Poppa knows Best

This is my first ever fanfic so be nice. I would love feedback! I don't own any rights to Hollywood Heights or the characters.

The MK was empty Max had just finished getting the club ready for the night when Eddie showed up.. Eddie told his dad that he needed to get away, and was going to the bungalow for a while. Max knew Eddie had been going through a lot lately with the break up, his feelings for Loren, and Jake pushing music and deadlines down his throat. Max was surprised that he hadn't broke down already. But Max knew that Eddie shouldn't be alone. As a matter of fact Max was worried that if he was alone he may decide to take Chloe back. He wouldn't let that happened. So Max came up with a brilliant plan. After all poppa knows best right.

Max picks up the phone and quickly dials Kelly's number

Kelly:"Well hello Mr. Duran,"she said laughing, "how may I be of service to you."when Kelly got phone calls from Max she knew he was always up to something.

Max:"Well can't I just call to hear your beautiful voice why must I need something,"he said in a sarcastic but sweet voice.

Kelly:"Oh maybe its because I know you before today," she said,"Or because I know your son to good to know that he didn't get his charm just from his mother."

Max:She had a point he couldn't help but laugh,"Okay okay I give," He said still laughing, "I do need a favor."

Kelly:"That's what I thought, for you anything what do you need?" she asked

Max:He was a little hesitant to ask, but he needed to do this for Eddie,"What is Loren's schedule for today?" he questioned

Kelly:She was a little confused why he wanted to know her schedule but she answered him anyway." Well she was suppose to meet with a vocal coach." she said sounding upset, "But I have nowhere for her to meet her at…. So.. I'm assuming shes free."

Max:"Well I have an idea why don't you set it up at the MK," he said, "Its quiet and the club doesn't open for a couple of hours."

Kelly:"Really?" she questioned, "That would be fantastic! Wait a minute, but why the sudden interest in Loren's schedule." she questioned," and why are you so willing to help out, MAX DURAN! what are you up too!"

Max:"Whats with all the questions and accusations?" he laughed loudly, "Can't I just help out a great friend, and a great musician." He said, "While working a little of cupids magic!"

Kelly:"I don't want to know," she laughed,"I will call Loren up and we will be there shortly, thanks Max." she said sincerely

Max:"No thank you Kelly, I can't wait to see you."

He hung up the phone with the biggest smile on his face this was gonna be easier than what he thought. He knew what was best Eddie needed a Katy actually Eddie needed a mix of Katy and Nora. Max let his thought linger on Nora for a moment, and snapped out of it. I need to do this first, make my son happy. Mrs. Loren Tate if I have my way you will be Mrs. Loren Duran. Max laughed and patiently waited for the girls to arrive.