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Ugh! What is wrong with Sebastian these days? First, its the creepy smiles, then its the "I am your mate! Love me or die! MUAHAHAHA." Ciel furiously thought as he scribbled some words on the document he was looking at. He felt uncomfortable around Sebastian. After all, he was the receiving end of those evil grins and unusual adoring looks that came from the demon. Of course, most women and men would be seduced in a second but Ciel wasn't most men. Yes, Ciel is a man. Not a adorable little boy that could be named Squishy and be squished everyday.*

While Ciel was contemplating on why he was so adorable, a knocking sound came from the door and Sebastian's muffled voice said "Ciel, would you like your snack? It's one of your favorites! A chocolate raspberry millecrepe cake."

Ciel's mouth slightly watered slightly and he managed to say "Come in."

Sebastian grinned as he came in, knowing that his cake would be too powerful to resist. "Ciel, were you that hungry for this crepe?"

Ciel's eyes darkened as Sebastian kept the small talk and prevented him from eating. "No. Now give me my cake."

The bulter smiled evilly and slyly said "Then I guess that you wouldn't mind waiting for a couple of minutes for me to set up your tea and slicing it."

The navy blue haired teenager scowled and scathingly said "Sebastian, I am your master and you are still my butler. Cease your improper way of talking. Now give me that cake or I will not even consider being your mate."

Sebastian's red eyes glowed in amusement "So you have considered it. How about this, I give you the cake if you give me a small kiss. After all, lovers do kiss"

The earl's face turned bright red. i KNEW SEBASTIAN WAS UP TO SOMETHING! Ciel thought about the situation for a few minutes. He glared at his servant to see if that would change Sebastian's mind.

Sebastian was delighted at Ciel's wonderfully red face. I can't wait till I get my kiss! I am a genius for thinking this up. Even by demon standards!

Ciel muttered out "Yes." He just could not resist the delicious smell coming from the crepe cake. He stood up and grudgingly walked over to Sebastian, his eyes closed tight.

Sebastian grinned and slowly leaned down, whispering "Don't be so tense. It is only a kiss. We will be doing more of it later on in the future." He kissed Ciel's soft pink lips, savoring the sweet scent of the earl. He held Ciel's small body and continued to allow his tongue to lead the way into Ciel's mouth. Ciel eyes opened as he felt the sweet embrace of the demon.

"Y-young master! W-what a-are you d-d-doing!" Meylin's voice rang out from the hallway. Her face was red and her arms were flailing in excitement.

Ciel broke the kiss, flustered and said "Meylin, w-what are you doing here! A-aren't you supposed to be cleaning something!"

Meylin replied "I-I wanted t-to ask Mr. S-sebastian if he wanted m-me to c-clean the new dishes for t-t-tomorrow."

Sebastian just looked at the stuttering and blushing duo humorously. He only smiled when Ciel smacked him when he did nothing.

Ciel continued to blush and stutter as Meylin spurted out blood from her nose. I can't believe Meylin saw it! She might take it the wrong way! I want my cake now! Ughhh! My life is over! "Sebastian, do your job and give mew my cake. RIGHT NOW! Meylin, go clean something else. I want peace and quiet and MY CAKE!"

"Yes, young master!" Sebastian and Meylin's voice said in unison.

I felt a bit happy today and decided to torture Ciel a bit more today.

*I could not resist. I just finished rewatching Nemo...

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