Hello readers! This is another chapter for Realistic Dreams! (Yes. I am stating the obvious.) This time, I assure you, there will be real plot. So let us waltz to Ciel's problem and Sebastian's obsession!

"Crash!" The Phantomhive Manor's massive door fell down, engulfing the mansion's entrance room with dust. At that same moment, Sebastian was tailing Ciel, going to their discussing room to obviously discuss Funtom's new product, Cacao Cat. Their vision suddenly became blurry because of the dust flying around.

Sebastian and Ciel stared at the fallen door suspiciously and then glanced at the entrance. They could see sillouetes of 2 people and a bird or what they thought were humans. Sebastian narrowed his eyes and stood in front of Ciel, pushing him back. "Stay close. They are demons." Ciel nodded and grabbed at Sebastian's tailcoat.

"Hello! Hello! My dear ladies and gentlemen! Or should I say demon and gentlemen? Allow me to introduce you to the medical geniuses, Adrian and Brenden! And of course, their assistant, Corbett the Raven!" One of the figures yelled out. The bird flew around and settled down at the talking figure's head.

Sebastian's eyes widened and walked over to the fallen door, picking it up and screwing the door-hinges back in less than a second. He then properly opened the door and welcomed the demons and the raven in. "Welcome to the Phantomhive Manor. What can I help you with?" He said in a polite voice.

There was two demons, one a brunette and one a blond. The blond demon was about 6 feet tall and had a sharp chiseled face with aquamarine eyes. His voice was childish and fun. The brunette had more soft angles and had hazel eyes. He was about 5 feet 10. He was hyper looking and seemed to have a maturity of a 12 year old.

Sebastian faced the blond demon and sighed out "Did you really have to introduce yourself like that Brenden? The dust might have started an asthma attack for my mate" He then glared at the brunette and said "Adrian, why didn't you stop him."

Brenden nervously chuckled at Sebastian's angry face and meekly said "I'm sowwy, my dear majwesty! Will you ever forgwive me?" Sebastian sighed again and pushed them into the large manor.

Ciel looked at them and then stared at Sebastian, his look asking him "Are they the demons that you sent for?"

Sebastian nodded and proceeded to introduce Ciel to the duo. "My lord, they are the specialist that I have sent for. As you have heard, they are Adrian and Brenden. Their raven's name is Corbett. They shall be diagnosing you." He bowed slightly at Ciel and turned to the opposite side, facing the two demons. "Servant, this is Ciel Phantomhive, the earl of England. He is the loyal Watchdog of Queen Elizabeth. He is also the founder and leader of Funtom Toy Company, the largest toy company in the world. He is my master and soon-to-be mate. If you hurt him in anyway, you shall be castrated, tortured by my hands, and then sent to Purgatory only to be revived and be doused with holy water. After that, I shall take your medical knowledge, give it to someone worthy, then let you be the toy of the Archangels. Do you understand?" After that rant, Sebastian gave an evil smile, making Adrian, Brenden, and Corbett shiver.

Ciel gave the dark haired demon butler a stare that said "Soon-to-be mate? Not without my permission." Sebastian grinned with a knowing face.

While the those two were having their staring competition, Adrian ran to Ciel, picked him up princess style and ran away saying "We gotta get him diagnosed! I feel voodoo energy coming from him. There may be another attack soon." and Brenden nodded with him, following the blond demon.

Sebastian's previous amusement disappeared, running faster than the two demons and lead them to Ciel's bedroom. Adrian set him down and put his hand over Ciel's forehead, making him fall asleep. "I had to make him pass out. We might have to search inside his body to see if he recently swallowed something curse-worthy." Brenden explained.

"Just as I suspected, it is a voodoo/curse. I give you permission to search. Now hurry. Didn't you say that there might be an attack soon?" Sebastian hurried them.

Brenden's hazel eyes began glowing red and he put his hand on Ciel's body and it magically went through. Ciel began convulsing in pain, yelling and moaning. Sebastian stayed silent and only reached out his hand to grasp the younger boy's smooth pale hand.

Brenden furrowed his eyebrows in concentration and slowly took out the hand and Ciel calmed down. "This curse is pretty powerful but an inexperienced person is doing this. I got the object out that was causing this." In the brunette's hand was a small white pill. It was glowing brightly.

"That is the medicine that Ciel takes for his asthma attacks. He just took that a week ago." Sebastian's eyes widened "And that was when Ciel began having these painful attacks. He slowly said.

He then rang the bell next to Ciel's bedroom furiously. In less than a minute, all three servants came running in. "Yes Mr. Sebastian?" Meylin stammered out.

"Has anyone been in the medicine cabinet lately other than me?" Sebastian interrogated.

Bard nodded "Yea! The Middelford family went there to get some medicine for Ciel last week when we were on our day off."

Sebastian sighed and barked out "Get all the medicine from that cabinet! Now!"

Adrian said "If you give me one of the pills, I can find out who did it."

Sebastian nodded his approval. A minute later, Bard came running and skidded to a stop. Sebastian snatched up the pills and dismissed the servants "This is a personal issue for Master Ciel. Only I am able to stay while we are diagnosing him. I am afraid you must leave." Finny, Meyrin, and Bard hesitated before slowly walking out the door, giving a backwards glance at the vulnerable earl.

Sebastian opened one of the many pill bottles and took one out, observing the single pill and smelling it. "It smells like blood and ashes. It must be a formula for cursing. Many curses use blood and ashes of certain objects or creatures." Brenden nodded in agreement.

Adrian took out a black container with strange symbols on it. "Here, I'll put the pill in here. Its spelled so that the curser cannot track where the pill is and prevent the person from finding him." Sebastian gave the pill up and Adrian pocketed the box with the pill inside.

The loyal butler took out 3 more pills that smelled same as the original cursed pill. Then Sebastian took off his gloves and his hand began to glow and burn up the pills. He then snapped his fingers and a small rip in the air formed. It was dark in that tear and empty. Sebastian placed the cursed pills and snapped his fingers again. "I put the pills in another dimension that I have created. It will be safe since no one can enter there. I will also research on my own. I will also create a dummy that is similar to Ciel's soul and presence and place a pill in their. That way, the curser will believe that his spell is working."

Brenden said "Fine. We shall experiment too. Your mate should wake up in a tomorrow afternoon. His human body could not take the pain of someone cleaning up his soul. We shall go back to hell."

Adrian pulled the raven from his broad shoulders away and threw him to Sebastian. "Here, have Corbett. He'll check to see if Ciel gets any contact with another curse." Corbett screeched and flew for a second, getting his balance, and settled down on Ciel's curtain pole. "Bye bye!" Adrian cheerfully said as he faded away. Brenden followed the blond and went saying "Farewell, wittle majwesty!"

Sebastian groaned I have to meet them for another month or so! I can't survive this. More importantly, Ciel's mansion won't survive them! Too much work!"

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