A fine day, in the local Jungle, of: the beautiful City of Rio de Janeiro. The two Toucan, couple known as "Rafael", and his wife "Eva", were both sitting on a branch, enjoying the sky, as they watched their eighteen children play games.

"Ah, this is the life, eh, my juicy-little mango?" Rafael said breaking the silent

"Yeah, my pudgy papaya."Eva replied, as they both shared a quick kiss. "So, Rafi, you planning on going out today?"

"Nah, I thought I would spend some family time, with you, and the kids, today." Rafael replied

"I wonder: how Blu and Jewel are doing." Eva wondered. "We haven't seen them, since Lev and Lola left."

"Yeah, as much as I love you, and are children-they were kinda like family." Rafael said.

"True. Well, they're both gonna start there own family soon. Lola was pregnant, remember?" Eva replied.

'I know, but ever since, I first met Blu and Jewel. Rico and Rapper got killed, the marmosets who we fought became our friend, and when someone's like we lost a piece of our heart'' Rafael sadly said.

"I know...Well, it's getting, late better round up the kids'' Eva said, as she flew down to collect her offspring. After she rounded up the kids, Eva always did a head count to make sure they are all there.

"Okay ,let's do a check, Carlos? Manwella? Sofia? Ray? Mario? Rex? Diego? Juan? Miguel? Rose? as Eva continued to count her chicks, Rafael double-checked them all, and noticed: there was seventeen, not eighteen.

"Where's Maria?'' Rafael asked, but all the kids shrugged in response.

"What?'' Eva said, a little shocked and worried, because Maria was her youngest child. "Carlos, have you seen your sister?"

"I don't know, Mommy." Carlos replied.

"We have to find her now!'' Eva panicked, as she flew away to find her baby girl.

Okay, short chapter, I know, but the rest is going to be long I assure you. This is the first story that focuses on different characters rather than just Blu and Jewel, but they will play a role in the story. Stay tuned for chapter 2.