow morning."

"Fine. Now, get me some pen refillers and refill this pen." Ciel demanded, acting arrogant. Sebastian bowed, set down Ciel's breakfast and papers, and took out the set of pen refillers out of his inner pockets.

Ciel gave him a small look. "Why are you carrying pen refillers around?"

"I wouldn't be a Phantomhive servant if I didn't carry them."

Night quickly came by and Sebastian approached Ciel's bedroom. He opened the door and saw Ciel in his nightgown.

"Well, young master. Are you ready for the news?"

"Well, dear butler, what do you think I've been waiting for the whole day?" Ciel mockingly said.

Sebastian grinned and started to talk. "Well. I will talk and I ask that you do not interrupt me." Ciel gave him an annoyed look. Sebastian grinned again and began his explanation. "In my 'country', I am a prince. A demon prince. I am the first son of Lucifer and Lillith. They are my parents and Hell's rulers. Recently, my father decided to 'retire' for a few millennium . So I have been asked to rule in his place for a while. But, I am still looking for a mate. In fact, I have found a potential mate. That is where you, young master, come in."

Ciel's face scrunched up and tried to comphrehend where this topic was going. Sebastian inwardly squealed at Ciel's adorable face, all confused. He continued "You see, you are my mate. And I will only rule Hell if I have you as my mate. Of course, I have brothers but they are all stupid, greedy, and digusting pigs who will let the acopalypse happen if they rule. Very serious. So, to save the world from being overrun by zombies, I have to rule and I won't rule without you. That doctor that you just met was a demon. He was the one who told me about the situation in Hell."

Ciel's confused face changed to horror. "You mean, that I have to be your lover forever!"

"Yes, young master. Now, if you do accept, we will go to Hell for a week for the coronation ceremony. Then you and I can rule in earth together. Of course, you will have o break your engagement with Elizabeth. If you say no, everyone will die except for those who have demon mates, are in a contract, or have demon blood in them." Sebastian said with an innocent smile.

"Are you threatening me?" Ciel quietly said.

"Oh no! If you would order me to save the people you are close with, I will. But the everyone other than the exceptions will die. I cannot save the whole world."

Ciel went silent for a few minutes. "Let me think about this. Have you found out what was the cause of my pain?"

"No. Not yet. But the specialists that I have called were from Hell. They will inspect you, determine what is wrong, and help us catch the basta** who did this to you. The doctor and I believe that it is either a curse or a type of voodoo or a hex."

"Okay. Now leave me. I'm tired." The navy blue haired boy said. He yawned and rubbed his large blueish green eyes. Sebastian stared for a while and smiled deviously when Ciel saw that he was staring.

"Goodnight, dearest Ciel"

"I am still your master. Treat me as such." Ciel irritably said. He layed down on his bed and went to sleep. Sebastian walked out of the room and started to think of ways to capture his young master.

"Don't worry, my love. You will fall in love with me." Sebastian thought.

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