Chapter one

Year 2034

Nicki Temple was in the control room, describing her latest fantasy/supernatural book with her Aunt Jess when her phone beeped signalling a message.

She kept babbling on about the different characters and their powers as she pulled out her phone, Jess didn't notice as she concentrated on the ADD (Anomaly Detection Device) in front of her, only half paying attention to the young girl.

Nicki was always talking about new books and stories, she was as obsessed with fantasy as her father was with sci-fi, it was rather endearing most of the time but got a bit annoying after a while.

Nicki looked briefly at the message on her phone and noticed immediately that something was wrong, the bright red message blinking on the small screen was from her computer.

Months ago when she'd had nothing to do she'd created a program that she could install into her security controls in her lab here at the ARC.

The program detected who was in the room by their Bio-bracelets, everyone at the ARC had one, and sent a message to her phone of who had entered the room.

Originally the program was so that she had proof for when Nathan Anderson had messed with something in her lab or so she knew when her parents were looking for her.

But at the moment it wasn't Matt and Emily's annoying son or one of her parent's names that flashed on the screen it was the confusing and rather scary words of 'UNORTHORIZED PERSONEL'.

"Jess, check the CCTV camera for my lab, hurry." She said shoving her phone back in her pocket and looking at the screens intently.

Jess gave her an odd look but her fingers were still flying over the keyboard, and the picture of her small lab was up on the screen in no time. However it wasn't empty, and the person inside wasn't someone wither of the woman recognised.

"Who is that?" Jess asked, still trying to make out the figure of the man in black overalls. Nicki didn't waste any time in hitting the red button on the side labelled 'Intruder Alert'.

Jess sprang into action as alarms and red lights flashed above them both. Some of the few other workers looked around in confusion until Jess called over the intercom,

"Intruder alert all units to lab 7, west side of the building. I repeat all units to lab 7." From the other cameras popping up on the screen they could see as groups of soldiers flooded the corridors, all heading to one point, guns out at the ready.

Nicki hurried out of the control room and sprinted down the halls, dodging people every now and again, calling out apologies as she went.

She was breathing heavily, heart pounding in excitement as well as a hint of fear, in all her life she'd never seen anyone able to infiltrate the ARC, she wondered briefly who could've done it and why.

By the time she got to her lab though it was too late to get a clear look at the intruder.

Soldiers lined the hallway, two were dragging a man out by his arms, he was grunting in exertion as he tried to fight his way free and Nicki strained her neck past the stoic men in front of her to get a better look.

Groaning in frustration she tried to push passed but didn't get anywhere, then she caught sight of a familiar head of blond hair and called out,

"Mum!" Abby whipped her head around at her daughter's voice and pulled her on the other side of the wall of soldiers. "Who was it Mum, I just saw him on the camera before I pushed the intruder alarm."

"That was you?" her mother asked distractedly, still looking down the hallway where they'd taken the mystery man. "I don't know who he was but we gonna find out, don't worry." Nicki inwardly rolled her eyes, she wasn't worried, she just wanted to know who'd been able to get passed all the security.

"Come on Nick, why don't we go find out." And her mother lead her off down the hall.