Truth or Dare

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Mel kept replaying the events of last night in her head over and over. Still she couldn't understand how all of this happened. She still couldn't understand what happened between her and Ian. Mel was just trying to be a good friend to Lo. When what happened between her and Dylan broke up after Mel punched him. Ian and herself thought it would be best for them to be alone. To be able to work out the crazy events of what had happened. Mel loved Loren and Eddie together. Eddie made Loren smile like she had never seen her smile before. Almost the same way Ian made her smile. Mel shook her head no not Ian, Adam is my boyfriend. Mel sat awkwardly waiting for her best friend and Eddie to make up. Until she saw Loren storm out, and Eddie walking with his head down to their table. He quickly explained that Chloe had ruined there moment and he had to go after her. Before Ian or I could protest he was out of the door, not that neither won of us would have. I suggested that we should call it a night. Mel needed to stop her internal torture of her feelings for Ian especially since she was with Adam. She was more than ready to go home, but of course Ian asked her to say. When a man looks that good and talks that smooth who was she to resist. So Mel stayed and It was beyond awkward. Mel racked her brain with something to talk about, and that's when the bright idea of playing a game popped in her head. Now she wished she would of just shut up and never had spoke that thought out loud. Ian was more than willing to play giving the suggestion to put alcohol in the mix. Again Mel now regretted agreeing to it. Because look at the mess she was in now. She wasn't suppose to be having these feelings for him especially now while she was with Adam. But she couldn't get out of her head the last shot. More or less what he took the shot to. Did he mean to? Did he hear her right? Was it crazy that she thought the same about him? One thing was for sure she was in a big mess.

Loren couldn't pull her eyes away from Mel. She just kept searching her face over and over again. Her face had turned a white that Loren had never seen before. Mel looked like she saw a ghost. It was truly scarey to see her best friend like this. Loren had been the one responsible for getting Mel and Adam together. As a matter of fact she had to almost force them together after Mel got hurt because Adam asked her to go the dance with him. They seemed perfect together, and they always looked so happy. Well, that was until Eddie had pointed out that the pair didn't seem to happy at her and Eddie's engagement announcement. But she was so sure that they belonged together. Well, that was until she saw Mel with Ian. She couldn't put her finger on it, but it almost seem like the connection her and Eddie had. No matter what though Loren stood behind her decision to bring the pair up last night. Mel hated people who cheated on one another,and being her best friend she refused to let her become what she hated. But Loren need to know why she was spooked. What did Ian drink to that was so shocking. I mean what ever it was couldn't be that bad, or could it. Regardless Loren would be with her until she was ready to talk. Mel had came to her rescue so many times. Now it was her time to rescue her. She just wished she knew what she was being rescued from.

Loren walked over to Mel and gently rubbed her hand on your back.

Loren: "Mel..."

Melissa was silent

Loren: "Mel...are you okay..."

Mel: "Huh...oh yeah I'm fine..."

Loren: "Well you don't seem like it..."

Mel: "What do you mean..."

Loren: "Your as white as a ghost...and you were saying something about Ian taking a shot...then nothing..."

Mel was once again silent

Loren: "Look you don't have to talk about...I'm here when your ready..."

Mel: "No...I want to tell you..."

Loren: "okay.."

Mel: "It's just that I don't even understand it...or why he took a shot...I mean maybe he misunderstood me..."

Loren: "Mel...sweety I am so confused...I can't help until I know why he took a shot..."

Mel: "Okay...well remember how I told you things got stupid, but kind of serious...if that makes any sense..."

Loren: "It doesn't...but you were both pretty drunk so I can see how it could be stupid but serious.."

Mel: "Well we were playing..and It was my I said Never have I ever said..."

Mel was once again silent. She had this look of confusion on her face. Loren couldn't take this it was tormenting her.

Loren: "Just say it...Never have I ever said..."

Mel lost it, the tears began to flow

Loren: "Shh...Mel it's okay..."

Mel: crying, "I am in love with Melissa sanders..."

Loren: "What..."

Mel: crying, "Thats what I said...Never have I ever said...I am in love with Melissa Sanders..."

Loren: "and he took a shot..."

Mel: sobbing, "he...took..a shot..."

Loren: "Shhh...its gonna be okay...why are you beating yourself up over this..."

Mel: "Because...Iam a horrible person..."

Loren: "No you are not..."

Mel: "I have a boyfriend...and I have another man confessing that he is in love with me...I...kissed him...I almost slept with him...I am a cheater..."

Loren: "No...I will not let you talk about yourself like that...Look Mel you are not a bad person...and you only kissed him...I stopped it before anything happened...You are not a were drunk ...just talk to Adam..."

Mel: crying, "That's the problem I don't want to...Lo I think I'm in love with Ian..."

Loren engulfed her best friend in a hug and just held her. She knew that's what she needed. She needed to be comforted. Mel pulled back from Loren after sobbing on her shoulder for nearly thirty minutes.

Loren: "This is aren't a bad person Mel...but you have to end things with Adam.."

Mel: "I know I will...It's just..."

Loren: "What.."

Mel: "Well...when we were sober, and alone we barely spoke...I need to see if he cares about me when he is sober...Lo do you think he meant you think he is in love with me..."

Loren: "Honestly, yes...but your right you need to see if he cares about you when you are both sober...and I have an idea..."

Mel: "whats the plan..."

Loren: "We are going to spend the day with the boys...will stay there tonight...hang out and have a good kissing...and no sex..."

Mel: "Sounds great...but what about school Mrs. Goody Goody...and Lisa.."

Loren: "Well..I texted Lisa last night...and told her you were with me because my mom is in the hospital...and we can play hooky one day..."

Mel: "wait...Nora is in the hospital.."

Loren shook her head and told Mel about the pregnancy and the possibility that Max could be the father.

Mel: " you and Ed..."

Loren: "Would no where be related...besides we are already married..."

Mel: " should I call Adam now..."

Loren: "I feel horrible saying this...but lets go with my plan first,and make one hundred percent sure you feel the way you do..."

Mel: "Okay...sounds great.."

Loren: "I'm gonna call Eddie and tell him..."

Loren walked out of her room, and called Eddie. She smiled as she saw that he changed his name in her phone to hubby.

Eddie: groggy, "Hello..."

Loren: laughing, "Good morning sleep head...

Eddie: "Hey beautiful...where are you..."

Loren: "I'm at home..."

Eddie: "No your not...because if you were you would be in my arms and not on the phone withme.."

Loren: "You know what..I mean I'm at mom's..."

Eddie: "When are you coming..."

Loren: "'s like 6:30..."

Eddie: "So..I don't care I'm tired...because I couldn't sleep..I missed my wife to much..."

Loren: "I missed you too...but what are you going to do when I have to stay here..for the rest of the month...remember."

Eddie: "Ugh...I will be sleep deprived...and a very scarey looking rock star..."

Loren: laughing, "Well you will be able to sleep on the weekends...when I am home.."

Eddie: "Oh no...they will be no sleeping what so ever..."

Eddie didn't want to bring up last night, but he had to

Eddie: "so babe...about las..."

Loren: "I told you already...its over..we are fine better than fine..okay.."

Eddie: "I love you..."

Loren: "I love you too..."

Eddie: "So...when do I get to see you..."

Loren: "Well..thats why I'm calling...I was thinking maybe Mel and I could just hangout with you guys today..Mel needs to figure some things out..I thought we could have a slumber party with you guys..."

Eddie: "As in...I get to have my wife in my bed tonight...I love that Idea..."

Loren: "Well not really..Me and Mel will be sharing the guest room..."

Eddie: "What...why..."

Loren: "Because I told Mel no sex..."

Eddie: "You have got to be kidding me...I can't do that...besides we don't have sex we make love..."

Loren: "Touche Mr. Duran...but I need us to set an example...please baby pretty please..."

Eddie: "Ugh fine...but you so owe me..."

Loren: "Thank you...get some rest...Mel and I will be over soon..."

Eddie: "Can't I have to take a cold shower now...and I have a house to clean...for some reason crazy reason someone popped balloons all over..."

Loren: laughing, "I'm sorry...I really did love it though before everything happened..."

Eddie: "I know you did...I am just relived that it was the balloons and not me..."

Loren: "about there's a knife in my night stand..."

Eddie: "What..."

Loren: "I will see you soon..I love you..."

Before Eddie could say anything Loren hung up the phone.

All Eddie could do was shake his head as he went to wake his buddy. Eddie quietly walked up behind the sofa with a big smirk on his face. He leaned over Ian and yelled as loud as he could fire. Eddie folded over laughing as Ian flipped off the sofa.

Ian: "What the heck mate...trying to scare a person have to death..."

Eddie: "That is pay back..."

Ian: "For what..."

Eddie: "Well the girls will be here soon and we are having an all day slumber party...because Mel is trying to figure out how she feels about you"

Ian: "shouldn't I get a thank you..."

Eddie: "Hardly..I am not aloud to kiss or make love to my wife...because she thinks it will help Mel resist your charm..."

Ian: " thats unlikely no one can resist..."

Eddie: "Well she better...because I need tonight to go smoothly..I want my wife happy,,,and more than anything I just want to hold her..."

Ian: "aww mate you turned all sappy on me..."

Eddie: "Shut up and help me clean up..."

Ian: "So Mel remembers some of last night..."

Eddie: "It look so..."

Ian: "Do you think she cares about me as much as I care about her..."

Eddie: "I hope so..."

Ian: "So do I..."

Eddie and Ian cleaned the house. Loren sent Eddie a text letting them know they were on there way, and for them to wear pajamas. Eddie said a silent prayer that she didn't have anything sexy on. If she did he may die. Eddie heard a knock on the door, and he couldn't help the smile that broke across his face. His wife was home.

Eddie: "Hey beauti...Mel..."

Mel: laughing, "back at you handsome.."

Eddie: laughing, "where's Loren..."

Mel: "She is coming...she trying to pay Jeffery off..."

Eddie: laughing, "was it working..."

Mel: "No...not what so ever..."

Eddie heard the ding of the elevator, and his face lit up. Mel pushed past eddie

Mel: "You better go kiss her in the hallway..because once she is inside its hands off..."

Eddie: "I'll be right back..."

Loren was about to walk off the elevator when she felt someone pulling her. She laughed as Eddie engulfed her into a hug. She went to speak but Eddie had another idea. He crashed his lips unto hers with a fiery but passionate kiss. Loren pulled away.

Loren: laughing, "I haven't been here for five minutes..and you already are breaking my rules..."

Eddie: "I did no such thing...Mel gave me long as it was in the hallway..."

Loren: "Well in that case..."

Loren reached up to Eddie, and kissed him yet again. When they finally pulled apart she rested her forehead against his.

Loren: "I missed u..."

Eddie: "I missed u too...but I have to say I miss Mrs. Butterworth more..."

Loren pulled away, and playfully punched Eddie in his chest. In return he acted as if it hurt.

Eddie: "What was that for...that could be considered spousal abuse..."

Loren: "That was for that nickname...Jeffery will not call me anything but...and as I hear it Ian knows about it as well..."

Eddie: "Well...what can I say I love me some Mrs. Butterworth..."

Loren: "Well how would you like it if I gave you a nickname..."

Eddie: "Go for it...but I'm warning you it's hard to embarrass me..."

Loren: "I will think of something..."

Eddie laughed as he pulled Loren into the apartment. Mel and Ian were confused with the weird look on her face.

Ian: "Mate are you that bad of a kisser..."

Eddie: "hardly Mrs. Butterworth.."

Loren hit him again in the stomach, this time she wasn't playing.

Eddie: "ow...Loren is trying to think of a nickname for me..."

Loren: "oh I got it...Mr. Potato head...get it because my horrible nick name starts with a Mrs..."

Mel: " you want people to refer to you to Mrs. Potato head..."

Ian: "Yeah...besides your head is more potato shape than my mates..."

Eddie was killing himself laughing

Loren: "Fine...then what about Mr. that sounded horrible coming out of my own mouth..."

Mel: "Okay I'm dying did you get the nickname..."

Loren explained how she had accidentally given the name to herself.

Mel: "Oh my poor its not some kind of bedroom name...that's disappointing.."

Eddie: "Well it wasn't at first...until the syrup in the bedroom..."

Loren: "Eddddie..."

Mel and Ian were laughing

Eddie: "What...they are our best friends...besides what a night..."

Ian: "Syrup...really..."

Eddie: "Oh yeah...I bought a case..."

Mel: "Wow...impressive...Mrs. Butterworth"

Loren: " Enough already...Mr. Duran just know by the end of the night you will have a nick name..."

Ian: laughing, "Well your in luck..because there was a nickname Eddie had as a kid...that he absolutely hated..."

Loren: "Really it..."

Ian: "Well you see..."

Eddie: "If you don't want to be thrown of my will hush it..."

Loren: " not fair...spill Ian..."

Ian: "I'm sorry my loyalty is to my mate..."

Loren: "Fine...but I promise both of you I will find out what it was by the end of the night..."

Eddie: "Good luck Mrs. Butterworth..."

The four had spent the day lunging around watching movies, eating takeout, and just enjoying each others company. The day flew by it was already almost seven, and Eddie could not take another romantic comedy. He needed to have some fun. He went into the kitchen for water and when he got out her had a great day. He wrapped his arms around Loren.

Loren: "What movie do you want to watch next..."

Ian: "something with action for the love of Jesus...if I have to watch A Walk To Remember or anything like The Luck One Again..I may throw myself off your balcony..."

Mel: "What..about Garden State.."

Loren: "Oh my God...Ian best movie ever..."

Ian: "You said that about the last two..."

Eddie: "I have a better Idea..."

Loren: " watched Garden State with said you loved it..."

Eddie: "No babe not a movie...Lets play a game..."

Ian: "I don't know mate..last night Mel and my game kind of spun out of control..."

Mel looked at Ian she had been waiting for this all day.

Mel: "You remember..."

Ian: "How could I forget...I remember every last shot I took..."

Mel: "Even..the last one..."

Ian: "Especially the last one..."

Mel looked away. Ian gently turned her face back to his

Ian: "I meant it you know...Its true I am in love with you..."

Mel: "I don't know what to say..."

Ian: "Don't say anything...we will talk is about you figuring out your feelings...I will wait..forever if I have to..."

Mel: "Thank you..."

Ian picked up Mels hand and kissed it

Ian: "Your welcome..."

Loren: "That is so sweet...Eddie we have to watch Garden State now..."

Mel: "No Eddie's right lets play a worked out last night...who knows what it will do tonight..."

Loren: "Fine...babe what game do you have in mine..."

Eddie: "lets play Truth or Dare..."

Eddie thought he could use this to his advantage in order to finally kiss Loren again. However Loren couldn't have been more happy this was how she would find out Eddie's childhood nick name. She had been trying all day but Ian wouldn't budge.

Loren: "Thats a great Idea babe..."

Ian: "Yeah sound likes fun..."

Eddie: "Great Lo you want to go first.."

Loren: "Sure...but to make it fair if you must complete your dare, and you have to answer matter what.."

Eddie: "That seems fair...all dares must be completed...all truths no matter what has to be the truth..."

Loren: "Great..."

Loren stared at Ian and gave him a wink. Eddie smiled widely knowing exactly what she was about o do. Eddie's mind was to preoccupied with thinking how he wanted someone to dare him to just simply kiss his wife. To see the evil exchange between Loren and his mate.

Eddie: "Okay babe pick someone..."

Loren: "Um...Ian...Truth or dare..."

Eddie thought she for sure would ask Mel or himself, what could she want to dare Ian with. He knew he would never say truth.

Ian: "Truth..."

Did he just say truth, Eddie glanced at his wife who had an evil smirk on her face. Please please don't let her.

Loren: "What is Eddie Duran's childhood nickname..."

Enjoy guys